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Reasons For Botched Alien Abduction Return Procedures .pdf

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Possible Reasons For Botched Alien Abduction Return Procedures

2Cir les

Alien abductees (human abducted by alien entities) being returned in strange locations or positions
or with clothes on backwards and other revealing anomalies is something that seems to happen with
some regularity. Analyzing several possible reasons for likelihood:
1. Mistakes due to pressure. Since they are operating from outside of time, mistakes due to time
pressure can be no reason. If it happens due to some stress factor, being disturbed by opposing
factions, erupting battle and time line changes would be more probable reasons.
2. Incompetence. Ver u likel as this is ’t the first planet they did this on and such basic mistakes as
putting the abductees clothes on the wrong way are obvious and easy to avoid and of great
importance for an agenda whose success relies heavily on secrecy.
3. Irrelevancy of precision. Them simply not bothering with being precise and adjusting their
schedule in a way that would grant most possible accuracy due to the dim, low conscious, merely
aware state of mind of humans is also rather unlikely given how paranoid and worried they are about
even the most seemingly irrelevant little comment made about the alien topic in small forums. They
know of various metaphysical phenomenon that start small and cascade into having enormous
effect. Butterfly effect, little world phenomenon, hundred monkey effect, etc.
4. Revelation to avoid metaphysical consequences. Them revealing their goals and methods to us in
subtle, indirect, subconscious, near-subconscious ways seems to be a necessity they are forced to do
in order to avoid outright violation of human free- ill. We told ou, it as our hoi e to
acknowledge or ignore it. If you ignore it ou deser e it . Ver pro a le, at other i sta es pro e
5. Taunting of the target species. These entities are known to have a deep seated inferiority complex
and extreme envy of humans (Second order being inferiority) and also enjoy reveling in their
mathematical/intellectual superiority over humans. This can be observed in alien produced
advertisements, movies, news shows in which aliens reveal themselves to be aliens in more or less
direct ways to then ridicule humans in contemptuous ways.
This would be a sub- ategor of poi t 4. hi h the alie s ould ’t do pu li l u less for ed to
metaphysical laws. Although this is how they truly think of humans and how they do communicate
with each other behind human backs.
6. Increase fear and panic in their victims. It is known in abduction research that during some
abductions the abductee is subjected to appearing medical procedures which serve no medical
purpose and apparently only serve the purpose of instilling fear and terror into the abductee which
the alien entities feed off.
These depraved activities happen on board of ships or inside underground bases.
Fear and panic is induced in their victims in order for them to release low-vibrational emotions and
energy which these demonic entities feed off. Logically it is the survival instinct of these entities to

ensure that their source of nourishment is guaranteed. Therefore it is in their best interest to
a solutel e sure that the target populatio o ’t e a are of these a ti ities. A d therefore the
would be most cautious to not leave any sign, to not create any evidence of their intrusion into
people’s lives. Therefore them putting on the abductees clothes the wrong way in order to instill
further fear and panic (and thereby creating evidence and alerting the target population) makes no
7. Intern Self-Sabotage. Rebellious/Renegade Aliens working within the hybrid program actively
sabotaging the hybrid program by creating signs for the target population to pick up on by leaving
tangible evidence.
Unlikely reason as such basic procedures as putting on human clothings are left to artificially
manufactured a d progra
ed gre alie io-ro ots . Ge erall i di idualit is stri tl suppressed
and thoughts monitored and dictated within negative (STS) alien collectives. Further such methods of
sabotage would be quickly prevented by increased oversight, a.i. robot guards nearby and other
methods of strict control.
Probably a sub-agenda within the hybridization program to be used later as part of a more
sophisticated good-alien cop-bad-alie op a eu er for i trodu i g a alleged Re egade
resistance faction among the bad guys (who are also bad guys).
It however could be as well or additionally a conscious awakening within the technologically
suppressed hive-mind animated alien grey drone collective. A concept introduced in several formats,
one being Star Trek Vo ager U i atri Zero a episode i hi h Borg Dro es a aged to regai
individualized consciousness due to some anomaly which began to spread and infect the entire hivemind collective and threatened its very survival which the Borg Queen suppressed vigorously
(exterminating entire ships with half a million drones just because of one drone being disconnected).
8. Outsider caused sabotage, appearing as intern rebellion or incompetence. Theoretical concept
about the involvement of an alien opposition group sabotaging the malevolent alien hybridization
agenda which could manifest as induced malfunction in the grey alien worker drone collective by
uploading of bio-tech viruses or temporary interdimensional hosting of greys leading to
i o pete e during procedures.
Which then the targeted hostile alien collective would be forced to adapt to and turn this loss into a
potential future psywarfare victory by introducing via their disinfo agents the concept of benevolent
re egade alie s among them for the in 6. Introduced good alien cop-bad alien cop strategy.
Preparing for a made up propaganda scenario claiming that this intern rebellion group overthrew
their tyrannical leader cast and is now in control – so let’s i ter reed e ause e are the good alien
gu s .
9. Alien physiology/technology degeneration/malfunction due to vibrational change.
Maybe their i o pete es are among the several effects they experience due to the vibrational
change and increasing inability for the aliens to interact with and operate in earths frequency band.

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Reasons For Botched Alien Abduction Return Procedures.pdf - page 2/2

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