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Palletised Freight
One Express empowers your business with one of the fastest and most affordable
pallet freight services in Australia. From lightweight to heavy pallets, you get expert
and timely handling by our versatile fleet.

Our nationwide capabilities span:
√ Pallet delivery — freight for properly packaged cargo from textiles to
√ Oversize freight — get top safety, security and protection of your
oversize cargo
√ Line haul services — port to port or city to city, One Express transports
your pallets without a hitch
√ Specialised vehicles (tailgate) — benefit your business and stockists
alike by eliminating forklifts from the equation.
Same-day door-to-door delivery, real-time shipment tracking from departure to
arrival and 360°control is all part of the offer.

Warehousing & Storage
One Express offers integrated warehousing and storage services to match each
customer’s specific needs. Backed by
expert staff and modern facilities, we
enable you to outsource all warehouse
and storage needs so you can focus on
your main business activities. Our safe and
secure warehouse and storage services
include unloading containers, storing,
picking, packing, labelling and reporting.