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Poor Man’s Strength Training Guide and Workouts:
How to build strength and muscle on a shoestring budget
Authored and published by Owen Johnston
This book is part of my full guide, also available for free at my website:

Owen Johnston – https://www.youtube.com/bodyweightbiz


Owen Johnston – https://www.youtube.com/bodyweightbiz
Copyright Information
Poor Man’s Strength Training Guide and Workouts
Fitness Instruction
Authored and published by Owen Johnston
© Owen Johnston, 2017. Licensed under the Attribution NonCommercial
NoDerivatives 3.0 License - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/
You are encouraged to share the book, print it out, and upload it to other sites. I want
to change the world one life at a time, and help people ditch the gym! You can build muscle
and strength with bodyweight. Work out for free anywhere! Don't buy the scams and
misinformation sold by the fitness industry.
“Every day, we change the world, but to change the world in a way that means
anything, that takes more time than most people have. It never happens all at once. It’s slow.
It’s methodical. It’s exhausting. We don’t all have the stomach for it.” - Mr. Robot
You can order a professionally printed edition of the book through Simple Print
Service. Visit the page below, upload a PDF, and follow the simple ordering process. I do not
make a single cent from orders made through this service.
About the author
I have over 10 years of teaching experience, including martial arts instruction, strength
coaching, and personal training. I have worked with many types of athletes, including
professional boxers, amateur wrestlers, karate students, and gymnasts of varying levels of
ability. Visit my site for more information, free downloads, and strength training playlists:


Owen Johnston – https://www.youtube.com/bodyweightbiz


Owen Johnston – https://www.youtube.com/bodyweightbiz
This guide is intended for people of good health and physical condition. The training
methods and advice in this guide may not be for everyone. Always consult your physician
before starting a new exercise program. I am not a physician, and as such, nothing in this
guide should in any way be taken as medical advice or a substitute for medical advice. Also,
this guide should not be used to replace advice from your personal physician.
Physical activity always carries with it a risk of injury. When you practice the training
methods in this guide, always practice proper safety precaution, use proper technique, and
apply common sense. The author can not assume any responsibility for any injury, illness, loss
or damage that may result from following the training methods in this guide.
Lastly, this guide is not a replacement for formal instruction. Be sure to seek out a
competent, qualified instructor who may carefully observe your progress and provide
feedback. This guide is intended primarily to be a supplement to, not a replacement for,
formal training.


Owen Johnston – https://www.youtube.com/bodyweightbiz


Owen Johnston – https://www.youtube.com/bodyweightbiz
Table of Contents
Poor Man’s Strength Training Using Repurposed Materials
Beginner Poor Man's Strength Training Program
Intermediate Poor Man's Strength Training Program
Advanced Poor Man's Strength Training Program 1 – upper/lower split
Advanced Poor Man's Strength Training Program 2 – three way split
Short and Brutal Poor Man's Strength Training Program




Owen Johnston – https://www.youtube.com/bodyweightbiz


Owen Johnston – https://www.youtube.com/bodyweightbiz
Poor Man’s Strength Training Using Repurposed Materials
The workouts are simple and require little to no financial investment. You just need
some creativity and repurposed materials to construct your own DIY strength training area.
There are endless exercises you can perform if you know at least a few progressions and have
enough materials. Check for local groups on www.freecycle.org and use Facebook search to
look for free stuff. Dumpster diving is another option, but check local dumpster diving laws,
and obey all “no trespassing” signs! Learn more: http://trashwiki.org/en/Dumpster_diver
Most auto repair shops will just give you car tires if you ask, since they usually have to
pay to have them hauled off. Renovated and abandoned buildings are often littered with
cinder blocks and bricks. Get permission from the property owners to repurpose materials you
find, or make sure that no one is going to care. Cinder blocks can be used by themselves for
many exercises, as well as with wooden dowel rods, broomsticks, or long metal rods for many
more. Dowel rods are widely available at home improvement stores.
You can drag a cinder block attached to a rope or chain. When you are ready for more
than one, you can put together a dragging setup with multiple cinder blocks. Tie the desired
number of cinder blocks to a PVC or metal pipe. The pipe will be tied with thick rubber wire to
a wooden dowel rod, another pipe, or a long metal rod, which you would hold as you drag the
cinder blocks. I recommend putting an old bicycle handle on each end of the pipe or rod used
for dragging. We used wire from old vacuum cleaners found on the side of the road. Use wire
cutters to snip the required lengths, and duct tape tightly around the knots.
For carrying exercises, including farmer’s walk, you could use other found objects,
including stones. You could also use old sturdy backpacks or duffel bags filled with gravel or
sand. For pullups, you can use a hand rail, playground equipment, or construct your own
pullup unit. Wrist rollers can be made from a wooden dowel rod and rope. Instead of rope,
you can also use thick rubber wire and rubber tarp straps with S hooks. In advanced pushup
progression exercises, you can use bricks. For example, in uneven pushups, you could put a
hand on one or more bricks and the other hand on the ground or floor.
Sledgehammers are great tools for swinging and can be used to hit tires, which are both
great exercises. They can be purchased at hardware stores. Start with a lighter hammer (about
10 pounds). If you want to shop around, head to the flea market or ask in local groups online.
Read the article Caveman Conditioning in my full guide for even more exercises using
repurposed materials. You can add some of these exercises to the poor man's strength training
programs, or use them in place of other exercises. For example, you could drag a dead tree
instead of cinder blocks, or climb rope instead of performing hang grip work. My progressions
article is also included in the guide, which is available at my site: http://www.bodyweight.biz
I have video playlists on DIY training equipment, training with repurposed materials,
progressions, and more at my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/bodyweightbiz


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