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- have technology, ships
- technology seems cruder, ships not clean and well lit
- abductions appear to have no long-term strategy, rather they are charades for sadistic torture
- they are opportunists, seem to prey on the gullible, spiritually exhausted, or the openly inviting.
- seem to mostly be reptilians,
- can't walk among us without sticking out, and use remote human-like avatars that don't seem well
put together
- may be associated with Men In Black
- multiple eyewitnesses, physical evidence
Demons Mimicking Aliens
- can appear gray or reptilian
- nonphysical
- use the methodology of demons/negs: hover around, psychically interface, induce hallucinations
- no third party witnesses or video, whole scenarios play out inside the mind of the victim
- no physical traces beyond what ghosts can do: blow out light bulbs and electronics, poltergeist,
show up as smoke on film, etc.
- opportunistic, sadistic, feed a bunch of B.S. for the sole purpose of getting a kick out of running a
victim ragged
- seem focused on control, ownership, turning victim into a pet toy or parasitic host
- same demon-like methodology dressed up under various background stories/scenarios: not always
alien, sometimes religious or whatever works
- the alien aspect of them seems borrowed or poorly mimicked. No underlying realness or
technological self-consistency, as made up as that of a hoaxer.
- have a non-alien psychic signature.
Demons (when witnesses in their true form)
- no reported use of technology, devices, clothing
- blackish or dark brown nonphysical body, shadow beings.
- no DNA traces, hair, semen samples from demon rapes (unlike humanoid alien ones)
- can create physical bruising and cysts via psychic means, but not implantation of technological