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visualize tapping on the child to help make them feel better, you as the practitioner. In short, you are in
blood, flesh and bones being tapped on using EFT, while in visualization you are tapping your ECHO
using EFT.
Once the child is feeling better, you will ask what is it that can make him/her feel better. Instead of what
is called in Matrix Reimprinting “negative learning”, what would change that memory into positive
learning? Whatever the child replies, you would then change that memory. You would then move on to
the next traumatic memory. Since each bad memory would have created a fragment or ECHO of you,
you need to sift through your memories and address each of those ECHOs individually in order to
experience impactful changes in your life.

The Eutaptics Operating System
Although changing memories is also used in Eutaptics, the process is completely different. Eutaptics is
effectively designed to work with the subconscious mind to make changes using both the body and the
mind. ​The end result of Eutaptics is restructuring the neural networks in the neocortex of the brain as
well as other physical changes.
Eutaptics works with all five styles of memories. These memories can be independent or combined in
various ways. Eutaptics memory reimprinting can be accomplished in 6 basic ways, working within the
individual’s own operating system. Eutaptics understands that everything in a memory is purely a
representation of an experience, it is not an actual person or a separate entity.
Whatever work is done within the memory is changing the person’s records of that particular
experience rather than changing something outside of themselves.
The initial approach of Eutaptics is you noticing how you know you have a problem. If you have a
memory of that problem, you would notice the details of that memory and the feelings associated with
it as you remember it. If you have no memory you would simply know how the problems exist.
This may be because of the problems you have been experiencing lately, may be because you feel it or
may be its just a knowing. However you know you have a problem, you would notice it. This is the
process of aiming – directing the subconscious.
The next step is to use the Eutaptics Tapping Technique, involving 10 meridian points of the major
organs responsible for the fight or flight response. Tapping on these points will take your focus off the
problem and focus on the feeling of your fingers on your skin.
This is a “de-fractionation” method with its main purpose to break the trance of the problem, this
ultimately changes the connection in the brain while also changing the physiological state of the body.
There are many other methods of de-fractionation but tapping is the most commonly used.