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A look at situations that we find
ourselves in over the course of our
lifetime and possible lessons we
derive from them.



When God gave me a talent he had many
reasons. One of the reasons was to teach
and also learn. For that reason I have been
learning and it is time I also give back to
the society I have been learning from.
Although it takes time to come up with
even just a few words that make sense it is
necessary to share the lines that result
from the words. As I sat one day I thought
of certain situations I have come across
and others that I have seen people in.
From those situations I tried to derive
meaningful lessons and later ended up
getting a series of situations. It is my hope
that this collection of situations changes
someone’s life and there will be
testimonies in the long run.

There is no other way round. You were
hopeful that today you would pass by
and reach your desired destination.
However, the same bulldog is sitting by
the roadside and you have no alternate
Fortunately, to your best interest one
old guy comes from behind you and
stands beside you. He looks at you
and you are sweating and nervous.
Deep inside the mind is wrestling to
make a decision and you almost
spoiled your pants with fear.
He asks you, "Young man, what's
Politely you answer "Sir I have no
alternate route but past that dog and I
am afraid it might prey on me. for days
now I have postponed my journey
because of it."

The old chap grabs your hand and
takes you down the road. When you
draw closer to the dog he says to you,
"Look son, this vicious looking bulldog
is harmless. It has no teeth."
Do not be intimidated by your
situations always Some are toothless
bulldogs that have no way of
destroying you

You are approaching the street corner
and see another sleeping dog. You
then remember situation 1 and decide
to be a man. However, you are still
afraid and try by all means to keep
your distance and walk so softly. You
just don't want to disturb the dog
because that might be the end of you.
Unfortunately, someone calls you on
your G Tide. We all know how noisy
that phone model can be, as noisy as a
P.A system.
You don't like what happens next. The
dog raises his head and eyes you. You
are set to either run away or just run
for your life.
Surprisingly that same dogs seems like
there is nothing he is going to do. The
eye he gives you says something else.
Most probably he is like, "mxm, hey
human you are making noise with that
toy of yours. Someone is trying to

sleep here." He groans a little at you
and returns to his sleep.
Astonished you draw closer to him and
laugh louder than your Gtide phone.
Actually you are laughing at yourself.
How could you have not noticed the
belt around his holding to the pole and
won't allow him to anywhere. That is
when you start modelling across the
road looking at dog like you don't care.
You will now be like, "you are no better
that a dead than a dead Lion. No
Some of our threats in life are not even
able to pursue us. Let's not be limited
where we go and how we go about our

You find yourself faced with two
challenges. There are two roads and
you are confused. Down one path is a
Lion lying flat and facing your direction.
No, no, no. Why risk your life, you
decide to take the second path where
the is a dog. You assume maybe it is
the dog from situation 1 or situation 2.
Confidently you take second path.
My brother, you regret the day you
were ever born that moment. The dog
is not tied to any pole and has the most
sharp canines you have ever soon.
This world is not fair at all.
Listen what happens next. Furious, you
are chasing the wind and the dog is
behind you barking like it's out of it's
senses. By this moment you are not
thinking and you run towards the
sleeping lion. Just three to four paces
away from him you come back to your

senses but it's impossible to stop
immediately. You make the first,
second and third paces and then left
with just one to step on his head.
Fortunately, you swerve aside and
miss the but hardly step on his tail.
Huh! You just on a lion's tail but you
are still alive. My dear it's not a miracle,
the Lion died yesterday and there is no
way he was gonna attack you.
Some challenges seem so big but they
are dead. The worst mistake we do is
run away from dead challenges and
face small but destructive challenges.
Learn to face even the bigger

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