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Externalization Of The Reptilian Hierarchy - Why Reptilians Go Public

Just as announced and predicted by many sources and researchers the final stage of the alien agenda
will be them coming forward, revealing themselves to the public. With promises of friendship,
technology exchange, advanced knowledge, promise of protection from other aliens or
asteroids/natural catastrophes, etc.
The great deception, the savior scenario.
They cannot hide any longer as more and more people become aware of their existence and
presence among us, and because the vibrational change taking place on earth interferes with their
ability to hold human form. Therefore they have to transition from secret covert to overt ruler ship.
That's why we see more and more of these entities appear on Youtube, Facebook and other places
where they advertise for themselves. Portraying themselves as intellectually superior, as wise and
just leaders, as keepers of knowledge as benevolent space brothers, as new friends, and so on.
I haven't yet seen a single video of any of them in which they don't tell outrageous lies, in order to
portray themselves in a positive light.
My comment sections are suddenly full of them as well, preying on the naivety of my viewers,
introducing themselves as benevolent caretakers. While they tell them unbelievable (to those
informed obvious) outrageous lies. It's sickening to see how many people immediately drop their
defenses and throw everything they have learned over board when they are approached by these
deceptive evil beings with a fake smile.
The reptilians refer to human empathy as a weakness. And sadly, when dealing with them it really is.
It is very difficult for people to accept the true nature of these entities which is radically different to
their own. They are not empathic, they are not friendly, they are not wise. They are unspiritual,
deceptive, psychopathic, demented, parasitic savages. They like to be bad, they like do and be evil,
they like to deceive, steal, manipulate and destroy.
And that's the absolute majority of them, not a minority.
Here people often make the grave mistake to judge them by human standards, believing that with
them it would be just the same as it is with us.
They often say something like: "Some humans are bad, but most are good and it's ignorant to say
that it would be different with reptilians!"
Wrong! They are not humans, and not everyone is like humans are. And therefore can't be judged by
the same standards. There ARE races, groups, planets even galaxies and entire realms that are and
are inhabited by beings that are negatively oriented. That are service to self, that are parasitic, that
are evil. Whose cultures/civilizations/soul orientation revolve around war, conquest, subjugation,
assimilation under their control, into their empires and dominions.

It's difficult for humans to understand as free-will is not heavily restricted on earth. But on other
places it is. There are entire solar systems that are under the control of such collectives in which
every inhabitant is implanted with Nano-technology and has their thoughts monitored 24/7 and
thoughts downloaded and uploaded to them. Where resistance to that control system by individuals
is nearly impossible.
This is shown in the theme of the Borg, a hive mind directed collective of beings with Nanotechnology implanted. It's difficult for humans to understand that out of 1 billion Borg there is not a
single benevolent Borg! Every out of these 1 billion Borg will do them harm, will assimilate them or
destroy them if they resist.
And if people won't realize all that in time, this will end bad for the human race. It will end with the
total assimilation of humanity into the Nordic-Reptilian-Mantis-Grey collective as another slave race.
It will be the end of free-will, the end of freedom, the end of organic bodies, the end of love,
creativity, everything.
Therefore it is up to us, to those who are street-smart and won't allow these deceptive beings to
prey on our emotions and empathy, to reveal them for what and who they really are. And stand
strong in our conviction based on logic, substantial knowledge, spiritual discernment and true
-Nordics are above reptilians and greys in chain of command, therefore as long as a source does
expose reptilians and greys without exposing negative Nordics, it is automatically of an ignorant or
negative origin because the Nordic alien savior element is absolute key in the alien agenda.
The ultimate goal is to get human civilization under alien control. Overt alien control. Externalization
of the hierarchy going from covert (for thousands of years) to overt as with the change of our
vibrational environment and as a consequence expanding awareness, followed by insight and
understanding, they can no longer stay hidden.
But in order to rule openly they will have to be accepted by the masses.
(...Peeeeeeeep, high pitched ear ringing with slight uncomfortable ear pressure. Some telepathic
being seems interested in what I'm writing about alien strategies. No i do not have Tinnitus. And it
always correlates with writing long insightful texts like these. What a strange coincidence.)
Reptilians wouldn't be accepted by the masses initially. Christians will go berserk when hissing snakes
show up! And even regular average folks will mistrust those scaly, slit-pupiled, cold-blooded, tongueflicking Alligators.
What they are aware of, even Bridget Nielsen admitted in an interview that reptilians would show up
much further down the line, after the public "learned to accept" an alien presence. If it's not Lizards
that show up first, who else?
Greys will be more commonly accepted but not too much either when actually encountered in
person. After all they are upright walking grey fetuses with large black eyes ...what the actual fuck?
It's fun when they are dressed in hip hop clothes smoking joints on posters, or watching Roger on

American Dad, but having the existence of these odd things confirmed is something else. Especially
the 2.50m (7feet) tall ones.
This is all very different with Nordics who do look like us, and who even many Christians will accept
as angels.
In short, the aliens totally depend on the Nordic option. And if they have to make sacrifices in their
agenda in order to protect that option, they will do it.
If that means that they have to initially bad-mouth their reptilian and grey lackeys and their human
Satanist friends (or even blast some of them), they'll do it.
That can be rationalized and reversed later, once the first shock about aliens being real has passed
and people, as Nielsen said, will be more accepting.
-It is 2017! A year in which most researcher have anticipated that the world by that point has already
made public contact with aliens. And yet we are still far from that.
With people getting increasingly more insightful, aware and politically as well as Exo-politically
educated by the way. To the very detriment of these aliens, as they require us to be:
A: Ignorant to their agenda, strategies and tactics
B: Not reaching a point in consciousness development that would grant us the status of a fully
sentient race. As that would elevate us into a metaphysical jurisdiction that they can't enter without
massive karmic backlash when further continuing their hostilities against us.
They want full control, not by force, but by conviction or if possible devotion. They seek to win the
minds and hearts of people.
They could try it with arguments, but humans are emotional beings, far less open to reason than to
emotional impulses. Hence what they need is to create a emotional bound. And the easiest way to
assure that is by saving humans out of a dire situation. Eternal gratitude will be the consequence
being perceived as the saviors of the planet or the human race.
But their most promising project world war 3 just won't get started and people lose their believe into
man-made climate change. All the opportunities that could have been exploited for a savior scenario
are crumbling.
The negative alien groups are under desperate compulsion to move. They are losing all options.
These negative alien groups keep adapting to the circumstances. Their eventual agenda finalization
cannot be narrowed down to one manifestation as it continuously changes. A decade ago their
preferred final solution looked very different from the few last options available they now believe
could be successful.
Imagine them like a burning wrecked space ship, with most decks on fire. And now they are blowing
off sections of their ship in order to channel all life sustaining resources to the bridge (the Nordic

Saviors). And if the Lizard section and the Grey section have to be blown up to save the bridge, well
next thing astronomers will notice are green body parts floating in the vacuum.
The way that will manifest in the world is by probably Nordics going bonkers and in an act of last
desperation blowing up the Buckingham palace with a particle canon, to then make a world wide
broadcast in which they present the head of the lizard queen and proclaim ceremonially: "See, we
killed the lizard queen, we are the good guys, now put us in control over you already, stupid humans!
..Oh uhm, ehm, we mean dear beloved human space brothers. Ashtar out."
Whacked out circus stuff is to be expected.
-Closing this a ti le y

iefly add essing the often aised uestion: But hat a out good eptilians?

Their reputation throughout human history is consistently negative. They are not known for building
hospitals or ending wars. They are known for building sacrifice pyramids, releasing plagues and
causing wars among humans.
The names given to them in every culture reveal their hostile nature. Vampires, Gargoyles, Hydras,
Cobras, Fire-Dragons. Animals whether real or mythological either vicious, venomous or parasitic.
There are no positive descriptions of them in any culture.
Wings, tails, horns, claws, fangs, scales, snake tongues, hissing is how demons are mostly described
in demonology, Christian and other. And that describes reptilians.
The devil the old serpent. Christian iconography and history is full of battles against reptilians. A large
portion of all European paintings show knights fighting dragons and snake like humanoids.
When they are historically graphically depicted, then inside caves stuffed with mutilated human
corpses on which they feast. With Knights in iron armor battling against them. Saint George against
the dragon, Saint Patrick against the snakes.
Fairies, Serpents, Changelings, Undine, Shapeshifter. Known in all cultures, known for being hostile
towards humans in all cultures.
In the Nag Hammadi texts written by the ancient Christian Gnostics they even explicitly described as
large humanoid reptiles, alongside smaller grey fetus appearing creatures (the greys). Also
antagonistic towards humans.
After thousands of years of deceit, abduction, manipulation, exploitation, slavery, war, blood
sacrifice and terror orchestrated by vile reptilian filth, the very last thing that should interest people
is if good reptilians exist or not.
While that might be the case, their numbers if they should exist would be very small and other
matters are of greater relevance and need to be addressed first.
As we saw in the video above, in their own admission, the allegedly benevolent ones admit that they
are VERY FEW in number. This is not a religious text saying it, this is not me saying it, this is not
someone else saying it, this is they themselves admitting it.

The majority of them are antagonistic towards humans and conspire and collaborate with each other
systematically in an organized manner to conquer earth realm and extermination of mankind.
Human civilization is controlled by them. As research reveals and by their own admission. Not by heir
few, but by their majority. Rockefellers, Rothschild’s and the othe loodline dynasties don’t ule the
world by themselves. Human civilization is controlled by a network of pyramidal structures and every
pyramid In academia, pharmacy, law, industry, economy, media, banking, sport, etc. is at the top
controlled by several of their kind.
Yet they do not only control us from the top, but from top to bottom on all levels of society. They are
policemen, nurses and shop-owners, even protestors at the street corner.
Their control of society requires tens of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands to be involved, not
just some bloodline geezers.
They hide their true appearance while blaming humans for the crimes they commit in our name,
while demonically smirking when referring to themselves as being human beings.
They a e de ei e s and f auds and they an’t e t usted.
First we need to stop them from starting wars, from broadcasting fake news, from staging hoax
events, from disarming the population, from suppressing technological innovation and medical cures.
We need to put an end to the by them controlled blood bank industry, to their parasitical
exploitation of our planet for its minerals and metals and to their criminal secretive activities
including abduction, hybridization and scientific testing on humans.
Their global pedophilia networks need to be shut down. Their global pharmacology and psychiatric
industry needs to be shut down.
All their underground facilities from which they organize their hostile activities against the surface
population need to be shut down. All joint projects ended. All experiments canceled. All prisoners
The organized bio-chemical onslaught on humanity needs to stop. Chemtrails, GMO need to be
All nuclear power plants need to be safely shut down and dismantled.
All stolen, suppressed technology revealed and returned.
We need to know how many activists, researcher and whistleblowers were assassinated that
discovered their existence, presence and involvement in human affairs.
We need to know about every single method and way of interference in human live. How many
relationships were destroyed by them, how many networks busted, how many friendships ruined.
We want every last dollar drained out of human civilization by reptilian parasites in human disguise
returned. Every real estate must be returned. Every art piece.
We want every last piece of metal stolen by alien parasites and brought to their moon returned. Or
compensated for in equal worth if it was used already.

Every single reptilian deceiver and proxy operative needs to be removed from every position of
decision making in human civilization. This is a human civilization not a reptilian playground.
They need to be identified, exposed and judged for their crimes.
These are the things that matter primarily.

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