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DEVRY CIS 115 Final Exam 2.pdf

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DEVRY CIS 115 Final Exam 2

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CIS 115 Final Exam 2
1. What is the first step in software development?
2. What are named locations in a computer’s memory holding information required by a
3. What symbol in a flowchart would be used by a developer to represent the beginning or
ending point?
4. ) Set name = “BSCIS” is a process. What data type would you expect the variable, name, to
5. (You are using dollar amounts in an algorithm. What data type would you assign?
6. What tool is used by developers to design logic using specific shapes/symbols?
7. When a program evaluates mathematical expression, which of the following operators
(or mathematical operations) takes precedence?
8. (Which one of the following is a valid assignment statement in a program?
9. (Evaluate (2 * 3) ^ 3.
10. (TCO 2) Review the partial pseudocode below. What is the correct math expression to
complete the algorithm and total sales for both regions?
Prompt “Enter total sales for region 1: “
Input region1
Prompt “Enter total sales for region 2: “
Input region2
Set _____
Display “total sales: “ + total (Points : 4)
11. (TCO 3 & 4) Review the pseudocode below. What will be displayed when this algorithm