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Thank you for participating in the 2017-18 general audition process.
NOTE: Performers who have appeared in a mainstage production or staged
reading in the last 12 months are not required to audition in order to be
considered. If this applies to you and you would like to be considered without
auditioning simply click the link below and completely fill out the AUDITION
INFORMATION FORM before June 3, 2017.
This packet contains all show schedules, descriptions, and character
breakdowns. The online form will allow you to provide us with your personal
contact information, show preferences, character preferences, and
conflict prior to the day of auditions. You should bring a current headshot and
complete theatrical resume to the theatre on the day of auditions.
If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to email Kevin Harris at
kevinharris@slolitteltheatre.org at any time.
Please time out your audition material carefully. We will be keeping a strict
schedule and will cut you off if you go over the requested time. Thank you!
These general auditions will be used to cast the following mainstage shows:
These general auditions will be used to cast the following Ubu’s Other Shoe
staged readings:

When you complete the online AUDITION INFORMATION FORM prior to
auditions, you will have the opportunity to list your show/character preferences.
All actors will be considered for all available roles for all
productions/readings unless you note that you are not interested in specific plays
on your audition sheet. Please look at the performance dates carefully to make
sure that you are available. Actors with extensive rehearsal conflicts will not be
Auditions may be videotaped. These tapes will only be used internally for the
purpose of casting performances/readings at the San Luis Obispo Repertory
Please bring a current photograph of yourself (8 x 10 preferred) and an updated
theatrical resume which includes all relevant training.
Please show up at least 10 minutes before your scheduled audition and be ready
to go at your scheduled time. Check in the audition stage manager as soon as you
arrive. If you do not have a current resume (including all training) you will be
asked to fill out a resume form when you arrive. Please show up early to give
yourself enough time to do this before your scheduled slot..
All actors must prepare:

1 short comedic monologue (1-2 minutes)
1 short (contrasting) dramatic monologue (1-2 minutes)

All actors who would like to be considered for a musical (THE PRODUCERS,
ANNIE) must prepare:

32 bars (90-120 seconds) of a song from a musical.

An accompanist WILL NOT be provided. Please bring your pre-recorded music
with you. We will have a CD player and a normal headphone jack (for an mp3
player or phone) connected to an amp for your use in the room. While we
discourage actors from auditioning A Capella (without music), all auditions will be
permitted. You may be asked to sing some scales or other exercises by our
musical director.
To ensure that we stay on schedule, we will be very strict about the 7 minute time
limit. Cut your materials to give yourself adequate time to transition between
pieces without rushing.
ABOUT THE ROOM: all auditions will take place onstage at the San Luis Obispo
Little Theatre. The room will have the following people in it:

Kevin Harris, Managing Artistic Director
Michael Siebrass, Artistic Director, UBU’S OTHER SHOE
Lacey McNamara, Musical Director
A timekeeper

San Luis Obispo Repertory Theatre will be offering roles to the selected actors no
later than July 20, 2017. Please keep in mind that actors may be offered roles for
more than one production/reading. We ask for your patience during this
complicated process (we cannot contact some actors until we find out if other
actors accept/reject their offers.) All actors (offered role or not) will be contacted
no later than July 20, 2017.
If dance/acting callbacks are required after the general audition, those actors will
be notified.
Please email Kevin Harris at kevinharris@slolittletheatre.org if you have any

Rabbit Hole
Directed by Ron Clark
Winner of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize. Becca and Howie
Corbett have everything a family could want, until a lifeshattering accident turns their world upside down and
leaves the couple drifting perilously apart. Rabbit Hole
charts their bittersweet search for comfort in the
darkest of places and for a path that will lead them back
into the light of day.

Rehearsals: 8/28/17-10/5/17
Performances: 10/6/17-10/22/17 (18 performances)
Becca—Howie's wife in her late thirties. She is usually a very responsible and sensible person, but makes
some rash decisions throughout the play because of grief. Howie accuses her of subconsciously trying to
"erase" Danny by selling the house, packing up his artwork, and getting rid of their dog, even erasing the
most recent home video of Danny.
Izzy—Becca's irresponsible but well-wishing sister. She is unwed, but in a relationship with Auggie. She is
pregnant throughout the duration of the play. Tension is created as Becca's mourning for her lost child
lingers, and she is suspicious of Izzy's ability to raise her own.

Howie—Becca's husband in his late thirties. He is very caring, but has a hard time dealing with Danny's
death, which causes him to be angry and depressed, though he hides it as much as possible. He
obsessively watches home movies of Danny and thinks that the best way to move on is to try for
another child. He attends group grief counseling meetings. It is implied that he has an affair with a
woman from this group. He does not want to meet with Jason, whom he blames for Danny's death.
Nat—Izzy and Becca's mother. She is the voice of reason for her daughters. She helps Howie and Becca
in the moving process, and provides motherly experience to Becca. Her son (Becca's brother, Arthur), a
heroin addict, hanged himself at the age of 30. Becca, however, does not want to hear this, as she feels
that the deaths are not comparable. She eventually realizes that her mother has gone through this as
well, and accepts the comfort.
Jason Willette—17-year-old boy who accidentally hit Danny with his car, leading to Danny's death. He
lives with his mom; his father's whereabouts are never revealed, but the script suggests he's dead. He
enjoys science fiction and writes a story about wormholes to other dimensions in Danny's memory,
which he publishes in the school's literary magazine. He sends this story to Becca and Howie. He later
shows up at the open house, wanting to talk to Howie and Becca. Howie chases him away, but he later
meets with Becca. He blames himself for Danny's death.

Directed by Kevin Harris
Back by popular demand, A Christmas Story will once again
take the stage for a fun, festive holiday treat! Join Ralphie
Parker on his quest for a genuine Red Ryder BB gun and
make it part of your family’s annual holiday celebration.
back into the light of day.

Rehearsals: 10/16/17-12/1/17
Performances: 12/2/17-12/23/17 (23 performances)
Ralphie Parker (9-12) is our young protagonist. Equal parts dreamer and schemer, Ralphie doesn’t just
covet an air rifle, he also knows (or thinks he knows) exactly how to persuade the adults around him
that his cause is a righteous one.
Ralph Parker (30-60), Ralphie’s older, wiser alter ego, functions as the story’s narrator and assumes the
roles of the various townspeople who populate the landscape of the play.
Ralphie’s Mother (25-40) is a patient parent with firm convictions – in particular, the conviction that her
son should not own an air rifle. It takes a lot to ruffle her feathers, but the provocative leg lamp that
Ralphie’s father (25-50) wins in a send-away contest does seem to do the trick. The Old Man, the Parker
family’s beleaguered patriarch, is a grumpy, good-hearted father with a penchant for highly original (and
to the audience’s ears profanity-free) invective and a deeply held desire to be a winner.
Randy (younger than Ralphie), Ralphie’s little brother, sure is cute, but getting him to eat his breakfast
or don his snowsuit can be a serious headache.
Schwartz and Flick (9-12) are Ralphie’s two best friends. Flick is the unfortunate guinea pig in the
infamous frozen-flagpolelicking experiment, while Schwartz becomes the scapegoat when Ralphie
accidentally utters an unspeakable word.
Scut Farkas (12-16) is the schoolyard bully who routinely torments Ralphie and his friends. He has yellow
Miss Shields (20-50) is Ralphie’s teacher. She’s also an integral component of his campaign for the
perfect Christmas gift.
Esther Jane and Helen (9-12) are two of Ralphie’s classmates. Helen is something of a child prodigy,
while Esther Jane seems to have a particular interest in our young protagonist.

The Producers
Directed by Kevin Harris
Musical Direction by Lacey McNamara
12 Tony Awards! Bialystock and Bloom! Those names
should strike terror and hysteria in anyone familiar with
Mel Brooks' classic cult comedy film. Now as a big
Broadway musical, The Producers once again sets the
standard for modern, outrageous, in-your-face humor. It is
a truly "boffo" hit, winning a record 12 Tony Awards and
wowing capacity crowds night after night.

Rehearsals: 1/2/2018-2/16/2018
Performances: 2/17/2018-3/11/2018

Max Bialystock
The consummate con man. Naturally animated and bombastic, he is never at a loss for charm
and manners. Typically conspires with Leo.
Gender: Male
Age: 40 to 55
Vocal range top: F#4
Vocal range bottom: A2
Leo Bloom
An accountant. Boring and mousy, he is a hesitant optimist who longs for something more.
Dragged into a scheme by Max.
Gender: Male
Age: 35 to 45
Vocal range top: F4
Vocal range bottom: A2
Franz Liebkind
German loyalist playwright. From his lederhosen to his pigeon, Adolph, his love for the
motherland is unmistakable. He is imposing yet tender.
Gender: Male
Age: 35 to 55

Vocal range top: G4
Vocal range bottom: F2
Rogers Debris
New York's most famous and flamboyant stage director. Surrounds himself with deliciously
beautiful clothing, people, and possessions. In a crowd, it would be impossible to miss him.
Gender: Male
Age: 50 to 60
Vocal range top: G4
Vocal range bottom: G#2
Carmen Ghia
Roger Debris' faithful assistant. Carmen is severe in looks and passion for Roger. He may appear
younger than he actually is thanks to skilled surgeons.
Gender: Male
Age: 25 to 35
Vocal range top: A4
Vocal range bottom: C3
Ulla Inga Hansen Benson Yonsen Tallen-hallen Svaden-svanson
A young and hopeful actress. Though her beauty might eclipse her talent, Ulla is passionate
about life and art. Quite a clueless seductress in some ways.
Gender: Female
Age: 20 to 30
Vocal range top: G5
Vocal range bottom: A3
Accountants; Bavarian Peasants; Convicts; First Nighters; Little Old Ladies; Storm Troopers;
Chorus Girls; Girl Prisoners; Usherettes

The 39 Steps
Directed by Jody Hovland
Mix a Hitchcock masterpiece with a juicy spy novel, add a
dash of Monty Python and you have The 39 Steps, a fastpaced whodunit for anyone who loves the magic of
theatre! This 2-time Tony® and Drama Desk Awardwinning treat is packed with nonstop laughs, over 150
zany characters (played by a ridiculously talented cast of
4), an on-stage plane crash, handcuffs, missing fingers and some good old-fashioned romance!

Rehearsals: 2/26/18-3/29/18
Performances: 3/30/18-4/15/18 (18 performances)
This spy-caper spoof utilizes just four actors who transform using costumes, accents, and physicality into
over 30 distinct characters.
Actor #1 Plays: Richard Hannay: The hero of our story. Hannay, 37, is recently back in London and finds
himself bored with his life. His adventure begins when he meets Annabella Schmidt at a theatre
performance, and must go on the run when he is accused of her murder.
Actor #2 Plays: Annabella Schmidt: A “beautiful, mysterious” secret agent. Hannay helps her escape
from a gunfight at the theatre. When she is murdered at his London flat, Hannay becomes the primary
suspect. Annabella involves Hannay in the mystery of The 39 Steps, and in her dying breath, she begs
Hannay to help keep confidential information about British air defense out of the hands of a dangerous
man missing his little finger. Pamela: A stranger on the Highland Express. When Hannay kisses her
aboard the train to avoid detection by the police, she recognizes him from wanted posters in the paper
and attempts to turn him in. When Hannay runs into her again at a political rally, she is once again
pulled into the spy plot. Margaret: A Scottish woman Hannay meets while he’s on the run. Hannay takes
shelter at her house, disguised as an itinerant laborer. After Hannay tells Margaret his identity, she helps
him escape when her husband, the Crofter, calls the police.
Actors #3 and #4 play The Clowns: These two versatile performers play dozens of characters. Here are a
few of their major roles in The 39 Steps. Mr. Memory: A performer who wows the audience at the
London Palladium with his powers of recall. Crofter: Margaret’s husband. A crofter is a tenant farmer
who rents land from a landlord. He is suspicious of Hannay’s intentions with his wife, Margaret, and
turns Hannay into the police when he discovers that Hannay is wanted for murder. Mrs. Jordan: Wife of
Professor Jordan. She is the proprietor of Alt-na-Shellach. Professor Jordan: The mysterious resident of
Alt-na-Shellach. Annabella Schmidt tells Hannay he must visit Professor Jordan to prevent British secrets
from leaving the country. The Heavies: Two thugs who arrest Hannay and Pamela while disguised as
police officers. Sheriff: A Scottish police officer and friend of Professor Jordan. Dunwoody: The master of
ceremonies at a political rally.

Lost in Yonkers
WINNER of the 1991 Pulitzer Prize for Drama
and Tony Award, Best Play.
Written by America's great comic playwright,
this memory play is set in Yonkers in 1942. The
hit Broadway production featured Irene Worth, Mercedes Ruehl, and Kevin Spacey in award-winning
performances. Bella is thirty-five years old, mentally challenged, and living at home with her mother,
stern Grandma Kurnitz. As the play opens, ne'er-do-well son Eddie deposits his two young sons on
the old lady's doorstep. He is financially strapped and taking to the road as a salesman. The boys are
left to contend with Grandma, with Bella and her secret romance, and with Louie, her brother, a
small-time hoodlum in a strange new world called Yonkers.

Rehearsals: 4/28/18-5/3/18
Performances: 5/4/18-5/20/18 (18 performances)
The roles of JAY and Arty have already been cast.
Bella: Jay's thirty-five-year-old aunt. She is sometimes a bit off-center and is mentally challenged, but
despite this she is also loving and protective of her nephews. Much of the second half of the play
focuses on her attempts at independence from her stern mother. Originally played on Broadway
by Mercedes Ruehl.

Louie: Jay's flamboyant, jovial uncle, in his late 30s, who comes to live with the family when he is hiding
from the local mob. He is considered by Grandma Kurnitz to be the "survivor" of the family. He has a
strong, mercurial nature, and a certain underlying dark side, which the kids uncover in the second act of
the play. He works as a "bag-man" for the mob. Originally played on Broadway by Kevin Spacey.

Grandma Kurnitz: Jay's grandmother. A very old and stern woman, an immigrant from Germany. Owing
to her harsh childhood, she has always been very intolerant of what in others she calls "weaknesses".
She is blunt, sometimes even in a funny way, and always knows what is going on with the people around
her. Originally played on Broadway by Irene Worth.
Eddie: Jay's middle-aged father. After the death of his wife, he is forced to send his two sons to live with
their grandmother, while he repays his large financial debts. He is shown to be, much like his sisters, a
nervous wreck around Grandma. Originally played on Broadway by Mark Blum.

Gert: Jay's aunt, and Grandma's daughter. She is a very interesting addition to the family. Her most
noticeable issue is that when she breathes she has a tendency to suck in while still speaking, as a result
of trauma instilled in her by Grandma from a young age. Originally played on Broadway by Lauren Klein.

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