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There is a tricky part in this, somehow, even if you try your best to “will” your mindset into thinking
positive, ​the negative mental patterns seem to takeover without warning. Often, the negative
thoughts can increase in frequency and cause you to build further negative patterns around the subject
your wish to eliminate.
This increases your habit of fearing/worrying making it more dominant than your will to avoid it.
The best way for you to train the “focus system” in your mind is to first ​eliminate the foundation of the
negative mental patterns. ​In other words, it is easier to think positive and to focus on what you can
achieve if there are no thoughts coming from memories that contribute to negativity.
This is made possible by Eutaptics memory reimprinting. It is a very simple yet highly powerful process
of changing memories with high negative emotional frequencies to something better or neutral. This
allows the person to have a firm grip on the current situation and think of ​positive and healthy ways of
overcoming any challenge.

3. Pay more attention to the current moment
This is easier said than done. Being mindful of the present moment is not as easy as we would like it to
be. The reason for this is because, ​we are always momentarily focusing on each current experience by
drawing references from the past. It is how the mind works by default. Without this system of
referencing incoming experiences from the past, it would’ve been hard to survive.
Sadly, the very instinct that is supposed to keep us safe is also that very thing that can keep us from
Being mindful is a neutral state, there are of course a lot of mental healing systems that advocate
mindfulness. There's no denying that we need to be mindful, but mindfulness is not a positive mental
state. It is a neutral mental state.
In other words, regardless of whether you are a criminal or a saint, you need mindfulness. You need to
be mindful in order to execute that which is in alignment to the results you are wanting.
If your instinct is based on fears, sadness and depression, then your “mindfulness compass” is pointing
to the direction that does not contribute to your well-being. It’s that simple. If your mindfulness is
pointed towards those memories of negative experiences in the past, then clearly your mindfulness
needs to be turned to the proper direction.
This is what Eutaptics does, it is a system that can help you fine-tune your mind so that each moment of
mindfulness is focused towards joy, abundance and allows you to build happiness. ​It is a system with
great techniques ​that allows you to manipulate how your consciousness withdraws information from
the unconscious and subconscious, that are being used as a filter to interpret your current reality.

4. Start being truly grateful