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Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary


HPZS is always in need of supplies. Below is a partial list of
needed items, or visit the complete wish list on amazon.com
under Heritage Park Zoo.
White envelopes
Paper towels
Facial tissue (Kleenex)
Copy paper (white or color)
Laminate sheets (81/2 x 11 or
business card size)
13 and 33 gallon trash bags
Ledger size paper for printing
(glossy is ideal)
Photo paper
Silverware (Plastic and metal)

Gas hedge trimmer
Fencing (Chain link, Hardware cloth)
Clean fill dirt/decomposed
granite/pea gravel
Heavy duty/commercial water hoses
Livestock panels
Batteries (all sizes)
Irrigation material
Shade cloth
Welding gloves
Light bulbs (40 and 60 watt)
Animal Department:
Animal crates
Dog runs
Towels, blankets
Stainless steel bowls
Heating pads
New cat toys
5-gallon buckets
Game meat
Beef (non-seasoned, less than
18 months old)
Large syringes (new)
Large Kitchen Knives

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(928) 445-6262

1026 Spire Drive • Prescott, AZ 86305

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Gates open at 10 am
Egg hunts begin at 11:30 am
Special Easter treats for the animals and prizes for the
“eggsperts” who complete the animal scavenger hunt.

FREE with paid admission Adults: $10 (over 13)
Children: $6 (3 to 12) HPZS members are FREE!

Concessions available for purchase!
For more information call 778.4242 ext. 16 or


Thank you to our donors!

Eagle, Colleen
Antone Family
Erickson, John and Diana
Augustinovich, Mary and
Fieldstad, Kim
Fitzgibbon, Kyle Ann
Babbit, David
Flags Galore and More
Badger, Anne
Forte, Fred and Bonnie
Baird, Katie
Fortier, Jim
Banner, Jessi
Frankel, Mariam
Bates, Bob and Sherrie
Frederick, Ken and Luannne
Beckley, Bea
Garnes, William and LIsa
Belt, Hoyle and Shelley
Geoffrion, Anne
Bettcher, Tom and Susan
Geoghegan, Diane
Bieth, Jess
Glaves, Paul and Jo
Blake, Tina
Bourke, Michael and Jessie Gray, Bob and Carolee
Gutkowski, Alisha
Bowser, Donna
Broughton, Ken and Stella Haas, Don
Haemovitz, Patricia
Bumgarner, Michael and
Harold James Family Trust
Hartman, Cathy
Camacho, Sandra
Haughton, Natalie
Campbell, Tim and Sara
Hayes, Michael
Capacci, Rathleen
Christie/DeSousa Household Hendrickson, Alan and Alice
Hoffman, Colleen
Clancy, Sandra
Hoffman, Stewart
Clark, Bob and Sue
Horzepa, John & Marjorie
Clark, Robert and Susan
Hoskin, Richard and Shirley
Colin, Patricia
Huber, Dennis and Linda
Cristea Family
Culbert, Jeannie and Paige Huff/Morrison Household
Hunter, Christine
Czerynsz, Linda
Ingram/Lundgren Family
Damiano, Mike and Eva
Jackson, Jane
Danowski, Michael and
James, Ryan and Jenna
Jaskulski, Louisa
Darley, Jeff and April
Johnston, William
Davis, Kathryn
DeLano, Steve and Lyn
Korzeniowski, Ed and Susan
Denis, Andrew & Toni
Kristy Hensley & Household
Derene, Steve
Kroll/Vaughan Household
Douglas, Sharon

Landis, James and Carol
LaTourette, John and Lili
Leuschner, Rachael
Looney, Lauren
Lundholm, Rebecca
Luzwick, Perry and Susan
Lyons, Kay and Joe
Malave-Arevalo, Anita
Mallett, Lauren Lundi
Maxwell, Ramona
McCombes, Joe and Cathy
McDowell, Bruce and LeeAnn
McIntyre, Stephen and Diane
Meier, John
Milisen, Lyndsie
Miller, Mike and Pam
Mishler, Dennis and Barbara
Moomey, Keith and Patricia
Morrison, Chris
Moss, Sandy
Muehleisen, James
Murphencamp Family
Murphy Family
Murphy, Cason
Murphy, Jackie
Nees/Tomerlin Household
Nicola, Rose Marie
Niffeneggar, Madison
Niffeneggar, Taylor
Oakley Family
O’Rourke, Donna
Palm-Gessner, Cathy
Peach, Kathleen
Peoples, Jim and Carmen
Pollock, Maxine
Poorman, Glenn and Bee
Prescott Animal Hospital

Prescott Noon Lions Club
Pribula, Rose
Rae, Beryl
Reyes Family
Rice, Dean
Robyn, Johanna E
Rocwell C. Webb Foundation
Rosenthal, Chad and Jessica
Sallomi, Richard and Isabella
Sally Bassett Decedent’s
Schlosberg, Patti
Schreiber, Richard
Scissons, Shelby
Sechrist, Heather
Silacci, Art and Nancy
Smith, Ben
Smith, Ben and Hannah
Smith, Marie
Speliopoulos, Nick & Elke
Stanton, Henry and Beverly
Stohr, Charles and Patricia
Strike, Bruce and Juliana
Strom, Timothy and Denise
Stutey, Robert and Sandra
Suttles/Griffis Household
Swain, Elizabeth
The MF Living Trust
Thompson, Greg and Mary
Waldrep, Brad and Erica
Walton, Hal and Pamela
Weaver, Curtiss
White, Janet
Wise, Warner and Maurine
Woodin, Bob and Leebeth
Zombeck, Bill and Linda