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Spy text is a term used to define the ability to read private text messages on
any smartphone used today.
Spy on text messages doesn’t require constant access to a targeted device,
not anymore.
Now it is possible to achieve this goal thanks to modern and advanced apps
which are developed specifically for providing ultimate protection and helping
you protect your interest and safety.
If you still believe that you need hacking skills, complete knowledge of
operating systems that run on smartphones, you are wrong.
The technology in question is developed for average users, just like you are.

How to read someones text messages
without their phone in order to
discover adultery or betrayal
Is your partner honest with you?
There are dozens of ways you can apparently get an honest answer, but all of
them can easily be just a lie.
The only, 100% honest answer is the one you can get without them knowing
that you even asked. In this situation, we have a spy app which will allow you
precisely that.
Reading private SMS messages can help you determine how honest your
loved one actually is, which whom he/she is talking and what are the real
Reading the messages from the smartphone is a mandatory step in this
situation, but getting physical access is almost impossible.
Also, most individuals, who commit adultery will permanently delete
messages, so there won’t be any pieces of evidence.
The only way is to get all the messages remotely.

It is also the safest and the most trustworthy method.
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How can I see my daughters text
messages so I can determine is she

Children use smartphones even more than adults.
They became addicted and they share all their secrets through the phones.
This is like a new type of a diary, usually associated with girls.
No matter how often you have a conversation with your daughter, she won’t
reveal anything relevant, regarding her safety, actions, and desires.
Scientists explain this is the natural defense mechanism of children’s

If a parent doesn’t know about their intentions, they cannot prevent them from
achieving them!
On the other side, we have the internet where danger is more common than
you may imagine.
So, how to make sure your daughter is perfectly safe at all times, without even
discussing with her? SMS spy will allow you that.
By reading her messages, you can directly protect her from all treats. There
are additional benefits as well.
You will monitor her conversations, her friends and be able to prevent
something that she will regret afterward!

A simple app that helps you with all of the aforementioned matters
and much more:
Meet Copy9 app
Copy9.com is the place where you can find the app under the same name.
It is primarily developed for the first two purposes we mentioned here, but
over time, it has been significantly upgraded, so now, it is the ultimate spy
On one hand, requirements are the same as for any other app.
On another side, it is an actual tool that has similar programming as those
used by the FBI, NSA and other, government agencies.
Yes, this is actually possible, because same developers created both tools.

How Copy9 works?
As we mentioned, the app requires the same things as ordinary apps.
Although the installation process is slightly different, it is also simple.
It can be completed in less than 5 minutes. All you will have to do is to follow
the steps below:

Acquire the targeted device, the one you want to install the app too.

Open the web browser (Chrome, Opera or etc.).

Type: http://copy9.com/android

Download the app by clicking on the download button.

Install the app.

Exit from web browser.

Create and verify the account using your own device.

Log in to http://my.Copy9.com

Once you have logged into the http://my.Copy9.com, you will have a
complete access to the SMS messages on the targeted device.
We use the term ‘’targeted device’’ to make you easier on which device you
need to install the app.
After you have installed the app, you don’t need access to the targeted device
any longer.
No matter where the device is, you will be able to read its messages without
an issue.
This also applies if the device is in another country, continent or on a ship
cruising the Atlantic Ocean.
Download Copy9 Free Version

Why should I use the Copy9 app?
Maybe you are familiar with the topic, so you know a thing or two about the
spy apps.
If this is a situation, you know that there are quite a lot of the on the internet.
You should also know that not all of them are something you should try.
Some apps are treated as malware, so they will be detected, others require
jailbroken or rooted device and others simply stop working after a short period
of time.
The bottom line is that you should try Copy9 app. Let’s see the main reasons
why this is the truth:

Copy9 is fully supported by iOS and Android smartphones.
All newer and commonly used versions of the operating systems are
supported and fully compatible (meaning there won’t be issues with some of
the features of the Copy9).

Jailbreaking nor rooting the device isn’t needed.
The app is fully operational on stock devices. Addition: Jailbreaking is a term
used for obtaining the admin permission to the device; Rooting is used for
acquiring admin permissions on an Android smartphone.

Copy9 cannot be detected.
Because the app will be installed in the root folder of the operating system
itself, in the read-only folder, it cannot be detected nor deleted. No matter
what a user does, the app will stay present in the smartphone. Formatting
storage, using antivirus software or performance boosters won’t reveal the
These were the main and essential reasons why using the app is
In essence, using Copy9 is safe and simple, without the need to perform extra
operations, tasks, adaptations or something else.
But, there are a lot more reasons why you should try the app. If you are
intrigued, continue reading.

Spy on text messages
The first and the main feature allows you to spy on all text messages that
were sent from the phone or to it.
You will be able to see the sender ID, time and date and messaging history.
Even deleted messages are displayed.

Spy on messages on social networks
The spy app in question also allows you to read messages exchanged on
social media and instant messaging apps which include: Viber, Whatsapp,
Facebook, and etc.
They are also accessible from the control panel.

Full call monitoring
All the calls, between the targeted device and the caller/recipient, will be

You will be able to see duration, time and date and the ID of the person who
made the call.

Full access to contacts
An interesting feature allows you to check the contacts on the targeted device.
As soon as a new contact is added, you will be able to check it.
This is especially useful in order to detect the adultery or to realize who the
friends are of the loved one.
In addition, email address, contact photo, other numbers, and occupation are
visible as well.

Tracking browser history
A very interesting possibility. In general, from the control panel, you can see
the browsing history on the targeted device.
The full list of visited websites (date, time and duration of the session) will be

Get a picture
New feature. It will take a shot each time someone unlocks the screen of a
targeted device.
The app uses the front camera to take a shot.
Thanks to it, you will be able to determine who uses that device at that
particular moment.
Additional: The app won’t use flash of the front camera, on devices which
have this feature.

Track location of the device
Using GPS on a device, the app can determine the exact location of it at any
given moment.
The accuracy is superb and the margin of errors is less than 5 feet.

SIM card change notifications
Every time, a user changes the SIM card, you will get a notification.
This is useful if the owner of the targeted device believes he/she is spied on,
so they use another SIM card to cover their tracks.

Copy9 is present on the device, meaning that it will still gather all the data
mentioned here, regarding the SIM card.

100% invisible
All the processes that the app performs are in the background, concealed
from the user.
There won’t be any notifications, alerts nor signals that an owner can detect.
Copy9 is available as a free app, which is useful in order to determine the full
functionality of it. Once you tried it, you can choose the Gold package and
experience the full power of the app. Even then, the money-back guarantee is
Download Copy9 Free Version

The final thought
There are more than 40 different reasons why you should use Copy9, and all
of them are directed towards your or the safety of loved ones. On the other
hand, there is no a single reason why it shouldn’t be used.

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