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I4: Do you have a return ticket booked?
Me: Yes
*I then presented the flight bookings*
I4: So why are you here? Don’t lie to me
Me: To see family
*He then plays on his phone for 5 minutes, answers a phone call and cracks jokes with the security official in
the room besides the one we were in*
I4: Where is your family living?
Me: Different cities in Israel and the West Bank
I4: West Bank? Why would you go there?
Me: I have family there
I4: I have been there it’s a very fucking ugly place, so tell me the fucking truth, why are you here?
Me: I told you to see family
I4: *shouts*

DON’T FUCKING LIE TO ME *bangs on the desk*

What places you will visit in the west bank?
Me: Bethlehem and Ramallah
I4: I have been to those places very fucking ugly places, I suggest you stop wasting my time, you see all these
passports? *Points to a pile of passports on his desk* I have all of these Ukrainian criminals to deal with, don’t
waste my fucking time.
Me: I want to speak to the British consulate/Embassy right now, I have had enough, put them on the phone.
*A random female security official randomly walking round the rooms then says in response to my request*
“Under international law we have the right to detain you for 84 hours, you will not be calling anyone.”
Me: *I was visibly in shock and stunned, by the absolute double standards and hypocrisy of this country. As this
would be the first time Israel would have ever abided by an international law. I was later told that she had even
got this law wrong, its 48 hours not 84.*
Let me talk to the British embassy/Consulate right now. I have done everything asked of me, I am extremely
tired, I have been here since 5pm and I’ve had enough.
I5: Tell me again what you will do on your trip.
Me: See family and friends. As I have said so many times in so many interviews now.
I5: Ok, we need your fingerprints, place all your fingers there.