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Why Does Gang-stalking Happen?
Written by 2Circles

It simply is the impersonal defense system of the matrix at work that targets everyone who it
perceives to be an actual or potential threat to the matrix control system.
It's not personal, it's not even "business". It's the function of a soulless robotic apparatus. And this
apparatus can be calmly and rationally responded to/interacted with. And while maybe that isn't
originally its purpose, it can be used for spiritual exercise to advance in strength, knowledge and
There doesn't have to be drama in that. And it certainly is not hopeless. It's a matter of personal
challenge and growth and knowledge expansion and knowledge application.
It can be perceived as being stalked by a gang of creeps, or as useful resistance against and thereby
aiding spiritual advancement. Now that sounds a lot more productive and joyful i'd say. Not being
victim to it, but challenged by it. Looking forward to the fruits it will provide.
"GrowthAmplification", or "MatrixBattleMachine9000", how about that for alternative terms? The
"Matrixinator", "Milky Way Matrix Gladiator", okay i stop lol!
Attitude Is Key
Of course it's difficult for people under the influence of that to grin and bear it. But attitude in most
of these cases is absolute key, with most people getting emotionally involved and psychologically
affected by it to the point of emotional or mental break down. What is the very point of it from the
perspective of the matrix defense mechanism. To seek and destroy.
There however is no rule of nature of sort that demands this situation to be met with seriousness.
You can laugh it off if you decide to. No law against that. And once you do, things will turn around
because this phenomenon relys on being payed attention to and emotionally invested in it.
This is metapyhsical law and quantum-mechanics applied, not shallow self-help advice.
By adopting a relaxed attitude one uses the law of attraction to stop attracting (no more
emotional/psychological investment), and the law of awareness to block (learning calmly about the
workings of the defense mechanism) further manifestation of matrix defense mechanisms.
-Anticipation/Awareness prevent/block
-Ignorance allows
-Emotional resonannce attracts
The more you know and less emotionally involved, the further you go.
Watch an educational video about the observer effect in quantum mechanics for further insight

Matrix Population Scan
The matrix routinely scans the population for genetics that reveal an advanced soul expressing its
nature biologically. As the physical is an expression of the metaphysical. These individuals are
targeted due to their potential control system destabilizing capabilities. Potential alone is sufficient
to attract the attention of the system, which is why many people are wrong believing that they are
safe from such intrusion as they "pose no threat", referring to their actions. 'Doing' is not necessary,
'Being' alone can attract harassment.
Once such an individual was identified by the system, a process of continuous abduction and
programming of the soul incarnate begins.
Usually starting at infancy, with many such people having memories of abductions starting at the age
around 5. However, it is known in cognitive research that having memories from before that age are
seldom, therefore this is likely not the age when it begins but as far as people can remember.
Intense nightmares, revolving around particular, repeating themes - owls, grey aliens, snakes,
reptilians, monsters in the closet, etc. - are common.
An extreme form of this is often revealed in the memoirs of or psychological reports about serial
killers, that unisono report having had monsters come from their closet telling them to do bad things,
beginning in childhood and continuing into adulthood. Almost all serial killers are known for bedwetting when they were young. This is the theme of the hollywood movie "Monsters Inc".
The goal of the continuous programming of such individuals is either recruitment or destruction,
usually beginning with the attempt of recruiting the person into the negative hierarchy. Once a
control system organization was joined (military, secret societies), once a contract was signed
(military, industry), once the individual took part in compromizing activities, the individual will be
bound by contract, oath, blackmail, and neutralized as an actual or potential threat to the system.
This is sort of the theme of the movie "Devil's Advocate" and "The Firm" and in a way "Tomorrow
land" that is about technocratic scientific break away civilizations.
Those that are identified as unreliable or unstable are often recruited only in order for the system to
gain the metaphysical allowance to immediately destroy the individual after recruitment.
The most resilient people that couldn't be recruited or compromized are being solely targeted for
termination. Which often can't be done directly and instead follows a step by step procedure, where
they have to gain increasing allowance.
--If one defines "personal" as soul nature (expressed), then yes, you could say it is personal. Even very
much so as the matrix control system stalks and studies such individuals apparently over many
incarnations with great effort. Including appointed handlers (masquerading as friends, partners, even
family members) to the individual in order to monitor, analyze and manipulate. That is the soulless
system studying souled individuals for the purpose of increasing efficiency in controlling or
destroying them. Perfecting the process of "assimilation", portrayed in the Borg theme.

The way i think about the term "personal" is referring to someone's worldly adult personality
unaware of their higher true spiritual self-identity wondering why the system would be after them.
Believing that the reasons for it have to do with their actions, or their character not with simply who
they are on a level beyond all that.
What many people who are victim to "gang-stalking" are not aware of and instead seek for answers
in lower paradigm explanations such as cruel government social experiments or similar scenarious.
Answers which are wrong in many of these cases as the answer can only be found in a higher

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