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life. The “ECHO” is the result of the fragment that was broken from the whole, these “ECHOs” remain
trapped in time within the Matrix.
In Short, following the belief system of Matrix Reimprinting, a traumatic event that happened when you
were 2 years old would cause an ​energetic ​representation of that 2-year-old who remains to be 2 years
old trapped in the Matrix within that event and continuing to feel the negative effects of that particular
Furthermore, Matrix Reimprinting believes that the 2 year old ECHO is not of dense energy in nature but
the energy of the child is real.
Imagine and consider all the negative experiences an individual experience throughout a lifetime.
Following the Matrix Reimprinting belief system would suggest that there could be hundreds or even
thousands of each individual trapped in the Matrix.
These ECHOs have great impact in a person’s life. The major belief in Matrix Reimprinting is that in order
to solve your current problems, you have to go through the previous memories, where the ECHOs were
real children. It means you need to work with the child within the Matrix to change their experience,
reimprinting the new memory and apply the new “positive learning.
Pyschological reversal is also applied in Matrix Reimprinting​, it is a concept that is not part of the
Eutaptics Belief System.
In order to be successful in dealing with issues using Matrix Reimprinting, you need to subscribe to their
belief system and have the ability to visualize your ECHOs as real people.

The Eutaptics Belief System in a Nutshell
Eutapticsbelieves that all experiences, happy, neutral and traumatic are all recorded in the subconscious
as references. The subconscious interprets and uses these stored memories as a ​foundation and proof
of who the person is​ and how the world works.
Every experience is filtered through the existing data from previous experiences, the subconscious then
prompts the brain and the body to respond according to the references stored within it. ​These records
or data forms the foundation of each individual’s perception of reality. Because of the diversity in
experiences of each individual, each person’s reality is unique because each person’s perception is
Eutaptics strongly believes that there are no “broken” people.
Each individual is working perfectly according to the records held within their subconscious. Changing
the records in the subconscious ​automatically results to changes in the behavior and perception.
There is nowhere in the corners of Eutaptics belief system that subscribes to the idea of psychological
reversal. Within Eutaptics belief system, every person is performing in perfect alignment with what they