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R.E. News March 2nd- April 17th 2017

March 2nd - April 15th 2017

Poison Ivy Attacks Town
Poison Ivy has grown all over in R.E. Two weeks ago it was sprayed with poison but is has
refused to die. The following areas are infested. Julia’s General, Joshua’s Wood and Clay
Things, Mini Mart, Town Hall, Super Snacks, Lukemart, both trails going to Z. Appliance Store,
and The Town Entrance. It is going to be sprayed with poison again and then the remains will
be mowed.
Town Picnic Area Coming Soon!!! A new picnic area is being made in R.E. It will have a table to
eat and sit at and chairs. There will also be books and games in it. If you would like to donate
anything, please bring it to the next Town Meeting. The picnic area is located behind Ryan’s
Shop or across from Brooke’s Barn and Super Snacks.

Cows Stampede through Julia’s General
Last week, two dogs named Tabitha and Annie caused Julia’s General to be destroyed. Four
cows were chased by the dogs into the shop where they tore down shelves, a fence, a table,
and signs before they escaped out the back. The shop is being repaired.
Town Services Shop Moved
The Town Services Shop has moved to a new location. It is now found on the trail past Julia’s
General and Joshua’s Wood and Clay Things. It was moved because the previous location was
too small. There is now also a place for you to store your money jars also. Managed by Hannah
Sugar and Candy Control Cards For Ages 10 and Under
All children under ages of ten are going to receive a “Candy Control Card” to limit them on the
amounts of sugar and candy they buy in R.E. Each family can set an amount for each child,
please just tell Ashley so she can make everyone their cards. The cards will have circles on
them representing one piece of candy each. When candy or sugar is bought, for each piece one
circle will be punched. If the child can not present their card or has already had all the circles
punched they will not be sold the candy. Cards will be handed out at the next opening of R.E.
How Well Do You Know R.E. Contest!!!!
How well do think you know your way around R.E.? How about when you are blindfolded?
R.E. is having a contest next opening for whoever can find their way to the Town Hall, Town
Services Shop, and Ava’s Candy Shop the fastest while blindfolded. Participants will be followed
and warned if they are going to run into something. The winner will be awarded a free snack

from Super Snacks, they will be allowed to keep two bags of stuff in the town storage bucket,
and two months of free shop maintenance and cleaning. If you would like to donate any
additional prize(s) just bring them to R.E. or let Ashley know.

All About A Shop-- Brooke’s Barn/ Super Snacks
Brooke’s Barn was created in November 2014. It was the second shop ever made in R.E. In
December 2016, it was moved to the old location of Cow Café which was owned by Ashley
Osbahr. At the same time, Super Snacks was added on to the shop as well. Brooke’s Barn sells
little soaps, paper cutouts, dog things, pictures, cards, and many other things. Super Snacks
sells candy canes, jello, a variety of candy, pickles, and cupcakes. The products always vary at
every opening, so there is always something new. Fun Fact: Brooke’s Barn was first named
River’s End. Up next issue in All About A Shop…. We will be interviewing Julia’s General,
owned by Julia Castle.

R.E. News January- March 1st News Corrections
In the “other news” section:
1. Julia’s General does not sell any of the listed items. It is Brooke’s Barn/ Super Snacks that
sells them.
2. It was a Texas Brown Snake seen in R.E. Not a rattlesnake.
R.E. Survey- Please fill out
Please circle yes or no for each question, cut out this section, take to Town Hall Services and
put in R.E. mailbox.
1. Would you want the town hall to be moved to the old location of Brooke’s Barn?


2. Would you want the old location of Brooke’s Barn to be turned into a library and a place
where you can hold activities for your shop by reservation?



3. Do you want the rule of only 50% of items to be food in shops rule back?


4. How happy are you with Rosebud Estates on a scale of 1 to 10?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
5. If you could make a rule, what would it be? _____________________________________

Name:___________________ (Optional)
Recent Town Openings
February 25th, 2017
March 18th, 2017
April 17th, 2017
Closed due to poison ivy March 20th- April 10th 2017

Town Meeting- April 10th, 2017
Members Present: Hannah, Nathan, and Peter Zbylot, Luke, Joshua, Julia, Alyssa, and Timmy
Castle, Ashley, Brooke, Dean, and Daniel Osbahr, Ava Zindler. R.E. problems were discussed
and solved.
One new rule was made- No picketing in front of shops, hanging signs protesting shops, or
telling people to avoid/ boycott a shop.
New Policy was Made:
If you have a problem with someone or their shop in R.E. you may privately discuss it with them.
If they refuse to listen or do not care, leave it at that and don’t do anything else. However, if the
problem is endangering or harming someone or something you may speak to the Mayor or
Sheriff about it.
It was suggested that shop owners that sell any food or candy have a place for trash in their
shop. This is not required.
Everyone was reminded to bring their walkie-talkies next time they come to R.E.
Reminder was also given that there is absolutely no court, suing people, or lawyers in R.E.
Talented Artist Needed
The R.E. Paper is looking for a volunteer to sketch pictures for our front page news. If you think
you may be the person for the job, please stop by the Town Services and show us some
samples of your drawings.

Store Your Stuff in R.E. For FREE!!!!
Are you sick of dragging your stuff to R.E. every time you come? Well, you don’t have to do that
anymore! The Town Services Shop has a watertight container where you can leave your stuff.
Each shop is allowed to leave one grocery bag size of things in the bucket.
Monthly Town Maintenance

Rosebud Estates was mowed on April 14th

Spring Trimming has been done

Poison ivy was sprayed

Brush was cleaned up on trails

Trails were trimmed

All signs that fell over were fixed

*this paper is in no way associated with Rosebud Estates News by Hannah Zbylot, Editior and
Journalist *

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