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New Animals

Ring-Tailed Lemur, (Lemur catta)
Oliver – From Private Donor/ AZ
Game & Fish Department

Black & White Tegu, (Salvator
merianae) Kaa – Private Donor

Giant Millipede, (Archispirostreptus
gigas) No Name

In Memoriam

Quilbur (North American
Porcupine) – passed from
natural age related causes.

Jomax (American Kestrel) –
Casper (Albino Hedgehog) –
passed away due to complications passed away due to an age related
from a previous injury.
neurological abnormality,

Blondie (Domestic Chicken)–
passed from natural age related

Mandy (Blue & Gold Macaw) –
passed from progressive
decline of liver disease

Porter (Ferret) – passed away from