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Welcome to a brand new era in fuel injection! Introducing the new Holley HP and Dominator EFI systems!
Holley is now your one-stop-shop for EFI. From street easy to full race – these new systems cover everything from
simple throttle body systems, all the way to the latest twin turbo or nitrous outlaw engines. Want to run an LSx
engine with drive-by-wire and an electronic transmission. Holley has you covered!
Advanced technology and innovative solutions allowed Holley to develop these new user-friendly yet sophisticated
ECU packages. Breakthrough features like self-tuning strategies, hand-held programmers, and striking touch
screens bring Holley to the forefront of the EFI market. Combine that with appealing pricing and now it’s easier than
ever to own EFI. It’s Tomorrow’s Fuel Injection Today!

Thank you for your purchase of the Holley Dominator or HP EFI Fuel Injection System. This tuning manual is
specifically intended for people that have little experience tuning aftermarket fuel injection, or anyone that wants very
detailed step-by-step instructions to setup and tune their EFI system.
NOTE: We highly recommend that you carefully read through all the manuals included with your system before
installing and tuning your Dominator or HP EFI Fuel Injection System. This will eliminate many problem areas and
wasted time. This specific manual covers only the setup and fuel, ignition, and idle tuning aspects of the Dominator
or HP EFI. Wiring information is contained under the “Wiring” portion of the Index. The nitrous, water methanol
injection, drive by wire, transmission control, custom I/O, and boost control, are covered in the “Tuning” portion of the

Also note that the “HELP ?” feature of the instructions allows the user to obtain information about any
single parameter anywhere in the software. To use the feature, simply click once on the “HELP ?” at the
top of the screen, move the cursor to the parameter in question, and click once. This will display
information specific to that parameter

Installation of the Holley HP or Dominator intake systems and ECU’s require approximately the same level of skill
and experience to replace or service an induction system consisting of a carburetor and conventional intake
manifold. Basic, but sound wiring skills and practices are required to perform the main wiring harness installation.
Poor wiring and wiring practices WILL lead to issues with the system. When wiring up extra inputs and outputs,
thorough understanding IS required to properly wire up extra sensors and other inputs and outputs. If you are unsure
of your skill level, it is recommended to take it to a professional.
Tuning of the basic fuel and spark portions of the system requires basic computer skills and a basic knowledge of
engine and fuel injection principles. Certain advanced tuning features, ignition setups, as well as tuning nitrous oxide,
water methanol injection, and boost control require a knowledgeable person or professional tuner. Lack of
understanding of these areas can result in significant engine damage. Read the various manuals and thoroughly
understand all portions of this system before performing any tuning.
Installation of the actual EFI system hardware is included in hardware installation manuals with each kit.
Tuning your EFI system is an ongoing project, until you get it dialed in for all conditions. Be patient.
NOTICE: If you are not absolutely certain that you have the skills and experience required to perform these
procedures, we strongly recommend you have this system installed by a professional specializing
in EFI and fuel systems installation and tuning.