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Before we get started with the 7 steps to new levels, I need you to under
stand how important it is to know yourself. Not knowing yourself is the big
gest THREAT to your success. The enemy knows that you can never reach
your full potential without knowing who you are? People walk through life
blinded by society to think and act a certain way. We are all different and
come from different situations. These situations determine how fast you can
reach the level you want. They also determine how much harder you have
to work than the next man to get there. People start out rich, poor, black,
white, talented, smart, and even dumb. We can’t help the hand that we are
dealt, but we can make the decision to CHANGE it. Also, none of these
things matter when you know yourself. When you know yourself, you understand your barriers and become able to make practical life decisions to
level up.
The people that don’t know themselves let what they lack stop them. They
are too blind to see their ADVANTAGES because they just focus on their
disadvantages. They then become followers and get lost in transition. For
example, a kid from the hood can’t afford to have the same approach to life
as a kid from the burbs. A kid from the burbs doesn’t have to do much to
end up back in the burbs. They are afforded that LEVERAGE because their
parents laid that foundation for them. They can afford not to work hard, still
go to college, drink their life away, then walk out with a good job or work for
the family business. The kid from the burbs ended up back in the burbs ef
fortlessly. I don’t consider this luxury a bad thing because somewhere down
the line the work was put in to reach that level.
Now let’s take a look at a kid from the hood. Just like the kid from the
burbs, it doesn’t take much to end up back in the hood. If a kid from the
hood doesn’t work HARD, doesn’t go to college, and drinks and parties all
the time, they will end up back in the hood effortlessly. They both had the
same approach to life but two different DESTINATIONS. That kid from the
hood wanted to make it out, but they didn’t know themselves and what it
would take to do that. If that kid from the hood understood his situation and
truly wanted change, they would do everything in their power to avoid any
situations that would stop them.
I being a kid from the hood was fortunate enough to know myself. I didn’t
let my circumstances or surroundings determine where my life would go. I
chose to THINK for myself and not allow the enemy to stop me from reach
ing new levels. I could have easily become another statistic. When you
know yourself, you can take control of your life no matter the circumstance.
Now I want you to look at your current lifestyle and actions. Do your
ACTIONS match where you want to end up? If not, I advise you to get to
know yourself and understand what you have to do to reach new levels.