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Assassination Attempt By Two Alien Greys On 2Circles .pdf

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Assassination Attempt On Me By Two Alien Greys
Written by 2Circles

This article describes in detail the assassination attempt by two alien greys on me, 2Circles. There
were many over the years, but this one was among the most tangible and severe.
These bugs do nothing on their own behalf, they are used to do the dirty work for others. Although i
can't prove it, i have a justified suspicion about the mysterious contractor in the background. Which i
believe to quiet likely be large and green with that particular toxic body odor.
Anyway, this incident reveals something quiet interesting. Some dubious individuals in the new age
and alien research community desperately try to establish the idea that the greys would be
subordinate to the infamous green lizards.
But if that is so, then why don't the grey masters stay in the background while they send out their
reptilian lackeys to do assassinations for them while continue watching inter-dimensional cable tv on
their Ufo?
That's because it's bullshit, quiet obviously. Reptilians give order to greys, not the other way around!
So do negative Nordics by the way.
That's the chain of command. Nordic-Lizard-Bug.

The pictures in the videos show you the setting of the situation. I mention the electric sockets as that
is probably of importance. The computer was standing on the floor to my right. They maybe use
ele tro i s for tra eli g or a plifyi g or ay e that did ’t play a role and their dimensional
intrusion location was just a thing of mathematic and energy efficiency calculation, shortest distance,
yadayada, etc.

Storm fronts are typical during realm breaching. So is intense thunder and lightning.
1. Thunder storm started brewing
2. It got dark outside with the atmosphere getting very electric
3. Eventually an awareness approached my window. It didn't emit an energy of malevolence, was
energetically neutral. Just an intelligent awareness
What happened from that point on happened kind of in slow motion to me, probably a side effect of
the realm breach or alien technology being applied or just strong adrenaline release, who knows.

4. Suddenly a blueish light ball formed first outside the window, which i first believed to be ball
lightning wandering, then i thought a lightning bolt hit the window .
5. But then the "lightning bolt" came through the window into the room.
6. Portal opened behind me right side, two greys came out and tried to Palpatine me with Sith
lightning rays.
7. I had a lightning stream shooting up my right arm, with my heart being the goal, what i clearly felt.
And this my friends is how so called "heart attacks" come about in the alien researcher field. These
researcher get killed by aliens. At least some of them.
During the attack i was not scared. More like in a state of baffled curiosity, observing the scene with
a lightning ray shooting up my arm. I was like "Well, that's seems to be quiet deadly....i wonder
where this is going".
I first believed this odd reaction to such danger to be my own borderland genius insanity
curious/scientific mind, or maybe it’s just regular human nature lol, but later after similar incidents
and encounters of the unpleasant kind with the same entities, i learned that this actually is a psychic
warfare tactic applied by the aliens.
Basically the sophisticated alien version of flashing a deer with lights.
They psychically manipulate/stimulate ones auric field/brain regions/brain chemistry/hormone levels
with the result of one experiencing no fear, curiosity, calmness, etc.
(They apply that to the whole of society with larger warfare programs to pacify their victims).
8. Then i snapped out of the trance and moved to the left side, while pushing against the electric
field. And *fffffffooomp* it collapsed. Just like in that energy battle between Yoda and Palpatine.
9. At that point i started experiencing time normally again and snapped out of it. Which left me back
a bit confused and nervous. As i first believed i got hit by a lighting bolt. One of those 1 in 6 Million
Then i realized how...i was somewhat intoxicated but not physically but energetically. As if someone
splashed a huge bucket of filth on my "outer energy body".
Also i had a foreign energy of very dense, very strong fear sticking at my energy field. This remained
so for about 1 or 2 days.
10. Watching Sith Lord Palpatine shooting lightning rays at someone in a hollywood movie is one
thing. Having a portal opening in your room with TWO(!) and ALIEN(!) Sith lords coming out to
double-Palpatine you in real life is an entirely(!) very(!) much different thing! LOLOLOL!
I'm not sure if it was due to the interference of the third party or if it was just a psychological
phenomenon of extreme neurological hyper-ultra stimulation. Or if just some of the lightning rays
fried too many of my neuronal connections. But...
For weeks after this incident i had wild, unstoppable laugh attacks. That lasted up to 50minutes
straight. It was the funniest thing EVER! :-D

Regardless of the energetic influence on this behavior, imagine the following. Since that whole alien
thing and "energy stuff" thing isn't very palpable, imagine it like this:
You sit in your room and suddenly, out of thin air *POFF* a huge purple-yellow elephant with a crazy
hat appears out of nowhere. As soon as he manifested, before you even realized what's happening,
he slaps you full force in the face (having regular hands instead of those stompers (lol)) with you
flying into a corner.
And as you lie in that corner he yells at you: "THIS WILL TEACH YOU TO 'THINK ABOUT ZEBRAS!!!"
and *POFF* he is gone, back to where he came from. ....WTF!!! Just happened?!?!?!?
Now, the whole scene makes little scene, but it DID happen, that can not be denied. And your cheek
hurts, and your brain tries to make sense of that which makes no sense. And although it was a
da gerous situatio it’s just too surreal a d hilarious to e s ared of.
So that's basically how that felt like. Total paradigm collusion, total brain fry, incredibly insanely
funny! XD
--Now, i added some visual information and some speculation about how it actually happened,
because the whole thing happened mostly in the invisible and most information in the case was
"energetic". But this is how i can best translate it from the energetic into the visual/physical. Thereby
describe it in a way that helps you picture the whole scene.
--Something else. I had support during this assassination attempt by someone else. By a third party. It
was at least three parties involved in this little intermezzo.
I tell you this in order to try and give you a theorized (well, better than none) advice that if something
like that should ever happen to you, and in case you do not have someone else intervening for you,
you still (probably) will be able to escape the inevitable doom.
Analyzing the situation afterwards I think that you could probably escaped such an ambush by
1. Studying realm dynamics with dedication
2. Being very attentive and sensitive and cautious about the changing energetic atmospheres around
3. Changing your location rapidly to evade a felt approaching awareness, especially during thunder
storms. That although not perceived hostile, just is ’t ho the good guys approa h someone. If it’s
not the good guys, that leaves little option left. If it’s rapidly approa hi g, ju p! Other ise ru a ay
into another room, away from your current location. Because there is probably some locating and
locking in on target procedure that a e e aded. A d that a ’t i sta tly e rearra ged to retarget
4. Do ’t locate your working place too close to the window, electronic sockets, electrical
installations. That probably helps them to draw energy and use it to more powerfully Palpatine you.

5. Trust your instincts, your intuition and react quick! Instead of wasting time with self-doubt and
denial, etc. Did I just hear that? , Did I just feel that? YE“! Yes you did, o
o e!

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