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Perth Children’s Hospital Loading Dock (LD)

Quick Reference User Guide

The Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) Loading Dock (LD) is the centralised
access point for managing hospital deliveries and vendors daily running
This guide aims to highlight PCH LD requirements and provide all staff
and contractors arriving at the LD with the necessary information to
enable them to conduct their tasks in a safe and conscientious manner.
PCH Patient Support Services (PSS) is responsible for the overall
operations management and Logistics of PCH Loading Dock.
The PCH LD team comprises of a::
Loading Dock Coordinator (LDC)
Loading Dock Support Officers (LDSO)
The team will manage all LD vehicle movements. “Appointment Plus” is
the scheduling program that will be used for the purpose of scheduling all
deliveries for the hospital..
Delivery Load/unload timings will be
maintained by the LD Team. Any misconduct by companies and or drivers
may result in the LD access cancelation.
All enquiries regarding loading dock operations and procedures are to be directed to
Loading Dock Coordinator;

08 6456 3228

Email: pchloadingdock@health.wa.gov.au

Hours of Operation
6:00am – 6:00pm

Monday to Friday – No Entry outside these
hours the gates will be locked at all times.

After Hours Deliveries:
Hospital Information Desk main entry point of hospital or Emergency
Department (ED)
Hand Deliverable Items Only.
Extraordinary After Hours Deliveries:
48 hours’ notice required for prior approval by the LDC.

Key dock information
Delivery Booking

Maximum Vehicle Height

A booking should be made by the Suppliers,
Ordering Department or driver's company.
Accounts can be obtained through
Appointment Plus.
4.7 Metres

Maximum Vehicle Length

12.5 metre Heavy Rigid Vehicles Only

Vehicle Restrictions

Flat Bed Trucks must be fitted with gates.
No vehicle with an unstable unsafe load will
be permitted to enter LD. Notification of
vehicles requiring side unloading is to be
advised 24 hours in advance or when
booking in Appointment Plus. Appointment
Plus Delivery Scheduler is to be used,
failure to do so may result in delivery being
denied. Semi-trailer deliveries for PCH
Pallets have to be loaded to the left hand
side of the tray, unload will happen in the
slip-lane (No entry to LD Area for Semi
Trailer )

Speed Limit


Pallet Jack Trolley Hand

Own pallet jack trolley required.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Minimum PPE requirements are:
load/unload require safety boots, load
handling gloves desirable not mandatory.
Pedestrian Access

No pedestrian access at Slip Lane Winthrop


No Bicycle access at Slip Lane Winthrop


The PCH Loading Dock is monitored 24/7
with perimeter security and internal CCTV.
If access restriction problems occur for A/H
entry Security can be contacted on
PH: 08 6457 1399 or internal 56

PCH Loading Dock Layout
Thebelow diagram indicates the PCH Loading Dock layout and designated
load/unload bays, along with directional flow markings for vehicle movements
upon the apron for Bays A1 to A3 reversing back to loading dock A1 (Fixed
Platform) and levellers A2 & A3. Waste removal long reverse in and gates
need to be open during compactor load/unload. D4 is the dirty dock leveller.
Walkways( purple) around the end of the parked courier bays. The Slip lane is
one way travelling from the south end to the north of the hospital. Dirty Dock
D4 is not to be used for normal deliveries. The LD Office is beside LD Bay A3
next to the stairs.

Figure 1 PCH Loading Dock


Vehicle entry via Slip Lane Winthrop Avenue
Vehicles will enter the PCH Loading Dock via a 10m wide concrete slip lane off
Winthrop Avenue. At the point of entry to the slip lane, entering vehicles will be
warned to reduce speed to 5km/h. Half way down the slip lane, vehicles will need to
use the intercom right hand side to announce their arrival with the LD team, who will
confirm their booking time and bay allocation before allowing them access safely and
efficiently into the dock area. Whilst at the intercom drivers must remain in their
vehicles at all times and wait for confirmation from a LD team member before
entering the dock, unless there is specific need to alight due to an emergency. A LD
team member will be stationed on the dock to aid with traffic management. Drivers
are expected to follow the LDSO instructions.

Allocated Parking
Couriers will have access to bays CB1 to CB8, with the two bays after CB8 being
TKI reserved bays. The TKI reserved bays cannot be used for day to day deliveries.
Heavy Rigid Trucks will be allocated bays LD A1 to LD A3. Dirty Dock D4 is classed
as Dirty, consequently cannot be used for normal deliveries. The Loading Dock
Office is adjacent to the stairs beside LD A3 for enquiries.

Duration of visit
Vehicles will be allocated a bay for a specific time period as scheduled on
Appointment Plus or negotiated with the LD member on arrival. Information supplied
via email should indicate time required to complete allocated task. Schedules for
allocated times (15min blocks) will be at the discretion of the LDC and LD team

Vehicle movements
The PCH Loading Dock features a one-way traffic flow, entrance south end of
hospital close to Hospital Ave on Winthrop AVE and exit via Slip lane to the north
end of hospital. It is therefore imperative that no vehicles attempt to enter the dock
while another vehicle is exiting to avoid traffic incidents. This will be controlled by use
of the Intercom system during standard operating hours.
• Semi-Trailers cannot enter the Loading Dock area, however, they may be
unloaded from the Slip Lane once approval is obtained (24 hours notice must
be given), PCH Pallets must only be loaded to the left hand side of Semitrailer.
• Trucks entering the LD will need to pull forward to the North side of the LD
and then reverse back into their allocated bay, as indicated by the directional
flow markings on LD layout pictorial. .
Courier vehicles can reverse into their allocated bay. Extreme caution is required at
all times as unloading may place couriers near to moving vehicles transitioning
around the LD

Delivery and Receipt of Goods
Once drivers have parked in their allocated bay, a LDSO will direct them to the
Supply Staff receivables office located at the end of dock levellers for receipt of
If a driver is required to deliver to a ward or office within the hospital, the driver
should contact the person on the consignment for delivery receipt instructions
(preferably prior to arrival at PCH). Drivers/Couriers will not be permitted to access
back of house areas without a CAHS Staff escort. Approved contractors will need to
complete the on-line induction and LD familiarisation.
Deliveries can be made via public access areas if required to deliver to a requested
point. Alternate delivery for hand deliverable items only is as per A/Hours, park out
the front of Hospital go to Information Desk main entry point of hospital or
Emergency Department (ED) to contact referenced person on consignment note.

Pedestrian Walkways
Couriers and other personnel who are required to walk across the apron to reach the
dock receivables area from their allocated bay are requested to stay within the
marked walkways at all times. Personnel must display caution on the apron being
aware of other vehicle movements. PPE (Hi-Vis vest) is required for personnel
moving through this area.

Exiting the Site
Once the delivery or pick up task has been completed, confirmation of departure with
a LD team member on the apron before exiting the area is required. Exit directions
from the LD member must be followed. Directional signs posted that have you
departing to the north side of the slip lane back out onto Winthrop Ave.

Slip Lane & Loading Dock Rules

The right of way and management of all vehicles and personnel entering or
exiting the Loading Dock are at the discretion of Loading Dock Coordinator.
Drivers must adhere to the LD team requests at all times.
Unauthorised conduct will not be tolerated and may lead to the driver and or
the company being banned from accessing the PCH Loading Dock by the
First time delivery drivers must read and understand the PCH LD User’s
Guide which will be issued at the time of account registration.
No Vehicle will be permitted to enter if the load appears to be unstable and
not correctly anchored down.
Flatbed vehicles must be fitted with gates to assist in preventing falls.
After Hours Deliveries require approval by the LDC.

Company representatives and drivers for A/Hrs deliveries must complete the
PCH LD Procedures Induction this will include the NMHS Contractor Online
Deliveries should be booked on-line via PCH Appointment Plus by suppliers
or ordering personnel, however, email and phone contact prior to delivery is
Delivery drivers will remain in the cabin of the vehicle at all times whilst
announcing arrival at the intercom point in the slip lane, unless instructed by
the LD team or Emergency procedures required to be acted upon at the time.
PPE must be worn by all personnel that are required to operate within LD.
Vehicle engines must be turned off whilst parked in the LD.
Drivers may be asked to turn off refrigeration units at the discretion of the LD
In the event that a vehicle is denied access to the PCH Loading Dock due to
prior operational requirements, the vehicle cannot wait for access in the LD
slip lane. The vehicle will be prioritised for entrance to the dock and may need
to circle the hospital until it is cleared for access by the LD team.
All vehicle trays/trailers requiring persons to access them to load/unload
must be fitted with fall prevention systems such as gates.
Only vehicles providing hospital supplies and equipment essential to the
operation of the facility will be permitted in the LD area. All other entities will
be directed to utilise alternative bays around the QEII site.
No unauthorised parking is allowed on the Slip Lane & Loading Dock.
No person may bring into the Loading Dock any motor vehicle which;
o Is un-roadworthy
o Creates excessive noise
o Cannot be accommodated within the loading bays
o Exceeds the maximum height restrictions
o Does not hold correct permits for extraordinary load being transported
o Does not display Dangerous Goods Identification for items on-board
No part of the Loading Dock may be used for the repair or maintenance of any
PPE must be worn by all personnel that are required to operate within LD.
In the interest of safety all personnel are required to report any potential
hazards whilst operating within the PCH LD environment.

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