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DEVRY CIS 115 Final Exam 2.pdf

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DOWHILE num<=>
Display num
Set + 1
ENDO (Points : 4)
6. (TCO 7) What is another name for an array’s index? (Points : 4)
7. (TCO 7) Suppose you have an array named number,
and two of its elements are number(1) and number(4). You know that _____. (Points : 4)
8. (TCO 7) Which one of the following correctly declares a zero-based array of four
integers? (Points : 4)
9. (TCO 7) When processing the elements of an array, what control structure is used to
move through each element within the array? (Points : 4)
10. (TCO 7) A zero-based array named sales has been declared and loaded with the values
100, 1100, 3400, 5550, 3000, 22300, and 1200. What value will be stored in the array
element sales(1)? (Points : 4)
11. (TCO 6) A file contains _____. (Points : 4)
12. (TCO 6) What is automatically placed at the bottom of a file when the file is closed?
(Points : 4)
13. (TCO 8) Menu-driven programs need to give the user the option to _____. (Points : 4)
14. (TCO 9) What type of error occurs when a program will not execute because the rules
of the language have been violated? (Points : 4)
15. (TCO 2) The first module is usually considered to be called the _____ module. (Points : 4)
1. (TCO 10) A retail store is having a customer appreciation sale. Depending on the total
dollars purchased, the customer could receive a discount on his or her total purchases. You
are to develop pseudocode that will obtain the total dollars purchased from the user,
determine the discount percentage, and display the total amount due. When the purchases
are more than $100, the discount is 10%. When the purchases are $100 or less, the
discount is 5%. (Points : 10)
2. (TCO 10) A small business in your neighborhood would like an application developed
that determines the average dollar amount spent for every three purchases. The user will
enter three different purchase amounts. You need to display the average to your client.
Complete the pseudocode to design your logic. (Points : 10)
3. (TCO 9 & 10) There is a logic error in the following pseudocode. The loop needs to
execute four times. What statement(s) would you need to add or change to correct the
logic? Be sure to explain why you are adding or changing the statements.
Set + 1
UNTIL total <>
Display total (Points : 10)
4. (TCO 4 & 10) Complete the pseudocode by rewriting the algorithm. The design is
determining the correct sales tax depending on the county identifying code. Counties with a
number less than 10 have a 6% sales tax. The 11–25 codes have a sales tax of 7%. Codes
above 25 have a sales tax of 8%. The code is entered by the user.
Declare Real salesTax