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Introduction to the Game
STEP 1 ​ Get Your Fucking Mind Right
How to Get Whatever You Want in Life
Get to the real truth and deal with it.
Get a vision and toughen up
Find A Mentor
Give much more than you expect to receive
Go Hard!
Step 2 ​ Design Your Destiny
Step 3 ​ Be Specific
Here are some examples of financial concerns that I have heard in my everyday
conversations with people
What are your financial concerns?
For example,one of your financial concerns might be:
From this you could create the following long​term goal:
From the long​term goals list you could create the following short​term goals:
You just made a rough draft of your action plan.
Step 4 ​ Get Organized
The Advantages of Being Organized
The Organization Process in 3 Easy Steps
#1: Assemble all of your important financial records.
#2: Choose a storage medium.
3: Start filing that
shit son!​ ​Step 5 ​ Know Your