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© 2015, Lauren Cook Cover photos by Lauren Cook Mirror Girl Lauren Nicole Cook for Jenny * Lay in front of the moon and charge... you are a crisp white sheet and I am a stain so large you can not bleach out but I love me and you love me and it doesn't matter. Swallow the thick broth and pray for forgiveness and betterment and cleanliness and sobriety and peace and all the things your mind won't let you make clean attempts at because you're still uprooting and propagating the parts you want to hold on to always putting your hands above your eyes like a visor so you can look at what is in front of you without going blind always thinking of a road that doesn't end but hoping it will end somewhere the whole time you're driving on it but you know deep down in your heart it won't. You may be other worldly but you have worldly needs...treating you like a satin robe. Something you put over your skin so you can face the parts of the word that can't see you completely vulnerable, something you put over your skin to be a second better skin. To pretend your skin is not a skin. When you can not make your skin glisten a natural way. I am not curtains to be drawn. I am


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