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matter be referred to the management of the night – which
I did. At this point, Kayza was aware of the situation but
unable to respond (at that time) due to other commitments.
I was soon made to know after being tagged in a Facebook
post that the situation had been publicised.
False accusations, out of context misquotations and
proclaiming inaccurate narratives is not only distasteful,
but detrimental to the people who’ve already formed an
opinion based on misinformation. We deem it highly
unprofessional, and do not tolerate such.
We still intend to honour, and promote the empowering of
women within the music industry. This is what we cannot
forget! But, it is unfair and irresponsible for a narrative to
be given without proper context, using my gender to make
the situation what it truly was not. It is also extremely
distasteful to release personal information to the public,
with the intention in mind that they attack my character,
bombarding my social media with comments, messages
and hateful speech. As said in my email, we are fighting the
same battle from a different position on the field.
It must also be clear that contacting DJs on the line-up
with the intention to disrupt, and make mischief from within
the structure is again, irresponsible and extremely
unethical. They should not be approached for being on a
platform that recognises their work.
We were aiming for equality, not defamation.
With that said, to avoid further controversy and chaos, we
have decided to change the name of the event to “Girls
Got This”. We will NOT cancel the event as requested,