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field technician Sarah Norton for her invaluable assistance with catching, handling, and marking
of birds. I also greatly appreciate all of the training provided by Paul Link and his help with
trapping and the rocket-net system; his expertise was truly reflective of the trapping success that
was experienced.
I thank all those who aided in searching for marked birds that died: Brian Clark, Sarah
Hamilton, Alonda McCarty, Winston Michel, Annika Olsen, Dave Olsen, and Roy Pier. I thank
David Douglas from U.S. Geological Survey-Alaska Science Center for his assistance with
satellite telemetry data. I thank Thomas Hess (deceased), Will Selman, and the rest of the staff at
Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge for their critical help and guidance on my project. I thank Brett
Mandernack and Scott Mehus for taking the time to talk with me about their experiences
catching and marking eagles. I also thank Drs. Michael Kaller and Kevin McCarter for all their
statistical advice. Finally, I am ever grateful to Alonda McCarty for all her assistance and