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7) Mulch will do wonders to boost the presence and stature of your home at any time
of the year. Always make sure all beds are freshly mulched. During the winter, at the
very least, front yard and approach beds should be mulched.
8) Check your flower beds, lawn areas and driveway for weeds. It is better to pull
them than to use chemicals. Chemicals take a long time to work and the dead and dying
weeds look awful as they go from yellow to brown. Only use herbicides to maintain these
areas once the main weeding has been complete.
9) In the fall, be sure to rake leaves from your lawn and from planting beds. This
may need to be done every couple of days.
10) Inspect your property and remove all trash cans, discarded wood scraps, and
trash. Re-stack wood piles if necessary and remove all storage containers, children’s toys
and other unnecessary objects.
11) Make sure windows are spotless. This includes frames around the windows, the
sills and shutters.
12) Consider painting or cleaning any ornamental fences, light posts and railings.
13) Vacuum out and clean the glass on all of the exterior light fixtures.
14) If you have a covered entryway, add a bench or attractive set of chairs to help
people imagine themselves relaxing here. If these items already exist, make sure they are
clean, inviting and some place a person could actually sit.