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Metaphysical Law And Murder

Allegedly they cannot hurt a conscious human being who hasn't joined their club or programs.
They can side step all that nonsense by having humans simply do harm to each other for them.
They may not be able to kill us themselves because of karma law or whatever, But it can't be too
hard to find a human sell out to do it for them. You can be killed whether you are conscious or not,
If another human being who has aligned himself with them is involved.
A human animated or hired by them to kill is them killing by proxy which is the same as killing done
by themselves and comes with the same karmic consequences. Whether you kill or contract a killer,
punishment by law is equal. It would be too easy if it could be bypassed like that. They could send a
programmed drone then, if it was like that.
There is an entire arm of warfare dedicated to that, which is about the mechanics of killing a target
without violating karmic law:
The Dynamics Of Realm Piracy - Essential Basics Of Hyper-Dimensional Warfare
Beyond that it's not just about the consequences of a murder itself, but the potentially cascading
consequences of it. They possess timeline observation capabilities. They can predict the
consequences of timeline alterations. And in some cases retract from violently intervening because it
would lead to an even worse outcome for them down the line. Think 4D.
And then there are also opposing interest groups that protect certain individuals.
If this is true how is it they are able to have children smuggled to them for food? I'm pretty sure
children aren't consenting either way to this. And even if they were coercing them I don't see how
it would count. Yet they are able to get them in the 10's of thousands. maybe even hundreds of
thousands every year. So How does that equate? How is there no violation of karmic law occurring
in this instance.
Also I Imagine they have ways of getting around that, They don't have to outright say this figure
needs to be killed, They can just acknowledge that a person exists and may prove to be a hindrance
to future plans, What the human elements involved that are aligned with the malevolent forces
chose to do with that information, Is totally up to them, And wouldn't necessarily have any karmic
consequences or backlash for their allies.
If they never ordered it, Or even suggested it, But only acknowledged what the guy is in relation to
them, Well then, They have a loop hole they can exploit. Because the human element took it upon
itself to act in a way that wasn't suggested simply to maintain it's own mutual interests which just
happen to be aligned. There are far too many suspicious murders being masqueraded as suicides of
the people who have spoken out against them for there not to be a loop hole they have learned to
bend over time by using human assistance in a round about way in order to achieve this :)

It was mentioned that they are not allowed to kill a conscious human being. A person that is both
neither part of their hierarchy, yet knows of its existence and activities. Knowledge protects,
ignorance endangers. They can't violate free-will but if free-will doesn't cover an issue then there is
no protection. Ignorance is a form of consent. And children are the most ignorant (lacking
knowledge) of all.
Children are the continuation of their parents. If the parents despite having had the option to get
educated about these matters, are ignorant at the time of having children and consent through their
ignorance, they bequeath their consent to their children.
The Dutroux case in Belgium reveleaed an organized network of pedophiles and serial killers in high
places. What did the public do? They protested on the street with their little paper signs, for some
days. Something had to be done after all.
And then they went back to normal once they were presented with an obvious scapegoat in the
person of Marc Dutroux, that everyone with half a brain intact was able to identify as an underling.
Did the public care that several dozen(!) witnesses were obviously silenced in front of everybody?
No, they didn't.
Everyone knew what was going on. Everyone knew that the entire establishment was involved, not
just some figures. It was absolutely obvious, but acknowledgement of it would have crumbled the
system of which everyone had some kind of share in. Hence the public decided to choose to purse
happines over reality and personal interests over the lifes of their children. And gave collective
consent for the child raping and murdering to continue.
All the world is like Belgium is. Same situation, same reaction from the population.
From a karmic perspective humanity shares one destiny. Hence planetary karma warfare. Allowing a
rampant industrial prison complex, the abortion industry, world hunger, environmental polution,
human trafficking and a rulercast of reptilian ticks, creates negative karma for all of humanity.
Enabling the alien subju'Gators to use it against us as a whole.
On a side note, this almost happened in 2015 when humanity got dangerously close to being
That is the reason the dark side is so pushy lately, because they are in a hurry to finalize their agenda
before large parts of humanity reach a point in consciousness developement that would grant us the
status of a sentient race (instead of our current classification of being cattle). As that would elevate
us into a metaphysical jurisdiction that they can't enter without massive karmic backlash when
further continuing their hostilities against us.
--The dark side hierarchy is not a loose association of individuals with generally shared interests.
Where everyone knows everything everybody else knows, does his own thing and goes in whatever

direction pleased. Everyone in it, beginning at the lowest levels, is under total surveillance, strict
compartmentalization and tight control.
"The aliens won't let it happen, they exercise strict control over us."- Barack Obama.
These entites are control freaks beyond human comprehension. They don't let their assets run
around to do whatever they want, they don't even allow them to have their own thoughts.
"They (mercenaries) can see us and hear us but process the information differently. They do as
ordered, without questioning". 'Divergent' 2014.
Alien RFID Chip Implanted Armed Forces World Wide Ready To Murder Citizens
But only when ordered to.
The first thing happening when becoming part of a dark side hierarchy is that you lose part of your
free-will. The deeper you go into it, the more of it you lose. Implants, micro chips, behaviour
alteration, hypnotic commands, personal handlers, etc. The dark side path or STS (service to self) is
the devolution towards the sleeping part of creation or matter. And matter has the least free-will. A
rock can't object to your will if you decide to smash it.
Look at my viewing numbers. If just all intelligence agency and military personnel of the world would
view my videos the viewing numbers would be in the hundreds of thousands each video. But they are
not. Because system people aren't allowed by the upper hierarchy to view them or even know of
their very existence. Because that would decompartmentalize and destabilize the dark hierarchy
which is built on ignorance. Darkness equals ignorance.
Their mercenaries only know what they are allowed to know by the higher ups. And information
provided or just allowed to be viewed already creates a karmic bond.
There is no way around responsibility with simple tricks. It makes no difference whether they give
the explicit order to murder someone or merely allow the information to be known or suggest it with
subtle persuasive or conclusive behavior. Their involvement in the process whatever form it takes
binds them to it and includes them in the karmic backlash. The universe is not a village idiot.
Such kind of dynamics are all covered even by human law. Murder by allowance, enablement,
suggestion. That's how women often murder, via submissive manipulated males. The law covers that,
and universal law is much less flawed.
"Some people think that they're getting away with it you see"
Beyond the mere bureaucratic and karmic issues, there are realm dynamics that prevent interaction
between individual realms. When someone doesn't enter your realm it's often not because he
chooses not to but because he can't.

Karmic loophole exploitation is a complicated matter. It is an observation of several researchers that
the dark side has to progress through a multiple step process in order to aquire the karmic allowance
to get close to a person. To enter their individual realm. And even at that point there are additional
The Dynamics Of Realm Piracy - Essential Basics Of Hyper-Dimensional Warfare
The Dynamics Of Realm Piracy - Case Example
--Eventually they will pay for their crimes, despite all the trickery. David Icke says that they hack the
matrix in order to avoid most of the karmic consequences of their actions. But that once the matrix
hack into real reality is abolished (what will happen), they will be hit full force with karmic
consequences of inconceivable proportions.
Which is why they are so panicked and desperate and why they push transhumanism in order to
keep us imprisoned in the matrix and to further delay the inevitable of paying their karmic debt.

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