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Probashe Mumbai

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


Welcome to the 7th newsletter/online magazine from the
desk of Bombay Bengalis!!
Thanks to all of you for the tremendous response to the
previous issues of “Probashe Mumbai”. We are
overwhelmed with the readership. We look forward to your
support, suggestions and contributions to make “Probashe
Mumbai” better with each and every issue.
Bombay Bengalis was born on 18th June, 2015 and since
then we have come a long way. The family is growing every
moment and like every other family we also have our share
of fun, adda and ‘raga-ragi`. But for us, the Probashi’s
getting family at home, far away from home is a huge boon.
And we are thankful to the almighty for giving us all the
opportunity to connect.
We usually meet twice a month at places pre-decided all
over Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. We had our first
meet at the historic Mohammed Ali Road on 1st July, 2015
with approximately 15-20 members. Subsequently BB has
held 50 such meets in the last 22 months.

Today BB has grown from strength to strength and has
many members in its WhatsApp and facebook group and
followers on its Facebook page, Instagram handle and
followers on Twitter too. However, BB has not limited its
activities to meets and chats alone. From organizing
essential items for the underprivileged to purchasing
Rakhi’s & Diya’s for terminally ill patients, BB has been
associated with various other cultural as well as social
activities since it’s inception.
BB was also proud to launch ‘Probashe’, a film on ‘Bombay
te Bangali’ to mark its 1st Anniversary (Link: ). In the coming months, BB
will be associated with a host of more social and cultural
We would like people reading this newsletter/emagazine
and wanting to join to just ping us or email us and become
a part of this ever growing family.
Three Cheers to You and Bombay Bengalis!!!!

Bombay Bengalis 48th Meet at R City Mall, Ghatkopar, 10th March, 2017.
See The Photo Album:

Bombay Bengalis Initiative for the Girl Children of Prem Sadan, 15th April, 2017.
See The Photo Album:
Probashe Mumbai

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


Editor's Speak: Page 2
Content: Page 3
Children & Teen Zone:
 Books (Poem): Anushka Dasgupta: Page 5
 An Idea (Poem): Aakanksha Majumder: Page 8
 Peter The Savior: Shambo Mukherjee: Page 9
 Sketch: Arnab Sensarma: Page 9
 Bhagavad Geeta Chant: Adrita Roy: Page 11
 Paper Art: Unnati Roy: Page 29

Bombay Bengalis News & Adda:
 Pages 2, 5, 7, 30

 Kolikaal (Bengali): Sayantani Sengupta: Page 8
 The Essence Of A Woman: Dr. Paramita Mukherjee Mullick: Page 12
 Poem (Bengali): Subh Shubham: Page 16
 Rong Berong (Bengali): Moumita Das: Page 28
 Kormo (Bengali): Papan Dasgupta: Page 31
 Jontromanob (Bengali): Shubham Chatterjee: Page 31
Stories & Write-Ups:
 Ashche Bochor Aabar habe (Bengali): Aniruddha Basu: Page 6-7
 Celebrating Womanhood: Sharmistha Sanyal: Page 16
 Subho Noboborsho: Reetu Parna: Page 27-28
 Subho Noboborsho (Bengali): Ritwika Roy Mutsuddi: Page 31
The Tempting Zone:
 Recipe: Besan er Laddu: Sayantani Sengupta: Page 14
 Recipe: Malpua: Balai Saha: Page 14
 Recipe: Doodh Shukto: Patrali Majumder: Page 25
 Review: Bong Adda: Satabdi and Bibhas Dutta: Page 25-26

 Bali – A Trip To Remember: Baishali Sen Banerjee: Page 17-24

Photography, Paintings & Sketches:

 Cover Sketch: Shiladitya Ghosh: Page 1, 31
 Basanto Utsav at Jorasanko Thakur Bari: Sourav Mistry: Page 4, 7, 11, 12
 Book: Arin Paul: Page 5
 Indian Sparrow: Shaswata Ghosh: Page 8
 Photo: Suman Nandi: Page 10
 Praner Thakur: Tangsu Karmakar: Page 13
 Jaipur: Arin Paul: Page 14
 Seagull: Smita Kayal: Page 26
 Painting: Misti Dey Sarkar: Page 33
 Photo: Shaswata Ghosh: Page 36
 Chaitra Sale: Arin Paul: Page 37


 Tarot: Purnnima Roy: Page 34-36

Probashe June Issue Cover: Bikash Mohanty: Page 38
Back Page: Page 39

Probashe Mumbai

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


Basanto Utsav at Jorasanko Thakur Bari, 2017.

Probashe Mumbai

© Bombay Bengalis 2017

Photo: Sourav Mistry


You flip through me
You search and you find
I have tons of knowledge
To share it I do not mind
Just take care of me
Please be kind
For you, all the past I’ll rewind
But be careful, my loose pages do bind

You can take a trip to the sun
While eating a treat and having fun
Before a quiz take a look at me
And you’ll easily win, you’ll see
I’ll give you facts about nature
And you may turn out to be a
Great person in the future.

By Anushka Dasgupta
Class 7B, St. Mary’s Icse School.

Photo: Arin Paul

Bombay Bengalis 49th Meet at Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai, 26th March, 2017.
See The Photo Album:
Probashe Mumbai

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


Bp­R hRl Bh¡l q­h
- A¢el¦Ü h¡p¤¤
- e¾c£ phC ­a¡ q­µR, Bpm ¢S¢epV¡l hÉhÙÛ¡ ­a¡
­cM­a f¡¢µRe¡z B¢j ­a¡ j¡l p¡­b l¡æ¡l JM¡­e hÉÙ¹
Q¥f HLcj, B­Ù¹z j¡ öe­m Bl lr¡ l¡M­h
e¡z fËi¥J h­m ¢c­u­Re Q¥¢fQ¥¢f L¡S Ll­az i¡w
h¡e¡­a JÙ¹¡c c¤Se NZ­fËa j¡ep p­l¡h­ll d¡­ll
h­e BS ­i¡l ­b­L 10 ­L¢S ¢p¢Ü h¡V­Rz cn ­pl
L¡j­de¤l c¤d, e¡l­Lm N¡­Rl ¢nLs, gm, Hje¢L
¢i­ue ­b­L p­¾cnJ Be¡ q­u­Rz a¥C ­L¡e ¢Q¿¹¡
L¢lp e¡ i«‰£z
°Lm¡­p BS Evp­hl ­jS¡Sz L­uL¢ce B­N
f¡¢lh¡¢lL B—¡u ­R­m­j­ul Bhc¡l fum¡ °hn¡M
f¡me Ll­a q­hz jq¡­ch Bl j¡a¡ f¡hÑa£ c¤S­eC
M¤¢n qm, A­eL¢ce ph¡C­L ­X­L HLp¡­b M¡Ju¡
c¡Ju¡ qu¢ez a­h p¡­b jq¡­ch ¢e­cÑn ¢cm, l¡æ¡
HCp­hl SeÉ A­qa¥L N¡R e¡ L¡V¡ quz
plüa£ p­‰ p­‰ ¢Xi¡Ce h¤­L C­i¾V ¢œ²­uV L­l
ph¡C­L Cei¡CV L­l ¢cmz mrÈ£ ­j­p¢Sw-AÉ¡­f
ph¡C­L Cei¡CV Llmz
fum¡ °hn¡­Ml ¢ce pL¡m ­hm¡, ph¡l hÉÙ¹a¡ a¥­‰z
­a¡l­Zl ac¡lL Ll¢Rm e¾c£, Hje pju i«‰£l
BNjez c¤S­el Lb¡ Qm¢Rm, ­no qh¡l p¡­b p¡­bC
c¤S­e öe­a ­fm ""e¡l¡uZ e¡l¡uZ''z i«‰£ ""fËZ¡j
­ch¢oÑ'' h­m ­L­V fsmz
- fËZ¡j ­ch¢oÑ
- B­l e¾c£, ­Lje B­R¡ ­q?
- i¡m B¢R, Bf¢e?
°Lm¡­pl ph hÉhÙÛ¡ ­c­M ¢e¢ÕQ¿¹ q­m, a¡lfl
hmh i¡m B¢Rz
- ph ¢WL B­R ­ch¢oÑ, ¢Q¿¹¡l ­L¡e L¡lZ ­eCz
- e¡ ­p S¡¢e, a­h ¢e­Sl ­Q¡­M ­c­M ¢eÕQ¿¹ qJu¡
Bl ¢Lz Bj¡lJ ­a¡ HLV¡ c¡¢uaÆ B­R e¡¢L!
¢WL B­R, Bf¢e O¤­l ­cM¤ez B¢j L¡S…­m¡
­no L¢lz
ma¡, f¡a¡, …mÈ ¢c­u p¡S¡­e¡ ­a¡lZz ­ch¢oÑ ­a¡lZ
­c­MC ­p¡S¡ l¡æ¡l ¢c­L ­N­mez ­je¤ Ap¡d¡lZ pl¦ Q¡­ml i¡a, e¡l­Lm ¢c­u j¤­Nl X¡m, T¥¢s T¥¢s
Bm¤ i¡S¡, ­h…¢e, ­f¡Ù¹, i¡f¡ C¢mn, ¢Qw¢s j¡­Rl
j¡m¡CL¡¢l, M¡p£l j¡wpz ­no f¡­a Q¡V¢e, f¡yfs,
Probashe Mumbai

¢j¢ø cC, lp­N¡õ¡ Bl pli¡S¡z ¢j¢ø ¢qj¡mu ­b­L
fhÑa l¡­Sl f¡W¡­e¡ ­m¡L °Lm¡­p ¢i­ue h¢p­u
­ch¢oÑ ¢e¢ÕQ¿¹ q­u fËi¥­L cnÑ­el SeÉ k¡¢µR­me, Hje
pju ­cM­me l¡Ù¹¡l HLf¡­n mrÈ£, plüa£ c¤S­eC
j¤M h¡y¢L­u BL¡­nl ¢c­L a¡¢L­uz f­l i¥m i¡Pm
­ch¢oÑl, ­pm¢g a¥m­R c¤S­ez
°Lm¡­pl ¢hl¡V fË¡‰­Zl ¢WL j¡­T HLV¡ j­’l jae
°a¢l Ll¡ q­u­Rz Q¡lf¡­n gl¡p ­f­a hp¡l hÉhÙÛ¡z
L¡¢šÑL, N­Zn NZ­fËa­cl ¢e­u ­cMi¡m Ll­Rz
n¡¢ju¡e¡ V¡‰¡­a ¢N­u HLSe NZ AeÉS­el Efl
f­s ¢N­u TNs¡, q¡a¡q¡¢a öl¦ q¢µRm, N­Zn
­L¡elL­j ph¡C­L h¤¢T­u n¡¿¹ Llmz
H­L H­L A¢a¢bl¡ Bp­a öl¦ Ll­mez ­ch…l¦
hªqØf¢a ­chl¡S C¾cÊ pq ph ­cha¡­cl ¢e­u
Ef¢ÙÛa q­mez Ap¤¤l…l¦ öœ²Q¡kÑJ H­me Ap¤¤l­cl
¢e­uz pçG¢o, ­ch, ­ch£, Ap¤¤l, AÃpl¡, NåhÑ ph
¢j¢m­u Af§hÑ pj¡­l¡q öd¤ °Lm¡­pC pñhz L­uLSe
­R¡Ll¡ Ap¤¤l p¤¤­k¡N h¤­T AÃpl¡­cl p¡­b HLV¥ NÒf
Sj¡­e¡l ­Qø¡ Ll­Rz ph ­n­o ¢ho·¥­ch hËþ¡­ch
H­mez a¡lfl f¤­S¡ öl¦ qmz
fËbj f¤SÉ N­Z­nl f¤­S¡ Ll­me pçG¢o, a¡lfl
L¥­h­ll M¡a¡u ü¢Ù¹L¡ Hy­L f§S¡Q¡l ­no qmz
A¢a¢b­cl SeÉ ¢j¢ø, ¢p‰¡l¡, m¡—¥ ­cJu¡ q¢µRm,
L­uLSe Ap¤¤l H­p L¡s¡L¡¢s öl¦ L­l ¢cmz
­chl¡­Sl h¡yL¡ q¡¢p ­c­M öœ²¡Q¡kÑ HL djL ¢cm,
aMe Ap¤¤ll¡ ph¡C HLV¥ n¡¿¹ qmz a¡lfl öl¦ qm
p¡wú«¢aL Ae¤ù¡ez plüa£ ­O¡¢oL¡, fËc£f fË­‹Æ¡me
Bl n´Mh¡ce L­l Ae¤ù¡­el E­à¡de Ll­me
¢ho·¥­chz ­ch¢oÑ e¡lc E­à¡de£ pwN£a N¡C­me,
a¡lfl öl¦ qm plüa£l h£Z¡h¡cez Ap¤¤ll¡ ­a¡ fË¡u
O¤¢j­u fs¢Rm, H­L i¢aÑ ­fV, a¡lfl HlLj ­h¡¢lw
Ae¤ù¡ez ¢L¿¹¥ jq¡­c­hl i­u ph¡C ­Q¡M M¤­m l¡M¡l
BfË¡Z ­Qø¡ Ll¢Rmz Hje pju plüa£ ­O¡oZ¡ Llm,
""Hh¡l NåhÑ Bl AÃpl¡­cl e¡Q Hhw N¡e q­h''z
HV¡ ö­e ph Ap¤¤l ­Q¡M j¤­R ­p¡S¡ q­u E­W hpmz
e¡Q ­n­o ¢hf¤m q¡aa¡¢m fsmz j¡­T c¤­V¡ Ap¤¤l
AhnÉ j­’ E­W e¡­Q ­k¡N ­ch¡l ­Qø¡ Ll¢Rm, °ilh
¢N­u b¡j¡mz ph­n­o ph¡l Ae¤­l¡­d jq¡­ch Xjl¦
h¡S¡­mez L¡¢šÑL ¢Xi¡Ce h¤­L Bf­m¡X Llm Xjl¦
© Bombay Bengalis 2017


h¡S¡ez p­‰ p­‰ 33 ¢j¢mue m¡CLz ApwMÉ NË¥f
g­V¡ ­a¡m¡ qmz
a¡lfl j¡a¡ f¡hÑa£ ­ch£, Ap¤¤l faÀ£, AÃpl¡ ph¡C­L
¢e­u ­N­me j¡ep p­l¡hlz ph¡C ­pm¢g a¥m­a hÉÙ¹
q­u fsmz H¢c­L j¡ ­N­R ­c­M NZ­fËa i¡w Hl
f¡œ ph¡l q¡­a H­e ¢cm, Bl p¡­b ¢R¢mj O¤l­a
m¡Nmz jq¡­c­hl fËp¡c ph¡C i¢š²i­l ­Mmz

j¡a¡ f¡hÑa£ ¢g­l H­p ­cM­me fË¡u ph¡C ¢T­j¡­µR,
¢LR¥ e¡ h­m e¾c£­L q¡ó¡ dj­L M¡h¡l hÉhÙÛ¡ Ll­a
¢e­u ­N­mez N¡yS¡ Bl i¡w Hl SeÉ Hj¢e ph¡l
¢M­c cn…e ­h­s ­N¢Rm, M¡h¡l Bp­a ­cha¡, Ap¤¤l
ph¡C T¡y¢f­u fsmz ­L¡e ­ic lCm e¡z
¢hc¡u ­eh¡l pju ph¡C HLp¡­b h­m EWm ""Bp­R
hRl Bh¡l q­h''z

Basanto Utsav at Jorasanko Thakur Bari, 2017.

Photo: Sourav Mistry

Bombay Bengalis 50th Meet at Juhu Silver Beach, 16th April, 2017.
See The Photo Album:
Probashe Mumbai

© Bombay Bengalis 2017



'An Idea'
An idea wriggles out from a corner in my mind,
At first, it nestles comfortably,
not really making its presence known,
Then it grows, slowly at first and then all at once,
It becomes a huge idea knocking at every door in my mind,
urging me to work on it.
I ignore it (or at least try to)
so that I can pay attention to the increasing work pile.
The ignored idea reduces itself to the same nothingness
that it was born out of,
Folding itself into halves, sinking into itself.
One fine day,
I remember the idea and I search for it
but it is long gone.
- Aakanksha Majumder, FYJC, Ruia College.

- p¡u¿¹¢e ­pe…ç
­i¡l q­m¡ ­c¡l ­M¡­m¡
BS ­LE h­m e¡ FB, whatsapp .... R¡s¡ ­Q¡M ­M¡­me¡ zz
hÉÙ¹a¡ m¡C­g, ph La R¥V­R a¡l g¡y­L R¢h ­f¡ØV, m¡CL LV¡ fs­R ....
HL O­l f¡n¡f¡¢n, j¡, h¡h¡, i¡C, ­h¡e Busy all together, q¡­a ¢e­u smart phone zz
j¡ h­m B¢j busy - ¢e­S fs, M¤h easy,
Inbox full BS, check Ll¡ main L¡Sz
Train H, bus H ¢i­s
Selfie V¡, Q¡C M¡p¡ Upload p¡­b p¡­b -


fË¡ZM¡e¡ ¢e­u q¡­a zz
A­Qe¡ h¡ AS¡e¡
­k ­LE h­m Hiii

Very easy friendship

L¢mL¡m h­m i¡Czz

Indian Sparrow.
Probashe Mumbai

Photo: Shaswata Ghosh.
© Bombay Bengalis 2017


Peter the Savior
A long time ago in a place known as Grecothan a brutal fight took place between the Demon and the humans. All were
fighting for only one reason, Peter. Peter was a nice boy with some power but clash was because of his parents. His father
Maximur was a demon and his mother Mona was a human. Both the groups wanted to have him under them to possess that
power. All thought that the demon would win easily because of the natural power they have. But like always being most
intelligent the human took the unconventional way of fighting and through that they were also giving a fitting reply to the
Peter didn’t want any fight. He tried to stop those fights lot of times but no one listened. In one of those fights he lost his
mother. He then made a stranger who said him to seek helps from the Gods. But the God wanted to test the purity of his
heart. So he had to give the imperial test of Gods. He passed the test without any problem. So with the help of the Great Gods
Peter tried the last time to stop the fight without violence. But he failed again.
So now with a plan in his heads and power of almighty he started to think fresh. The plan was to kidnap the main conspirator
of the fight from both the groups and confiscated him till the fight ends. The plan went successfully for the human group but
when he tried to look out for the man on the demon side to his utter dismay it found out to be his own father. He was
shocked. It was his own father!! He didn’t understand anything. Then with an evil smile his father said that he was the killer of
his mother and all this was to get the leadership of both the groups.
Suddenly his father he felt down on the ground and someone from the human side wanted to kill him. But Peter helped his
father to get up. This was a big mistake. His father had a sword in his hands with which he cut Peter’s head. Suddenly the
voice of almighty said “Maximur! Your son is a God Now". Then the body of the ordinary man Peter got transferred to the
body of a God. Maximur knelt down, joined his hand and then killed himself. His last words were “Oh God!! Name him
Prospethis.” Peter became the god of peace and his name became Prospethis as named by his father.

- Shambo Mukherjee, Class VI, DPS Panvel.



Probashe Mumbai

Arnab Sensarma, Class IV A, Our Lady of Perpetual Succour High School.

© Bombay Bengalis 2017


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