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Aliens Terraform Earth With Radiation And Methane .pdf

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Demon Alien Terraforming Of Earth Realm With Radiation And Methane

y 2Cir les

They are going to present themselves to the world very soon. They have to because people become
aware of their existence and presence in ever greater numbers. Therefore they are forced to switch
from covert to overt ruler ship. They have always been in control of humanity for thousands of years.
They are way too smart for conventional warfare. in order to enslave worlds they use clever
deception and persuasion. Tricking people into accepting their ruler ship via free-will to avoid the
karmic blow-back from a violent take over.
In order to be accepted by the masses they have to present themselves in a positive light. They will
appear as:
-saviors of mankind
-of superior intelligence & wisdom
-spiritually advanced
-related with humanity
They claim to be a future human descendent from future earth where a nuclear war happened that
destroyed everyone but them.
They will claim that they had to genetically alter themselves to cope with the impact of the radiation.
This of course is nothing but lies.
a. Reptilians/greys are in control now and always were for thousands of years..
if anyone caused a nuclear war it was them. Not humans.
b. They are not future humans. They are a genetically created slave race of the reptilians. which they
use as probes.
c. Neither are they future humans nor are they from future earth.
They are from an entirely different realm or dimension. There are many realms and dimensions.
Some are positive, others are negative. They are from an extremely negative realm of very low
density and low frequency vibration.
There are many references throughout the epoches of human cultures and civilizations to such
extremely negative realms. These are different names for the same realms.
-lower astral
-The void

-The phantom zone
-negative 4th dimension
-underground universe
The regular atmosphere in their highly negative realm is nuclear radiation.
Christians refer to it as "hellfire".
Muslims refer to it as "smokeless fire".
Christians call Reptilians fire demons.
Muslims call Reptilians fire-djinn.
Reptilians can't stay in our atmosphere for long, because just as radiation is harmful to humans, our
atmosphere is harmful to them.
That is why they use probes or "diving-suits" into our realm. These "probes/suits" are the greys,
grey hybrids and reptilian bloodlines.
In order to come here by themselves without using probes/suits, they terraform our reality with
nuclear radiation.
This is their true agenda, everything else is lies and deception.
"But if they want radiation, and want to reduce our numbers then why would they warn us of a
nuclear war?"
Their strategy is always multi-angled and always uses deception. they do want war and they do want
higher radiation, but they also want to be celebrated as saviors and take overt control.
To achieve that they:
A. Warn us of nuclear war
B. Then cause nuclear war, or at least some nuclear detonations. May e eve
Atta k .

erely a staged EMP-

C. Appear as saviors, claiming they stopped the total destruction of the world and humanity by
nuclear war.
D. They will be celebrated as saviors and humans will put them in charge.

Then they will just continue the radiation terraform project slow-pace like they always did with
intentional "accidents" and "terrorist attacks" and alleged "natural catastrophes" and other lies and
While in the background it will be always them that are responsible.
They probably will stage "terrorist attacks" on nuclear power plants claiming it was done by religious
Fanatic humans. To abolish religion and replace it with some new age alien cult. Eventually they want
to do away with both Christianity and Islam as both religions portray them as evil.
They also will require more reasons why humans need to be controlled by "wise and intelligent alien
leaders", and why the best way to do that, would be Rfid-microchips put into humans to track and
monitor "terrorists" and "fanatics" and dangerous "anti-alien activists".
They will twist the truth into unrecognizable form. They will lie, deceive, murder witnesses and
scientists. They will create plots and attacks and blame humans for it. This is the great deception.
There is another part to that agenda that connects with the hybridization project in which humangrey hybrids are created to dominate mankind at the service of the reptilians in the background.
Merging with humans and thereby infusing their synthetic genetics to turn humans into genetic slave
This too they seek to achieve by deception. as revealed in the, like the great majority of Hollywood
productions, by reptilians produced series "fringe" in which grey-human hybrids are presented as
solution to the agenda of the greys/watchers, who they claim are humans from the future.
This is how they pre-program humans. They give some truth but mixed with poison. They claim that
while the watchers are here to terraform earth with radiation – so far so correct, a synthesis of
humans and grey-human hybrids will cause the watchers ease to exist in the future.
And this of course is nonsense as they do not come from future earth. That is the drop of poison in
the truth.
They further say that:
Human genetic experiments to sacrifice emotion for intelligence would be started and leading to the
creation of the greys in the future of humanity. This is also a lie. The greys and reptilians do not have
emotions as they are artificial intelligences, second order beings, that desire to accomplish emotions
like humans. Everything they say is the opposite of truth.
Additional to radiation there are other elements they make use of in their terraforming operation.
Methane is another important component as well as the various chemicals used for so called
"fracking", are essential to their efforts. Chemtrails are part of this operation as well, although they
serve other purposes too.

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