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4 Year Digital Vinyl & Laminate

Printable 4 Year Monomeric Vinyl & Laminate, Premium German quality. A comprehensive range of Monomeric Digital
Printing vinyl. Excellent printing results with high resolution and rich colours have been accomplished with ECO-Solvent, Solvent, UV
and Latex digital printers.
The vinyl is coated with high-quality dispersion acrylic adhesives and offer perfect flatness and dimensional stability. In addition to
excellent opacity and flatness, these films offer high dimensional stability. Particularly suitable for application on flat and slightly
curved surfaces.

• Suitable for ECO-Solvent, Solvent, UV and Latex digital printers

80mic Vinyl with Clear Adhesive

Product Advantages:

PoliPrint 800, White Gloss Permanent

Very good opacity and flatness characteristics

PoliPrint 805, White Matt Permanent

Excellent dimensional stability

Fire classification B1 Certification and in accordance to
DIN 4102-1 flame resistant adhered on steel surface

The film is resistant to the influence of solvent inks during
the printing process

Excellent printing results are guaranteed with all customary
market ECO-Solvent, Solvent, UV and latex printers

Removable adhesive products with residue-free release,
guaranteed for application duration up to one year.

The liner is an integral part of the product. The quality of
the liner defines the structure of the adhesive, which is
important for good flat holding of the product. PoliPrint’s 4
Year vinyl Liner is Laminated with a one-sided clay-coated
silicone paper 135gsm for excellent lay flatness

80mic Transparent Printable Vinyl & Laminate
PoliPrint 810, Clear Gloss Permanent
PoliPrint 815, Clear Matt Permanent

80mic Vinyl with Grey Adhesive
PoliPrint 820, White Gloss, Grey Adhesive Permanent
PoliPrint 830, White Gloss, Grey Adhesive Removable
PoliPrint 835, White Matt, Grey Adhesive Removable

100mic Vinyl with Clear Adhesive
PoliPrint 900, White Gloss Permanent, 100mic
All available in 1372mm & 1524mm x 50mtr rolls

PoliPrint 800 has been certified for HP
Latex Printing Technologies

2 Ph. 0469456037 / 0469456038,

Email: sales@digi2plas.com

Web: www.digi2plas.com