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The da vinci code is several codes that reveal several secrets. Secrets of the past, secrets that go
beyond earth and secrets from beyond this dimension. Also secrets about the future, our future.
Leo a do Da Vi i is t a eal a e, it is a ade up a e, a alias that he e-arranged (anagram)
eads as O D a o ia De il , hi h is hat Da Vi i as, a d a o ia eptilia . O e of e e ole e,
that put all these secrets into his art to keep the knowledge alive and accessible to all of mankind, at
least that s
theo . Though it also ould e so e ki d of ka i fulfillment obeying metaphysical
la , et . I do t k o .
Da Vinci is a figurehead of scientific progress.
He is one of the most recognized and generally adored universal geniuses in history and one of the
greatest artists of the Renaissance. And it's well known that Da Vinci used mirror techniques to
create his drawings (read on wikipedia) as it is generally anticipated and easily believed by most that
he hid secret messages in his art.
So there is no debunking this. At least not the definite hidden drawings, some of my interpretations
are open for debate, but a devil above a dragon above a reptilian is a devil above a dragon above a
reptilian (Vitruvian man) and there is nothing to debate about that, period. It is what it is.
Sauron Lord of the Rings is a reference to Saturn/Satan/Sauron and the rings arround Saturn. Sauron
is a really existing insterstellar entity, a "vast cosmic intelligence, born of amalgamated ancient
civilizations, and freed from the limitations of material existence", as described in 'Childhood's End'
refering to it as the 'Overmind'.
Just as the Orcs are real. Orcs, Reptilians or in H.G Wells "time machine" the Morlocks. Reptilian
beings that live underground (underground bases, cities, tunnels) that feed off the surface
The 'Ring' of Sauron symbolically stands for the New World Order, the world government. 'One ring
to rule them all'.
Saturn is an inter-reality peephole used by Sauron who resides in dimension X to look through it with
his eye, hence the all-seeing eye.
In this world, truth is fiction and fiction is truth, it's reversed. What we see on the news either didn't
happen at all, was fabricted (Sandy Hook) or if it did physically occur it is reported on in a twisted
Is it aliens or demons, or are aliens demons?
My current conclusion is that there exist aliens, demons, aliens possessed by demons, and demons
who mimic aliens. That's the only way I can account for all the data. If humans can be possessed by
demons, why not aliens? If demons and negs can induce hallucinations, then why not disguise
themselves as aliens sometimes (or the Virgin Mary, or Archangel Michael, or Sananda, or Ashtar or
whomever). All these things are possible.