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Create a Class:
Since there is such a wide variety of attachments for primaries I believe 2 should be the maximum amount of attachments
that can be applied without using any perks (3 when using Warlord) and one for pistols (2 when using Warlord). There will
be a 3 Tier Perk system where players can pick 1 Perk from every tier. There will be Equipment, Tactical Grenades, and
Lethal Grenades. Depending on the selected grenade, the player can have up to 2 of each. As with in most other CODs there
will be an option to put your emblem and clan tag on your gun, along with lens, reticle, and face paint customization. There
will also be a maximum of 3 killstreaks which the player can select, they will stack (kills with killstreaks won't count for the
next streak). Camos will not be too crazy and will look a little-worn off + most of them will be Woodland-ish. I also think
there should be an option to select a different reload animation for your gun. This would not speed up or slow the reload
down but just change how it looks. Weapons, Killstreaks, Attachments, etc. will be bought using the in-game currency that
is earned through matches just like in Black Ops. Once the player reaches the specific level, the weapon will be unlocked
and can be purchased for the set price. To put this into perspective: Average TDM reward: $700. Average AR cost: $1500.
Here are some examples of weapons with attachments and camos (this was my best attempt):