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Sedalion, in Tone VII:
O lover of the sacred Scriptures, eagerly didst thou learn the Word of God,
giving drink unto thy soul from that divine well-spring and nurturing thine
understanding with heavenly wisdom. Wherefore, thou didst transmit to thy
disciples the divinely-revealed Truth, which thou didst seal in thy writings.
Glory ..., Now and ever ..., Theotokion:
O Mother of God and Mother of Christians, take pity on thy children; for
even though we sin, in repentance do we cry out: Leave us not orphans, but
stretch forth thy hands to us, guiding us to the path of salvation.
Or this Stavrotheotokion: Preserved ever by the Cross of Thy Son, O
Virgin, we escape the assaults of the demons. Wherefore, hymning thee as is
meet, we glorify thee, O most hymned Theotokos.
Irmos: Proclaiming the advent of Thine appearance on earth, O Christ
God, with gladness the prophet cried out: Glory to Thy power, O Lord!
Likening thyself to a hart upon the mountains of spices, thou didst go
round the mountains and hills, erecting churches and instructing Christians in
the Orthodox Faith; and retiring to desolate places thou didst make unceasing
supplications, that thy new flock be saved.
Having forsaken the sin-loving world from thy youth and been nurtured in
the monasteries of the glorious Martin and his disciples, and tarried many
years in study, thou didst humbly accept the pastoral staff, exclaiming: Glory
to Thy power, O Lord!
Thou didst summon the sheep of thy pasture with the voice of the Gospel,
and didst lead them to the courts of the Church, showing thyself to be a true
shepherd who layeth down his life for his sheep.
Theotokion: O blessed Theotokos, we offer thee the angel's salutation:
Rejoice, O thou that art full of grace, the Lord is with thee!
Irmos: Glory to Thee! Glory to Thee, O Jesus Son of God, Who hast
shone forth the light, hast illumined the morn, and shown forth the day!
With the light of the teaching of Christ didst thou illumine the Irish land,
O Patrick, rejoicing in thy newly chosen flock and rendering glory unto God.
Thou didst open the noetic eyes of them that before were blinded with
unbelief and languished in the darkness of ignorance; and thou didst move
them to glorify Christ the Savior with all the faithful.
Insatiably didst thou preach the Orthodox Faith, standing and teaching in
season and out of season, weeping copiously and crying out to Christ God
Who rendered thee aid: Glory to Thy power, O Son of God!