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Check-in 1

1- A complete numbered list of user stories from the client interviews.
1. As an Author, I want to submit a paper online, so that it can be reviewed.
a. An author can not see their reviews until a decision has been made.
b. An author can not see who reviewed their paper.
c. An author can submit more than one paper to a conference.
2. As an Author, I want to register myself on the site, so that I don’t have to input my name
and email every time I submit a paper
3. As an Author, I want to be able to change my submission before a deadline, so that I can
correct any errors.
d. An author can not submit or modify a paper after a deadline.
4. As a Program Chair, I want to designate subprogram chairs so that they can distribute
papers to reviewers
5. As a Subprogram chair, I want to assign papers to reviewers so that they can review the
6. As a Reviewer, I want to download papers so that I can review them.
7. As a Reviewer I want to fill out an online review form before the deadline so that I can
give feedback to the subprogram chair.
e. A reviewer can not see any
f. A reviewer can’t know who else is reviewing the paper
8. As a Reviewer, I want to give recommendations to the sub program chair and program
chair, so that they can make informed decisions on what papers accept or reject for
9. As a Subprogram Chair, I want to be able to see the reviews done by the reviewers, so
that I can make a decision on what I want to recommend to the program chair.
10. As a Subprogram Chair I want to fill out a recommendation form so that I can make
suggestions to the program chair as to what papers should be used for the conferences.