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Process Of Headshots By Todd Estrin Photography .pdf

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Process of Headshots by
Todd Estrin
Todd Estrin Photography
My name is Todd Estrin. I am a photographer from
Brooklyn, New York specializing in headshots for
actors. Here is my process.
First off, I hate the word “headshots.” It immediately
signals to the actor, “I am looking for a result. Time to
be confident/dramatic/commercial/sexy.” This is the
opposite of what I am trying to do. In my sessions we
explore, and through this exploration of self we find you.

, but rather who you truly are.
Actors are constantly told who they need to be, who
they look like, or what their essence is. This is all done
in the name of getting work, but the big problem is that
nobody can tell you who you are. You are perfect
exactly the way you are. Let go of who you think you
need to be and the world will fall in love with you.







Practically speaking, however, it all starts with a
willingness to be seen. I define this willingness as a
desire to have your inner life, in the present moment,
seen. This means that if you feel sad, you explore
that sadness. If you feel angry, you don‟t judge that
anger; you walk directly into it. If you feel confident,
you own that confidence. This is the start to
exploring you.
Actors have trouble being seen for a multitude of
reasons. However, when you stop judging how you
feel and just walk into it, two incredible things
1. You become extremely present, curious, and
grounded in the moment. Nothing matters
except what is happening right then in that
moment between you, me, and the camera.

2. Your







transform. Sadness can turn into confidence; anger
can become open heartedness. If you honor and
respect where you are, if you can stop fighting with
or judging yourself, you will find yourself in a new








simultaneously hold onto moments at the same time.
That just isn‟t how it works.
What does it mean to explore self? This might seem
like a mystical, hippy-dippy question. There is an
actual tangible way to do this, however, and it starts
with the heart. The heart is the brain of your inner
life. It will provide you with everything you need to be
fully alive and authentic; you just need to listen. But
how do you listen? Start with slowing down and
allowing yourself to be curious. If I asked you to
explore the word „mother,‟ you might imagine your

mother, you might even try to picture her in your
head, and you may find yourself asking, “How do I
feel about my mother?” This is not, however, what
listening means. Listening is feeling into your heart
and trusting whatever comes up.
Maybe it‟s the smell of that specific rose perfume
she always wore, or that memory of her making
Thanksgiving dinner in your childhood home. Or
maybe it is just a feeling of warmth in your body.
This is your heart speaking. If you don‟t judge what
comes up, your heart will provide the fuel that will
bring you alive. So this work becomes a dance
between a willingness to be seen and an exploration
of self.
During our time together, I will shoot roughly 1,500
to 2,000 pictures of you. Yes, that is a lot. I do this
because you never know when we are going to find
that one image where it all connects, all the stars
align, and you are truly captured by the camera.
The great news about shooting so much is that if
we love only .5% of your photos that means that
you will leave with six to eight beauties. Not a bad
shoot. The point here is there will be a lot of bad
pictures; let go of that need to nail them all. If you
notice your mind is drifting, or you‟re feeling
disconnected from your true self, that‟s okay. This is
how exploring works. I don‟t want to see 2,000
shots of you trying to be perfect. What I want is just
YOU: authentic, in whatever form that takes.
A huge part of being authentic means letting go of
who you think you are or how you want to look. I
don‟t care how Robert Dinero expresses power, or
Viola Davis‟ version of sorrow. Stop trying to do it
how they do it. Take a chance, let go of how you
think it should look and be the only thing that you

can be: you. Authentic, spontaneous, and full of
surprises. To quote the wonderfully inspiring Brene
Brown: “Let go of who you think you‟re supposed to be
and embrace who you are.”
I tell people that I am 10% photographer, 40% acting
teacher, and 50% therapist. During our session together I
will offer all kinds of techniques, exercises, and
suggestions. These are all just different ways for you to
explore self by using your body, your senses, and your
heart. If you explore with those three things, I promise
that you are going to be extremely happy with the results.
I have discovered in my life that it is very easy to hide. I
have also discovered that we all want to be seen. This
work is very personal and important to me. I absolutely
love what I do.
If you‟d like to schedule a session with me, please email
me at todd@toddestrinphotography.com or visit my website: https://www.toddestrinphotography.com/.

About Todd Estrin
Located at Adams Street in Brooklyn, New York, Todd
Estrin is a photographer who specializes in headshots for
actors. He discovered his passion for portrait photography
while working with a group of kids in Madagascar. While
there Todd learned the extraordinary gift and power of
seeing someone and capturing who they are with a
camera. To experience simply being yourself in front of the






https://www.toddestrinphotography.com/ or email him at:

Peekay Studios:
85 Adams Street Suite 11C
Brooklyn, NY, 11201
United States

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