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COD Vietnam Ideas .pdf

Original filename: COD Vietnam Ideas.pdf
Author: Tao Muller

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Weapons, Grenades, and Equipment:
Sub Machine Gun List:
-Type 100
-Sterling L2A1
-Smith & Wesson SW Model 76
-Skorpion vz. 61
-PM-63 RAK
-Owen SMG
-Model K-50M
-Madsen M-50
-M3 Grease Gun
-Lithgrow F1
-Beretta M12
-Carl Gustav M45
Shotgun List:
-Savage Arms M720
-Remington Model 870
-Remington Model 11
-Remington Model 10
-Ithaca-37 Sporting
-Ithaca Stakeout
-Auto 5 Stalker

Sniper Rifle List:
-Winchester Model 70
-Type 24
-Tokarev SVT-40
-SVD Dragunov
-Springfield Model 1903
-Mauser Karabiner Kar 98k
-M1917 Enfield
-M21 SWS
-Lee Enfield
-FR F1
-Boys ATR
Assault Rifle List:
-Type 58
-Sturmgewehr 44
-Stoner 63
-Springfield M14
-Simonov SKS
-NORINCO Type 56
-MAS 49
-M1941 Johnson Rifle
-M1 Garand
-M1 Carbine
-Kalashnikov AK-47
-Gewehr 43
-Fedorov Avtomat
-Enfield L1A1 SLR
-Colt M16
-Colt CAR-15/XM1771E1

-Sticky bomb
-No. 76 Special Incendiary Grenade
-No. 73 Grenade
-No 77 grenade
-Molotov cocktail
-Model 1914 grenade
-Mk 2 (Pineapple Hand Grenade)
-No. 68 AT Grenade
-M67 grenade
-M26 grenade lemon
-Hawkins grenade
-AN M18
-Bouncing Betty
-Tactical Insertion
-Ammo Crate
Launcher List:
-M79 LAW
-M72 LAW
-M67 Recoilless Rifle
-M2 Flamethrower
-FIM-43 Redeye
-China Lake
-Bazooka M1

Light Machine Gun List:
-Vickers K MG
-Stoner 63 LMG
-Saco M60
-RP-46 General
-M1918 BAR
-Lewis Gun
-Izhmash RPK
-Degtyarev DP LMG
-Charlton AR
-Ceska Zbrojovka vz. 26
Pistol List:
-Walther P38
-Tokarev TT-33
-SWM .39
-Smith & Wesson SW Model 10
-Smith & Wesson Model 1917
-Nagant Model 1895
-Mauser C96 Semi
-Makarov PM
-High Standard HDM
-FB P-64
-Colt Model 1917
-Colt Model 1903
-Browning Hi-Power
-Beretta M1935

Shotgun Attachments:
-Incendiary Rounds
-Extended Mags (Tube)
-AP Shell (FMJ)
-Long Barrel
-Nydar Red Dot Sight
-Weaver Qwik Point Sight
-Sawed Off
-Rapid Fire
Assault Rifle List:
-AP Shell (FMJ)
-Rifle Grenade
-Nydar Red Dot Sight
-Weaver Qwik Point Sight
-Singlepoint OEG Scope
-Colt Scope
-Starlight Scope
-Dual Mags
-Long Barrel
-Rapid Fire
-Extended Mags/Drum
-Grenade Launcher

Light Machine Gun Attachments:
-AP Shell (FMJ)

-Nydar Red Dot Sight
-Weaver Qwik Point Sight
-Singlepoint OEG Scope
-Colt Scope
-Starlight Scope
-Dual Mags
-Long Barrel
-Rapid Fire
-Extended Mags/Chain/Drums
Pistol Attachments:
-Dual Wield
-Long Barrel
-Tac Knife
-Nydar Red Dot Sight
-Extended Mags
-Upgraded Sights
-Full Auto Upgrade
-AP Shell (FMJ)


Sniper Rifle Attachments:
-Extended Mags
-Colt Scope
-Singlepoint OEG Scope
-Long Barrel
-Rapid Fire
-Starlight Scope
-AP Shell (FMJ)
Sub Machine Gun Attachments:
-AP Shell (FMJ)
-Dual Wield
-Nydar Red Dot Sight
-Weaver Qwik Point Sight
-Singlepoint OEG Scope
-Colt Scope
-Dual Mags
-Long Barrel
-Rapid Fire
-Extended Mags/Drum
-Dual Wield

Create a Class:
Since there is such a wide variety of attachments for primaries I believe 2 should be the maximum amount of attachments
that can be applied without using any perks (3 when using Warlord) and one for pistols (2 when using Warlord). There will
be a 3 Tier Perk system where players can pick 1 Perk from every tier. There will be Equipment, Tactical Grenades, and
Lethal Grenades. Depending on the selected grenade, the player can have up to 2 of each. As with in most other CODs there
will be an option to put your emblem and clan tag on your gun, along with lens, reticle, and face paint customization. There
will also be a maximum of 3 killstreaks which the player can select, they will stack (kills with killstreaks won't count for the
next streak). Camos will not be too crazy and will look a little-worn off + most of them will be Woodland-ish. I also think
there should be an option to select a different reload animation for your gun. This would not speed up or slow the reload
down but just change how it looks. Weapons, Killstreaks, Attachments, etc. will be bought using the in-game currency that
is earned through matches just like in Black Ops. Once the player reaches the specific level, the weapon will be unlocked
and can be purchased for the set price. To put this into perspective: Average TDM reward: $700. Average AR cost: $1500.
Here are some examples of weapons with attachments and camos (this was my best attempt):

Perks and Equipment:
Tier 1:

Tier 2:





Sleight of

Increases the reload speed by 50%


Put an extra attachment on your primary and


Scavenge ammo by picking up blue packs
from fallen enemies


Invisible to spyplanes and support helicopters.


Have another primary as a secondary OR
have a third weapon slot for a launcher


Infinite sprint


Killstreaks require 1 less kill

Steady Aim

Tightens hipfire spread

Reduces explosive damage


Move faster while aiming down the sights


Tier 3:







Hold your breath longer when using a
scoped weapon


Detonates when enemy walks in front of it


(2x). Jumps in the air and explodes when
enemy is nearby, easily avoidable


Footsteps can't be heard + no callouts and
reload/ weapon switching sounds


Plant 2 explosive packs and manually
detonate them remotely

Gas Mask

Reduces effectiveness of tactical grenades

Bomb Squad

See enemy equipment through walls


Pop a flare that indicates where you will
spawn next


Stake mine that detonates via tripwire


Move faster


One-time use, completely restores health


Reload while running but a little slower

Ammo Crate

Replenishes ammo, can be dropped

I believe 12-15 maps would be great, most of these would be original but I would also like to see classics from other CODs like
Jungle from Black Ops return in HD glory. The maps in this game need to be Vietnam-exclusive so most of those in BO would not
work unless they are remade. Jungle or Hanoi, for example, would be perfect as they were great maps in the original game and
would be nicely suited to a Vietnam-era game. Instead of simply porting the map and improving the graphics it would be interesting
to also mirror the entire map and add some new spots/locations that did not exist in the original. The maps below are just a few I
think would be great if they were brought back
Out of 15 total maps:
Around 3 should be remakes/remasters of older classics (e.g. Slums from BO2 could work)
Around 4 should be based on the Vietnamese jungles
Around 4 should be based on the Vietnamese fields or coasts
Around 4 should be based on the urban streets of Huế City (e.g. Cracked from BO)

Cracked (BO)
Hunted (BO3)

Slums (BO2)

Prison Break

Knee Deep (WAW)

Mission (MW3)

Jungle (BO)




# Kills


Ammo Crate

Drops a crate that can refill teammate's and the player's ammo 3 times




Shows enemy locations on minimap in a slow, 3 second sweeping motion for 1 Minute



Counter Spyplane

Disables the enemy minimap for 1 Minute



Single Mortar

Call in a single Mortar on a specific location by pointing at it with your crosshairs

Up to 4


Care Package

Drops a crate that contains a random killstreak, usually less effective ones



Ballistic Vest

Dropped in a crate, gives the player more health, does not regenerate



Napalm Strike

Leaves a trail of fire that stays for a long time and kills enemies who come near it

Up to 5



Control a suicide plane that explodes on impact (kind of like the predator missile)

Up to 4



Dropped by a helicopter, take out enemy air support manually from the ground




A crate that contains a Minigun (or LMG) and a ballistic vest



Mortar Team

Mark 3 locations to be bombarded, 3 times in a row

Up to 7


Guard Dog

Calls in a dog that protects and follows the player, also warns the player of nearby enemies

Up to 6


Support Helicopter

Circles the map and takes out non-Ghost users automatically

Up to 8


Support Squad

Calls in 3 AI-controlled teammates that kill enemies

Up to 5


SR-71 Blackbird

Shows real time location and direction of enemies on minimap, cannot be taken down



Small Tank

Drops a M56 Scorpion that can be driven on most maps but not everywhere on the map

Up to 9


B52 Bombing Run

Similar to Napalm Strike but covers a larger area, enemy is not warned of it's presence

Up to 7


K9 Unit

Calls in ~10 attack dogs that hunt the enemy down and kill them in one bite

Up to 10


Project VTOL

Like the Support Helicopter but can also target Ghost users

Up to 5


Chopper Gunner

Be the gunner of a Huey that circles the map twice, either with a Minigun or a LMG

Up to 12


Chopper Tuber

Same as the Chopper Gunner but with a grenade launcher instead

Up to 12


Hind Gunship

A Helicopter with missiles and guns that can be controlled

Up to 12


Agent Orange

Sprays chemical all over the map that slowly kills enemies (not realistic, I know)

Up to 9


Ballistic Missile

Calls in a missile that kills all players in the match after 5 seconds of being called in

Up to 18


Sub Machine Guns:

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