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Repeating the phrase “let it go” or adding variations to it such as “It’s safe to let it go” as you tap. The
primary reason for this is because the subconscious clings to these things we see as bad because it has a
data that “proves” it is keeping you safe.
The point where you grab your wrist as you take a deep breath and saying “Peace” before going to a
peaceful and happy memory is bound to change the chemical state of your body as well as rewiring the
neocortex of the brain, changing the connection that is causing the problem or issue you are resolving.
Eutaptics also applies the “bad-good collapse” technique – introducing a good memory or feeling into a
bad state. Endorphins and other feel-good chemicals dilute the stress chemicals that cause the varying
degrees of fight-or-flight state that we recognize as bad feelings and emotions.
You would then go back to the problem to see if it still evokes the same feelings or if it has changed.
When you do, you would notice what still remains and then repeat the tapping process until all the bad
feelings have disappeared and memories have been flipped.
In Eutaptics, memories usually flip or changed to a good memory spontaneously as a result of the
de-fractionation technique – this is where the subconscious work. In times the memory does not change
there, you can use the conscious mind to change it. There is no need to be able to visualize in order to
use Eutaptics since the process is designed to work according to the diversity of each individual.
Some people may see pictures or recalling memories through imagery, some may not and associate and
remember a smell or a sound. Some people may even have no memory at all but inherently knows that
there is a problem, each of these may be used in the Eutaptics process.

You do not need to address every bad experience in Eutaptics because the approach is more holistic in
addressing the problems. This is because Eutaptics have a belief system that operates with complete
understanding of why we have problems, its origin and its effects. Because the subconscious has formed
structures with links to different experiences and information addressing certain memories will
automatically cause the collapse of others.
No wonder Eutaptics works more than just in addressing PTSD but can also aid in other simple and
complex life issues like, weight loss and other issues that are stress related.