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All About Aliens And Conspiracies
The illu i ati age da is a ultige e atio al age da o e thousa ds of ea s a d it s sophisti atio
surpasses both human intelligence and nature/capabilities. Globalists are actually
Aliens/Demons/Djinns/Interdimensional Entities (same entities that go under various names) and
pose as humans. Weather they dimensionally project themselves into 3D being 4D entities
themselves or possess/bodysnatch 3D human bio-suits, or them being 3D polymorphs. Them and
humans cooperating with them in exchange for promises of power, survival and life extension selling
out Humanity in return.
It seems that we are dealing with different phenomenon and entities:
1. "Body-snatching" of former real people/housing for that purpose bred clones/bio-suits, vessles to
access the 3D realm (alien mind parasite, 4th dimensional entity attachement/hosting)
2. Non-physical 4D alien projectors (Steve-O shapeshifting)
3. Physical polymorphic aliens (Species 8472 Star Trek, Aliens in "The Arrival")
4. Physical aliens using hologram technology. (Anonymous Rex)
It's a possibility that they murder the real person at some point with the switch-over going unnoticed
due to their extremely well developed abilities to immitate and act as impostors, or they were aliens
from the beginning.
Hydra/Illuminati/Globalists/Brotherhood of the Snake/Spectre/Cobra/The Crazy 88/The Elite
Different names for the same organization, that basically are alien special forces. Negative Alien
collectives are struggling over finite resources hence efficiency needs to be maximized.
The horse head nebula in Orion was discovered (that's where they come from) by Williamina Fleming
(An anagram for Ian Fleming the author of James Bond), Jack the Ripper murdered in 1888, Monster
Blizzards, Sasha Grey (alien) was born 1988, Conchita Wurst (Baphomet) was born 1988, the CERN
collider has 88 in it's logo, the ebola virus was depicted as 88 strand, the illuminati were officially
founded 1776 - that's 2x888, the secret doctrine was channeled to Helena Blavatsky 1888, the allseeing one eyed Kodak camera was invented in 1888, 88=HH=Hail Hitler, THEY LIVE and Alien Nation
were released in 1988, and on and on.
He e the C az


e tio ed i the

o ie Kill Bill .

The Da Vinci Code
For those that want it shortly summarized – what is the Da Vinci code and what is revealed by it?
What the Da Vi i Code is, a e i Da Vi i s pai ti gs, d awings, etc. hidden separate drawings with
sepa ate the es. The e a e diffe e t odes asi all ei g diffe e t a s to
mirror/move/position/view the drawings in order to reveal the hidden drawings.
What the Da Vinci Code reveals is knowledge about malevolent higher dimensional/extraterrestrial
entities operating on planet earth. Who these entities are, from where they come from, their genesis
and what their involvement in human affairs is.