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The purpose of this collection is to assist any person attempting to challenge the
environmental injustices occurring against the First Nations people of Canada, through the
presentation of real examples from Canadian media that can be used in support of various
arguments surrounding the state of water on reserves across the country.
The collection of quotes and texts have been gathered from over 120 newspaper articles all of
which mainly focus on the state of water on the various First Nations reserves across Canada.
The articles were taken from a range of Canadian newspapers including the Globe and Mail,
The Toronto Star, The Calgary Herald, the Edmonton Journal, the Ottawa Citizen, the
Vancouver Sun, the Vancouver Province, the Hamilton Spectator, the Montreal Gazette, and
the World News Digest.
Specific portions and quotes from the articles have been extracted and placed within the
appropriate category. Each quote is followed by the (1) the title of the news article which it
was originally from, and (2) the name of the newspaper who originally published the article.