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Reptilian Host Dr. Steven M. Greer
Nature, Agenda, Strategy, Lies

Nature – Who and what Steven Greer is. His intentions and motivations
Agenda – What he wants to accomplish with his activism
Strategy – How he intends to accomplish his goals
Lies – A list of facts he, intentionally, twists and lies about out of strategic reasons

Dr. Steven Greer is a shapeshifting host for a hostile, deceptive, nefarious reptilian entity. While
appearing benevolent, in truth acting against the interests of humankind. He is a manipulator,
deceiver and pathological liar.
How did Greer become a Host? As he himself admitted several times, i the late 99 s he and his
team were suddenly all struck with aggressive types of cancer. All got a deadly types of cancer in the
same month - different kinds. Everyone died but him.
G ee : I was devastated, and it took me 18 months to recover.
A unusual fast recovery from aggressive acting deadly cancer.
All but Greer died. What Greer naturally failed to mention was that weakened by the disease a
eptilia e tit took the oppo tu it to take o e G ee s body. Either that or in exchange for a cure
Greer compromised himself.
These are highly plausible theories, given all the circumstances and observations.
-Describing the process by which a person becomes a Reptilian Host.
Greer is of very impressive size and athletic body posture. He is 7 feet tall and very muscular. I a
bodybuilder (Greer).
He is of high intelligence and holds an academic title i
just a ou t do to .
He as highl pa ed i his fo

edi i e I was a e e ge

e p ofessio , I as pa ed 5



do to , I a

$ a ea .

He had non-human contact from early on. Back in the early 1960s, when I was eight or nine. I saw a
disc-shaped, windowless object that hovered, silent, then simply vanished .

Authoritarian appearance, high intelligence, academic title, medical professional, financial
independence. All traits that made him perfectly suitable for becoming a figurehead in the alien
agenda promotion campaign. Suitable for first being weakened and then taken over used as a host.
-If you need evidence for Greer not being human, just trust your own eyes. Observe the behavior of
his eyes and tongue very closely. His eyes constantly shift and he has an obvious strong impulse to
flick his tongue out, like snakes do. An impulse he repeatedly suppresses.
The reason why Greer always sits so stiff and moves robotic with strong focus and muscle tension is
because he struggles hard to hold human form and not to shift into his natural appearance which is
reptilian. That's why he's having these strange spasms all the time which he auto-corrects by abruptly
changing sitting position.
His uncontrolled rapid blinking also is a form of self-control to prevent his eyes from morphing into
reptilian eyes.
Further he looks extremely unhealthy. His skin color and texture are very bad, his eyes look lifeless,
murky and outright depraved. This has nothing to do with his age as there are 70 year olds with
glowing skin and bright shining eyes.
His smile is unnatural and overacted, a very wide unsympathetic grin. Pig eyes, shark smile reveals a
demon being in control it s said.
Greer looks polluted, both physically and spiritually. When using intuition on Greer something nasty,
vile and rotten can be sensed. That is the reptilian vibe he emits. It s g oss!
He senses very inorganic. His way to articulate himself, his remarks, his attempts in humor, his whole
demeanor seems artificial, staged, seems acted. Is not of spontaneous, organic, natural human
His movements are robotic, stiff, rigid. Like that of a terminator, living tissue over (meta-physical)
Reptilia s a e C o gs. He e the Bo g - a race of cyborgs whose symbol is the three fingered
reptilian claw.
Watch an interview with him, turn down the volume and focus on his body movements, his eyes, his
tongue and try to intuitively feel his vibe. You'll realize real quickly that this individual is not human.
Sounds strange, but just observe it yourself and be honest to yourself about your observations.
If there is still a trace of human left it has taken a far back seat with the lizard being in control of both
word and action.
He's a reptilian, a pathological liar and manipulator. I get a headache from every single sentence this
creature speaks. Additionally from his extremely repulsive nannying, patronizing and beyond that
nasty, foul and toxic vibe, typical for reptilians. What everyone with just some intuition can sense.
Everything he says is cunning. It's all lies, it's all twisted truth, it's all exaggerations, it's all following
the alien agenda in every step.

They remain in their role at all time when in public. They are extremely patient when it's about
deceiving people (think of the Sith lord being chancellor of the republic for decades). Sure enough
Greer claims that Star Wars would be just Hollywood nonsense. Yea, that's what the sith lord would
They are odd inorganic cyborgs with a purely technical understanding of human nature and they are
also riddled with a myriad of abnormal psychological conditions, foremost pathological arrogance.
They have the distorted overblown self-confidence of a heavy cocaine consumer, but naturally.
Oh and during each of the two times I saw him pronounce "children" he most joyfully, slowly, flicked
his huge liza d to gue out to li k o e his lips. It as e distu i g to at h. It s o ious hat e t
through his mind while doing that.
-While all genuine individuals that resist the alien agenda have to put up with constant attacks, aiming
for the destruction of their reputation. There are close to zero attacks on the person of Steven Greer
despite his many outrageous claims and weak positions.
This should reveal to everybody but the most gullible that the alien control system is not targeting
Greer with their troll and bot armies. To read critical or insulting comments in the comment sections
below his videos is a very rare phenomenon while to all other researchers this is the norm.
If he was legiti ate a d a th eat to the s ste , h does t he ha e to deal with the constant
harassment as every other researcher?
He is NOT a threat to the alien control system, because he is an agent of it.
While he does t get s ste ati all atta ked, those that criticize Greer on the other hand do. Every
such video, questioning Greer is hit by vigorous organized attacks executed by the reptilian hive
"I know Greer personally!", "Stop being fear based", "Stop being paranoid", "It's just slits and
pyramids because it looks cool", "All Aliens are friendly!, You e a idiot! The usual.
Keep in mind people, they are among us and they attack every piece of information that exposes
them. Do t other getting involved in long and heated arguments with the allegedly "ignorant" or
diffe e t opi io holde s . The a e ot ig o a t they are tools of the matrix and can never be
convinced. Their mission is to disrupt and attack.

Greer’s Age da
His agenda is to support the transition from alien covert rulership to alien overt rulership.
The ultimate goal is to get human civilization under alien control. Overt alien control. Externalization
of the hierarchy going from covert (for thousands of years) to overt as with the change of our
vibrational environment and as a consequence expanding human awareness, followed by heightened
insight and understanding, they can no longer stay hidden.
But in order to rule openly they have to be accepted by the masses. Win their hearts and minds. No
war can be won and no occupation can be hold and no tyranny can succeed without the support of
the population.
This was demonstrated among many cases in Vietnam, in Afghanistan and in Iraq. Where badly
equipped, yet by the population supported, small groups could repel a in technology, logistic and
numbers superior military aggressor in asymmetrical warfare.
Aliens seek to rise to power with deception and stay in control with force. Like every tyrant.
Reptilians wouldn't be accepted by the masses initially. Christians will go berserk when hissing snakes
show up! And even regular average folks will mistrust those scaly, slit-pupiled, cold-blooded, tongueflicking Alligators.
What they are aware of, even reptilian abductee and spokesperson Bridget Nielsen admitted in an
interview that reptilians would show up much further down the line, after the public "learned to
accept" an alien presence. If it's not Reptilians that show up first, who else?
Greys will be more commonly accepted but not too much either when actually encountered in
person. After all they are upright walking toddler sized grey fetuses with wrinkly skin and large black
eyes ...what the actual hell? It's fun when looking at them dressed in hip hop clothes smoking joints
on posters, or watching the cartoon figure grey alien Roger on American Dad, but having the
existence of these odd and eerie creatures confirmed is something very else. Especially the 2.50m
(7feet) tall ones.
This is all very different with Nordics who do look like us, and who even many Christians will accept
as angels or messengers.
In short, the aliens totally depend on the Nordic option. And if they have to make sacrifices in their
agenda in order to protect that option, they will do it.
If that means that they have to initially bad-mouth their reptilian and grey lackeys and their human
Satanist friends (or even get rid of some of them), they'll do it.
If they have to first downplay their significance and true nature by calling them bio-robots they will
do it.
That can be rationalized and reversed later, once the first shock about aliens being real has passed
and people, as Nielsen said, will be more accepting.

These negative alien groups keep adapting to the circumstances. Their eventual agenda finalization
cannot be narrowed down to one manifestation as it continuously changes.
That is why Greer is so unspecific when it comes to the appearance of his alien masters, to keep all
options available.

Greer’s Strateg
A. Deny The Existence of Malevolent Aliens
B. Deny The Existence Of Autonomous Reptilian/Grey Entities
C. Blame Alien Abductions On Human Military
D. Deny The Existence Of The Illuminati
E. Blame Humans For All Ills In The World
F. Present Aliens As Solution To These Ills

Representative Examples (Some Out Of Many)
Are UFOs hostile? (Question asked to Greer in an Interview by Jean-Noel Bassior)
Greer: There's not a shred of evidence that these UFOs or the life-forms behind them are a threat or
hostile to us.
B: (Interview with Project Camelot. Kerry Cassidy asks Greer about Reptilians)
People thi k that the g e s a d eptilia s a e alie s. The a e hat I all
they are programmed live forms.

a o- io

a hi es a d

C: (Greer during an interview)
Alie s do t a du t people, the


does i o de to la e alie s .

Do you subscribe to the idea of the Illuminati? (Question asked to Greer by a person in the audience
du i g a Questio s&A s e eeti g ith G ee
Greer: I doubt the existence of the illuminati and alien involvement with such a group. There are
Cartels, competing interest groups that are human led, not ET.
What do our extraterrestrial visitors want? (Question asked to Greer in an Interview by Jean-Noel

Greer: I think they're waiting for us to grow up and quit destroying Earth and each other. That may
be the entry requirement for joining the interplanetary club, and we're just not there yet. That's the
biggest challenge for the human race.
F: (Greer during a presentation in Spain.)
These e t ate est ial i ilizatio s a e he e to help us!
They are coming my frie ds. A d othi g a stop the .
(Greer during a group meeting)
Alie s a p o ide us ith te h olog to sol e ou p o le s.
Alie s a e t a th eat, hu a s a e.
-In order to achieve his strategic goal, Greer will change tactics if necessary.
Greer recently changed his position and acknowledges that aliens should not be perceived as god-like
saviors, despite having done everything possible for many years that they are perceived in exactly
that a … ut e still should e
a e the
ith ope a s a d ot ei g iti al a out the , nor
questioning them, he insists.
Calli g out to the alie s ithout a t i g to pi k a d hoose a o gst the . As he puts it. That s
very important to him, that his alien masters are not met with healthy and most necessary
Why did he change his standpoint from aliens being the solution to all our problems to Okay, they
might not be saviors but do t judge a d do t uestio them! ? This is not a minor correction, this is
It s tactical retreat. The more educated the public becomes, the less drastic his lies and exaggerations
can be.
He will continue to change his standpoints to maintain a last bit of credibility until he or rather it is
finally revealed for the malevolent fraud that reptilian entity is.

Greer’s Lies
The disclosure movement will bring the truth to people
No it o t, it is a fake g ass oots o e e t led
shapeshifter) to dupe the masses.

ol es i sheep s lothi g s Reptilia

The disclosure project (controlled disclosure) is absolutely in the elite s interest. To understand that
one must know who the real elite is. Greer claims it would be a bunch of old men/human dynasties
that control the oil industry, cooperating with the military-industrial complex, organized in a 'cabal'
or shadow government, etc.

But that's not who the elite is. At the top of the illuminati pyramid there are NO humans, ZERO.
There are Nordic aliens giving command to reptilians and their reptilian-human hybrids. Greer says
that reptilian aliens wouldn't exist, and that people who believe they saw reptilian aliens in
underground bases, actually saw Nano-bio machines walking around, which is absolutely ridiculous!
And Greer HIMSELF is a reptilian!
Illu i ati Do ’t E ist
Greer claims that there is no ancient alien controlled death cult called the illuminati, instead merely –
human led – loosely organized interest groups or syndicates.
A claim absolutely outrageous given the simultaneous coordinated worldwide advances of the New
World Order Agenda.
The Illuminati are essentially a franchise system, holographic in nature. Basically like McDonalds. In
every McD restaurant world wide there is the same menu. Same with the illuminati and their world
wide pyramidal society structure of society. That is why their agenda manifests world wide in the
sa e a e . It s like a M D e u ei g gi e to all local affiliates by the head corporation.
A othe a alog

ould e a spide s e , ith the spide i the

iddle of it.

Mad Made Nano-Bio Machines
Greer claims that both greys reptilians are manmade Nano-bio machines bred in tanks.
He claims that reptilians would be, quote: "Nano-bio machines bred in laboratory tanks by the
human military".
Despite the fact that accounts of reptilians, demons, djinn are as old as mankind itself. Known for
thousands of years in all cultures and all epochs.
No Hostile Aliens
He also claims that there would be, quote: "No evidence for hostile aliens", despite thousands of
accounts of people that have encountered extremely hostile aliens throughout human history.
Many credible modern researcher refute Greer. Dr. Karla Turner, Bud Hopkins, Dr. David Jacobs,
Barbara Bartholic, Eve Lorgen and many more.
His function is to convince people that all our problems would be self-made, that it's all because of a
human led cabal that act out of greed for profit in the oil industry and so on.
While in truth the cabal is at the top controlled by reptilians, negative Nordics and greys exclusively.
He does so in order for the aliens to appear as saviors to problems, they themselves created. That is
G ee s agenda.
No Alien Abductors
He still claims that all abductions are orchestrated by the human military (using grey and reptilian bio

He never talks about alien abductions (claiming this is all organized by the human military in order to
portray aliens in a bad light, which is laughable given the evidence), he never talks about mutilation
of humans by aliens, he claims the illuminati don't actually exist and that it's merely "loosely
organized interest groups", which is also laughable given the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
He never talks about Satanism, he never talks about the satanic bloodline families. Several of his
projects are funded by the Rockefeller foundation.
Greer is a reptilian fraudster that has the function to convince the most gullible of the ludicrous idea
that all non-human beings are friendly and that everything bad that happens on this planet is
hu a it s own fault.
It’s All The Hu a s Fault
He still lai s that it s hu a s that ause all a s a d that it s hu a s that dest o the e i o

e t.

You fell for the alien propaganda. They are systematically guilt-shaming us for what they are
responsible. This is psychological warfare in order to make us believe being unworthy, worthless and
desire our own destruction.
Overpopulation, humans harming the environment, manmade climate change, it's all lies. All of it.
The Alien Savior Agenda Climate Change Operatives Fully Exposed
What this planet looked like before the reptilians arrived and will look like again after we got rid of
them, you saw in the movie AVATAR, where humans lived in perfect harmony with nature. They use
mass-mind control on humanity. If it wasn't for their influence, there would be no wars, no hunger,
no problems.
Dead Ma ’s Trigger
Wh does t G ee get take out despite i his o
o ds, opposi g the shado go e
e t? He
gave the explanation. He stated that the reason for him to be still ali e is that he has pla ted a dead
a s t igge .
A bunch of compromising i fo atio sto ed so e he e that ould e eleased if he as killed. It s
a silly concept out of cold war sp o ies. It does t o k like that i ealit .
He now seems to have realized that and offers a new version. Now he claims he is still alive because
he is being protected by aliens for being such a good Samaritan.
Yes he s p ote ted

alie s al ight. B the d a o ia

eptilia high o

a d that is.

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