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How Remote Controlled Zombies And Demonic Alien Entities Manipulate Comment Sections
Written by 2Circles

Controlled Opposition Online: http://imgur.com/a/lNYYH
The linked articles provide a very complete summary of most of the texts about disinfo agents, agent
provocateurs and so on. A must read.

Why Would Anyone Want To Manipulate Comment Sections To Manipulate Public Opinion?
Most underestimate how extremely fragile the matrix control system is. Underestimation by design!
People believing themselves to be powerless is fundamental for this whole machine to function the
way it does. That's why that concept is heavily marketed via open propaganda and subliminal
messages everywhere.
The system absolutely depends on compartmentalization and total secrecy for a reason! Basic logic
applied one gets to the obvious conclusion of it being threatened by even apparently insignificant
resistance to it. While it may appears terrifyingly big and powerful, it's a row of dominos. If one falls,
the rest follows.
Watch that video and study the text and links below it:
If you require personal experiental proof for this, go into some conspiracy forum and start talking
about human mutilation by aliens, about us living in a computer simulation or how alien hybrids are a
genetic invasion army. Pick a high-threat level topic of your choice (if you want fast results, otherwise
go with something less difficult) and push it for some days. You will get ear-ringings, you will get
swarmed by the matrix forum gatekeeper squadron claiming that you're a paranoid moron, you will
probably get odd dreams, strange synchronicities, and so on.
Psychic attacks mostly consist of subtle, hardly recognizable, difficult to differentiate from own
thoughts, nudges into a certain direction. Once you start to identify those and fight them off, they
get a bit more harsh, but that comes far later in the game.
Once you stop doing it will go back to normal. Well, unless you completely go bonkers and push
yourself into a downwards spiral of fearful paranoia. But if you're not a fragile hyper hysteric that
shouldn't happen.
So and then you will have your proof. The question is if you really want it and what once you got it?
Can you handle it? The experiences are seldom the problem, the implications are. How much that
affects you will depend on how deep of a thinker you are. Chess is a game in which a mosquito can
swim and an elephant drown they say. And that's just wooden figures on a board. Imagine the
terrifying depth of the wonders of the universe. Oh, oh!

Avoidable Weaknesses Of Real Humans
Condemnation without investigation, ignorance, laziness, paranoid hysteria and wild accusations.
Conspiracy soap opera entertainment.
Do ’t let ou i ds e easily infected and poisoned with suspicion by obvious disruptive trolls, that
emit a nasty energy of corruption so stinking that i have to hold my nose reading their filth, and
where everyone that isn't spiritually blind sees neon-colored in the dark glowing strings attached to
their arms and mouths being moved and made talk like literal puppets by a green claw at the upper
A puppet theater in which every word is carefully chosen to cause maximum damage to the social
network and the understanding and emotions of the undiscerning reader, an act of
psychological/social/emotional warfare, so well thought through and strategically applied with
several individuals reacting to it like dominos in a ludicrous chain reaction build, with such oversight
of the 'playfield' that it obviously origins from beyond this realm. Doh`!
Words spoken that were put into the mouths of jelly minds and rubber spines that lack will power
and knowledge and aren't aware of the hyper-dimensional aspect and think that this channel would
be entertainment alike watching cat videos. Not aware of the dangers. Not aware that the enemy is
among us and very interested in manipulating people's opinions. Oblivious...
No discernment whatsoever. What some drooling moronic posers always claim to be discernment,
an advanced spiritual gift divinely granted after hellish trials and tribulations are mere psychological
issues and by demonic aliens implanted post-hypnotic commands, is nothing but unfounded
paranoid hysteria and the desire to perceive shrieking drama everywhere just the way they were
programmed with behavioral biology like pavlovian dogs by illuminati series and soap operas which
indoctrinated them to think and act unnatural, erratic, dramatic and confused. While they gobble
down poisoned food and water that aid to amplify their decay.
What's bad and sad is to see people constantly and still falling for it like total chumps and weak
Still falling for the old tricks of the reptilian thimblerigger ploting and scheming and playing them like
What worries me is how people are supposed to have any chance whatsoever to fight off a
comprehensive and cleverly crafted alien deception if they already fail to resist obvious manipulation
by some random commenters that motivate them to turn 180° away from their former perceptions
from one moment to the next. Allegedly! Rather acted though, i mean how jellyfish can someone be.
The few can't rule the many? Nothing easier than that... apparently and sadly.

The Manipulation Of Comment Sections
(How Non-Physical Negative Alien Entities, Their Henchmen And Remote Influenced Zombies
Manipulate Our Comment Sections)

Most channel owners, especially those of investigative nature, are familiar with the endless struggle
against a constant stream of ambushes by not merely confused but disingenuous and cunning
individuals that seek to disrupt and manipulate public opinion out of ulterior malevolent motives.
With the explosion at the end symbolizing the eventual total shut down of the comment section. A
step that on one side completely prevents abuse, while on the other side also prevents fruitful
discussion, exchange of valuable information, moral support and useful feedback.
The reasonable middle path here probably is to allow comments, while educating genuine people
about the dangers and pitfalls and raise awareness of the techniques of manipulations.
And to further animate genuine people to confront such disruptive individuals with logic, reason and
superior argument and to educate others about the reality of matrix agents, their existence and their
Demonic Aliens/Negative Entities
Non-physical, hyper-dimensional, 4th dimensional entities that operate outside of human sight from
behind the dimensional veil. Which have a negative agenda for humanity and actively interfere
negatively in the lives of people via subtle often difficult to detect forms of manipulation.
A derogatory (and thereby motivating) term referring to those of either no individual conscious
awareness or those who have the potential and need to increase in conscious awareness.
1. Programmed human Sims. Spiritless humans or humans deeply programmed and weak in spirit
that are merely more than robots acting on their through media uploaded programming. Parroting
what they heard without understanding what it really means.
2. Hyper-dimensionally animated Spiritless humans. Depicted in the matrix movies as the matrix
agents taking over (empty) people and animating them.
3. Temporarily influenced spirited humans that are unaware of being influenced or fail to fully resist
the induced i pulses. Most people go te po a il )o ie so eti es he o auto-pilot in an
alpha brain wave state. This is something one must continuously resist in order to gain the conscious
awareness and willpower to resist such impulses.
The comment section
The o
e t se tio has po e , that’s i po ta t to k o . “tudies like the As h o fo it
experiments show that people actually pay more attention to what is said in the comment sections
allegedl othe hu a s tha the pa atte tio to hat the a tual video or article above the
comment section says. That is why most large online magazines have deactivated their comment
se tio s. Be ause hile the o te t of the a ti le is ’t elie ed a
o e, it is used as a so ial
platform for people to share their opinions. Which more and more often contradict what the article

It’s just o e o e ie t fo the dist a ted i te et use to ot aste ti e ith at hi g hi self,
and instead read what others have to say that allegedly watched the video. There of course are
problems with that.
A. Most individuals that comment did actually not even watch the video they are making comments
about. This is proven by intern youtube video analytics that reveal how long a video is watched. And
also by direct live time observation seeing people comment on a video just seconds after release,
despite how long the video is. They are not commenting on the content, they make general
statements based on their shallow opinion about the topic in general. Quiet often basing their entire
comment only referring to the video title.
B. Not everyone in the comment section is a noble, genuine human peer that is only interested in the
On the very contrary, the comment sections are frequented by most insidious, deceptive, malevolent
individuals that have specific agendas and prey on the unsuspecting ignorance and naivety of people
reading their comments.
Control System
While they close their comment sections to prevent communication altogether, since surveillance
and manipulation would be too energy costly – they focus their resources into infiltrating and
manipulating our comment sections.
But What ou sa i so e o
e t se tio is ’t i po ta t! . Wrong! It is important, and the
illuminati know that. That is why they and their non-physical alien/demonic superiors are most
worried about what is said on even the smallest forum and smallest channel about them and their
agenda and their methods.
Evaluating individual behavior
There are three parts in the human brain. The neo-cortex, where higher reasoning is located. The
mammalian brain, for emotions. And the R-Complex (Reptilian brain), responsible for reaction,
impulse, fight or flight.
The R-Complex is an unnatural, foreign installed, respectively technologically hyper-stimulated part
of the hu a
ai . Ca los Casta eda said: The p edato f o out of spa e ga e us his i d .
Installed/stimulated by the reptilians in order to exercise greater control over humanity as the RComplex connects humans to the reptilian hive-mind to make humans more easily control- and
That is why all of society is revolved around the constant stimulation of the R-Complex. Survival,
food, sex, money are used to program people into certain behavior.
That allows to identify individuals which are (to a degree) under reptilian control.
Ask yourself whenever reading the comment, or observing the actions of an individual:

Is that person evaluating, researching, contemplating, analyzing, discussing? (neo-cortex, natural
human brain)
Or is that person reacting, responding, acting instinctively, jumpy, erratic, acting on impulses or
foreign influence? (R-Complex, under reptilian control).
Matrix Agents
There are basically two types of agents. Those by nature, and those by manipulation.
-Those by nature (or programmed function) include advanced A.I. bots, intelligence agency officers
operating multiple accounts, hive-mind connected reptilian hybrids and higher dimensional negative
entities working through spiritless humans (like Agent Smith).
-Those by manipulation include all those that do not have the awareness, strength, will power or
metaphysical knowledge to recognize or resist hyper-dimensional influence upon them. They are
either being programmed with post-hypnotic commands or directly telepathically influenced. Either
in order to say something specific, or are emotionally manipulated to get suddenly very angry,
suspicious, envious, etc. or have something in the very back of their minds brought forward,
massively amplified.
If they are a little bit suspicious, the entity will amplify that into total mistrust. If they are a bit
grumpy, the entity will amplify that into raging hatred.
If they are somewhat angry about something, the entity will redirect that anger, amplify it into rage
a d di e t it’s atte tio to a ds so ethi g o so eo e else.
A lot can be done in this area and a lot is done on a daily basis.
Modus Operandi
A. The direct ones (Mostly programmed humans and humans unaware of foreign influence)
They directly attack message or messenger with insults, insinuations, wrong or twisted facts and
outright lies. They are the infantry of evil. Disrupting and yelling to create a toxic environment of
hostility full of accusations and counter accusations, lies, shame, anger and mistrust.
They try to steer people away from the topic by creating emotional and psychological repulsion in
them which makes people associate the negative experience with the topic and then will avoid it
from then on.
Typical attacks sound like:
You’ e full of shit! , This is eta ded! , O l o o s ould elie e this! , Take ou pills! , What
d ug a e ou o !? , This is du ! , “tupid asshole! , et .
B. The deceptive ones (intelligence agency officer, hyper-dimensional entity or hyper-dimensionally
animated spiritless human)
They proceed a bit more tricky. Deception, infiltration followed by revolt/ mutiny and coup is their
game. They usually first worm their way in with fake friendliness, compliment and concession to
then, once accepted or established start to sabotage from within.

Once they gained a foothold via social acceptance it is difficult to get rid of them as they are not
perceived any longer as an outsider but legitimate group member. Often they try to create a
perception of them as someone who challenges those most influential of the group or the leaders
with reason and logic due to their incompetence. While it was their plan from the beginning to
neutralize the groups leadership with deceit and cunning in order to replace it with themselves, or at
least sabotage their reputation beyond repair.
They can be recognized by intentional or accidental slip-ups where in fleeting moments they more or
less subtly reveal their ugly grimace behind their shining façade. Sometimes this happens because
they are in a haste because they fear soon to be discovered or because they are under time pressure.
Then they proceed with great speed from initial friendliness to raving viciousness. Faster of a
seeming character transformation than any genuine personality would be capable of.
This also happe s he thi gs do ’t go thei a a d he the eet u e pe ted esista e that
they believe or know to be impenetrable from that point on. Then they get hysteric out of
They often have a slick, snaky vibe to them, overuse compliments, never initially criticize to then later
suddenly out of the blue turn into radically opposed villains.
Sometimes this transition happens during a si gle o e satio , hi h does ’t happe due to
emotional instability and outburst but is a coldly calculated goal-oriented mission, drop the attack
then hit & run.
Main Ways Of Attack
1. They attack the messenger.
Psychotronic/Telepathic/Energetic attacks, Dream manipulation, Post-hypnotic programming,
malfunction of electronic devices, computer freezes, loss of documents, corruption of files.
Social/emotional/physiological/psychological/financial attacks on relations and networks. Full
2. They quarantine and attack the message.
A. They actively manipulate video viewing numbers and prevent videos from going viral. Technically
that is easy to do with filters and algorithms that manipulate the search results and placement in
B. Whene e the a ’t atta k e tai
ate ial di e tl as it is just too lose to the t uth a d the e
repetition of it would cause them harm. The only option they have is to attack such material by
attacking the one providing the material. Destroying the messenger to destroy the message.
If nothing or little is known about the private life and person of the material provider, they have to
resort to creating a very general sense of baseless suspicion. Through rumors, exaggerations, putting
bits of information out of context and outright made up lies.
This in order to damage the messengers reputation or to distract the audience with fruitless gossip
and keep them focused on irrelevant side issues to prevent them from studying and investigating the
information provided.

This is k o

as Ad Ho i e

atta k. Na e alli g

Attacking the personality, the character of XYZ in order to – by proxy – attack the provided
ate ial/ esea h XY). It’s a p i iti e ethod of atta k, that preys on the lazy and weak minded.
Which however, unfortunately, is quiet effective on large parts of people that prefer to spare
themselves the hazzle of investigation of complex material and rather go the easy route of relying on
the unreliable, more unrelated results of character assassination pamphlets from dubious third party
sou es. It’s eas , that’s h it o ks so ell.
3. Attacking the viewer/audience.
-Voting down videos/articles to create the illusion of wide rejection.
-Clappers. Matrix Agents acting as trustworthy peers to via group pressure manipulate people
to a ds a e tai opi io . “ee As h o fo it e pe i e t .
-Psychotronic/Telepathic persuasion. Nudging people, amplifying destructive emotions. Anger, Hate,
Suspicion, Resent, Mistrust, Envy, etc.
-Online Controlled Opposition http://imgur.com/a/lNYYH
Popular Attack Angles
XY) is this o is that! O the egati e fo

: XY) NEVER said this o did that!

They present themselves confidently as experts on XYZ, always presenting extreme and not open for
discussion opinions presented as proven fact.
Be a e of su h agg essi e fa ati s. All e pt souls te d to a d e t e e opi io . O l the “ith deal
i a solutes .
Unforgiving, narrow radicalism is not the language of the soul nor the heart. These people (if they are
people) do not have discernment as they lack the required spiritual connection.
Their words come from mind. Mind is Ego. And ego is the dominion of the matrix, where one is open
to negative influence from the hostile hyper-dimensional minions of the matrix.
Entity Attack Signature
Attacks conducted by hostile hyper-dimensional entities often exhibit a certain signature.
Total inversion, strong irony, always sardonically. That way they express their advanced insights,
ofte efe i g to details o a e dotes i people’s p i ate life’s hi h o l the k o . This is do e to
cause paranoia and fear in those they seek to terrorize.
That is their signature. Mental illness, strong character issues and flaws, mean spirited, ill intended
a d ost of all, i e sio . Tu i g thi gs o thei head. Wa is pea e, f eedo is sla e , ig o a e
is strength, hate is love, authentic is false, legitimate is illegitimate, helpful is destructive, good is
e il . A d so o .
Paradoxical Personality Types And Behavior

An easy (once you know how to) way to identify matrix agent animated tools and artificial characters,
eated fo a st ategi pu pose, is to ask ou self the golde uestio : If the … the h …?
If they:
-Are of low intelligence
-Are ignorant
-Ca ’t k o
Then why:
-Is their reasoning so intelligently damaging?
-Do they know much more than their level of obvious ignorance would allow them to display?
-Do the k o thi gs the a e ’t supposed to k o

talked a out i p i ate, o

ot having told

It’s e ause the puppet is u i tellige t, ig o a t a d lueless, ut hat a i ates the puppet is ot.
Strategic perfection in causing harm
In combination with paradoxical personality types this is a very strong indicator for a hyperdimensional attack scheme. It often happens that an attack is so precisely chosen that it causes
multiple damage on multiple levels. It not only causes damage to something or something in a
general manner, but attacks in a way that 5 targets (2 of which are yet, but soon, to happen in the
future) take heavy damage from it.
These kind of attacks come from outside of this reality, where certain future timelines of our reality
can be observed, where telepathy is a natural ability and where one has birds eye perspective over
the playfield.
That way they can see what people interacting in a network are thinking, what they are planning to
do, what is happening in the future, and so on. And then, a single attack can be calculated that
causes maximum damage at a certain point in time and space.
Human With Different Opinion VS Matrix Agent Attack
How to tell the difference between an authentic person holding on to a different opinion based on a
or several contradicting perspectives and an either intentionally dishonest attacker, respectively
someone weak used as a tool for an attack?
The alleged diffe e t opi io of su h i di iduals is a tuall e e diffe e t ut e el always
contradicting when the official narrative is questioned, always arguing for the state and media
promoted version of things. It is always radically anti-skeptical, never changes, never advances, never
e e
o es i
i o details do ’t allo little racks or the dam might break). It always works with
sophistry, rhetoric tools sabotaging the semantic of the opponent, never actually discussing facts.

These i di iduals a e ot i te ested i fi di g the t uth, the do ’t a t to ad a e i
understanding, the do ’t a t to ea h o se sus. Thei sole pu pose is to defe d the offi ial
version of everything.
And they always appear when (the control system threatening) sensible topics are discussed. They
are the first to appear and the last to leave. No matter how much resistance and/or hostility they
1. They discuss topics they think are ridiculous
2. They stay around as long as it takes to grind down others via their ignorance or obnoxious hostility
Hu a s ith diffe e t opi io s usuall do ’t seek out places where contradicting opinions are held,
but tend to stick to places where similar opinions are shared.
Even when they get involved in discussions in places hostile to their believe system, they eventually
depa t he fa i g too u h a klash a d usuall do ’t etu .
While there are humans that fight to protect the illusion they believed to be real and are emotionally
invested it, such personalities do not excel in rhetoric brilliance or high amount of life force energy.
The usuall a e ’t e e geti , ele tless, dedi ated. But a e shallo , soft, eak, slo . A d he
pushing hard enough, one can feel the softness of their defense.
While Matrix agents are relentless, extremely chewy, of robotic 100% ignorance. With a mechanical
i e. The a ot e o i ed of a thi g that the e e ’t p og a
ed ith. That’s h the
seem so extremely inconvincible of anything.
Videos about conspiracies are not civilian areas, they are war zones. Swarming with enemy soldiers,
enemy agents, trip wire, land mines and booby traps.
I a zo es ou do ’t a de a ou d a elessl . I stead ou a e a eful ith e e y step you make,
you triple check everything you are about to do and say, you watch your back and those of your
What ou see is ot all the e is. Ou e e ies do ha e stealth-te h olog a d telepathi a ilit .
They can stand behind you and whisper into your ear, program you and those that interact with you
during sleep and sabotage entire networks.
Know and realize that videos which destabilize the alien agenda are monitored by negative entities
who are very interested in manipulating public perception and opinion. Their agenda is reliant on
people being ignorant about who they really are, what their real goals are and the methods they use.
They attack the truth about them with their agents and by manipulating individuals that lack the
defenses to resist such influences.
Be as attentive as possible, observe your own thoughts, auto-correct yourself if you are acting out of
character and put great consideration into the comments you make.
Ask ou self ea h ti e: Will hat I sa help a d suppo t o

ill it ause da age?

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