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Ready To Enter The Pokemon World With Pokemon Yellow Rom? Pokmon has made a lot of childhoods the way there are now. They have been around for ages and they have made a lot of children learn to love and appreciate Pokmon. A lot of gamers who have religiously played Pokmon know these feelings and have a lot of memories regarding the game. Things like playing in your first gym, training your team, and evolving your Pokmon are just some of the common things that you may have had gone through in playing various versions of Pokmon. What makes Pokmon Yellow different from the other versions is because this is the third Pokmon game for GameBoy that was released worldwide. Discovering more about Pokmon Yellow Pokmon Yellow has been released in Japan, Europe, North America, New Zealand and Australia in 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. It has also received the title of the second bestselling and non-bundled game for the console. Unlike the other versions, Pokmon Yellow has been inspired by the anime which is why instead of having Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasur in your choices, you have Pikachu as your starter Pokmon. The rival begins with Eevee and the player then journeys from Pallet Town and through a brand new experience. You dont encounter the Fire, Water of Grass types until you get each member of the Kanto starter that you will get in the Cerulean City Route 24, as well as on Vermilion City. In addition, pokemon yellow rom gives you a whole new take on the Pokmon journey as how you would feel when watching the animated version. You will journey from Kanto and defeat the eight gym leaders and the elite four. The difference from the animated version is that Brock and Misty do not join you. Not only that, but you also get surprise Team Rocket battles and get to see Koffing, Ekans and Meowth in action. Visual wise, the Pokmon sprites have been updated to look like that of the promotional images and the strategy guides that are used for the Japanese Green and Red and in some cases, how they look like in the anime. The trainer sprites are also updated and Brock wears an outfit similar to the anime while Misty's bikini is changed to shirt and shorts like that of her anime counterpart as well. Blaine on the other hand has a clearer sprite so you can see his glasses. Giovanni uses a Persian with the battle at Viridian Gym; this is in connection with the anime called Giovanni owning a Persian. The policemen were changed as Officer Jenny and the Pokmon center nurses were replaced with Nurse Joys and Chanseys. Pikachu is now able to receive a unique icon on the party screen and together withe Sandshrew, Bulbasaur and Oddish, they all have new overworld sprites that you can enjoy. Not only that, but Kanto is also slightly redesigned and it has various designs for its doors, windows, signposts and other types of minor changes. If you have been a fan of Pokmon, surely this version will be very enjoyable for you and if you have watched the animated version, then you will appreciate it even more.


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