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bullet buttons. Another characteristic that was prohibited was threaded barrels. A threaded barrel is
a barrel that has threads, much like a bolt, at the end of the barrel. This was meant to attach
silencers or other accessories. One way manufactures would get around this law is to have a “nonremovable” cover tack welded onto the threads. Well, as you can see this weld was easily brakes
and sometimes outright just fell off. So there’s another avenue circumvented. Lastly, the bill itself
was largly ineffective from it’s birth, mainly because the majority of murders are not committed
with a 3 foot long, $1,500, military type, assault rifles. They are committed with inexpensive,
easily available, and easily concealable handguns. According to the paper “The Impact of the 1994
Federal Assault Weapon Ban” assault rifle violence only accounted for two percent of violent crime
before the ban, and the actual amount of gun violence committed with assault rifles slightly
increased during the 10 year ban instead of decreasing. (It was only by .1 percent.) Keep this two
percent figure in your mind as we will be revisiting this later.
So, this is what hasn’t worked. Is there any legislation that has worked? Possible, we could
keep that effective piece of legislation in mind as we try to create new legislation to reduce gun
violence. Yes, there was a highly effective piece of legislation created in 1934 that is still in law
today over 80 years later. This piece of law is called the National Firearms Act. This piece of
legislation regulates the sale, transfer, and transportation of short barreled shotguns, short barreled
rifles, machine guns and silencers. A short barreled shotgun is a shotgun with a barrel less than 18
inches. A short barreled rifle is a rifle with a barrell less than 16 inches. A machine gun is defined
as a gun that can fire more than one bullet with a single press of a trigger. A silencer is simply
defined as any device that reduces the noise level of any gun in any way. Simple right? Anyone
wishing to purchace a class III weapon must first pay a $200 tax. After this, paperwork is sent into
the BATF for approval. If the BATF approves someone to purchase a class III weapon then, and
only then, can they purchase said weapon. This process normally takes about 9 months. After this