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Copy of Meal Guide and Recipes .pdf

Original filename: Copy of Meal Guide and Recipes.pdf
Title: Copy of Meal Guide and Recipes
Author: t.koenig

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" Healthy eating should not be a burden...
it should be a desire. " -Adam Frater

Understanding The Meal Plan
To begin, you must decide which diet plan you're interested in:
A) Power Lean
B) Power Gain
Healthy eating is extremely important, but you need to also be burning
calories and building muscle. To get major results, combine the Powers
diet with the Calisthenics LIVE program.

Eliminating Bad Foods
In our society, certain foods have become so common that it's hard to
imagine life without them. However some of these items can be terrible
for you and by eliminating them, you can see big changes.
Be open-minded and try these suggestions. It's worked for many
others... what do you have to lose?

Protein Consumption and Calories
If you're trying to gain, pay attention to the protein calculator so you
know how much protein to give your body to build muscle.
If you're trying to lean out, make sure to be strict with your calories and
clean eating. The protein calculator is on page 4.

Eating Guide
The eating guide is used in pair with the Recipe Guide. Review and
plan out your meals for the week. Meal prep makes cooking easier so
consider this when shopping for groceries. Stick to the guide and you
will see results.

Eliminating Bad Foods


The one thing to note about nutrition is that there is no one set method
that works for everybody. Everyone's body (digestion, metabolism, etc) is
different. However, the foods you eat can directly impact your overall
energy, your muscle growth, and your metabolism. This all relates directly
to the efficiency of your workouts.
Be open-minded and try eliminating the following foods as an initial start
to healthy eating.

Sodas and Sports Drinks
These drinks are packed with sugar and refined sucrose syrups.
They are a huge impact in obesity and cause your energy to
spike and crash.
Replace with good old water.

Candy, Candy, and Candy
Sugar aka the worst drug known to man. We all struggle with it
due to it's bright colors and delicious taste. However, don't be
fooled - sugar is more addictive than drugs and will eat your
teeth, your stomach, and turn straight into fat.
Replace your sweet cravings with fruit, dates, or an alternative.

Here's one of those things that would be a real hassle to
eliminate. You're so used to eating cheese, cooking with butter,
and of course having your cereal with milk. But milk was not
meant for humans to drink. It's packed with hormones for baby
cow growth and all the nutrition is killed when it's pasteurized.
Replace it with almond milk or coconut milk. Not soy!

Beer and Liquor

If you're on a quest for health and fitness, you're going to have to
cut back on the party drinks. Beer will make you bloat and is full
of bad calories. Liquor has worse effects on the body and both
will dehydrate you and crush your energy for days after.
If you need a drink, have a straight shot of tequila. It has
probiotics and can aid in digestion at low quantities.

Gluten: Bread and Pasta
Okay, this is where most people turn off their ears but I'm sorry to
say - by eliminating gluten you will see astonishing results in less
than 2 weeks. Bread and pasta don't have any nutrition, they're
just filler foods that make you bloated and hurt your ability to
absorb and digest the healthy foods that matter.
Replace with rice, rice cakes, or rice pasta

Protein Consumption
How much protein do I need?
Depending on your height, weight, and general physique, your body will need a certain
amount of protein to help you reach your goals. Your goal is to build muscle, whether
looking to lose weight or gain, we're still building muscle. In order to properly fuel your
muscles for growth, you need between .6 - 1.1 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight.
The exact amount depends on your genetics, goals, etc.
Follow the guide below to determine your RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of protein.


Power Gain
If you looking to gain muscle size and remain lean make sure you're getting a lot of lean
protein. Start with a multiplier of .6 and only increase if your body is comfortable. There are
limits where your body won't be able to process as much protein as you give it, so don't
exceed 1.1 x your bodyweight.
Here's an example of how to calculate grams of protein per day:



185 lbs



per day



Power Lean
If you are overweight and your goal is to lose weight. You should do all of the following
calculations at your desired weight.
Here's an example of how to calculate grams of protein per day:



200 lbs

185 lbs




per day



You need 111 grams of protein per day (if working out). Start with this number and if you
feel you need more and your body is reacting well, then increase the .6 grams of protein
per pound - but stay under 1.1.


Eating Guide
The guide below will turn you into a healthy eater.
Use the Powers Recipe Guide to help you cook these meals.

Omelette with Veggies
and Avocado

Protein Shake

Egg Scramble with Rice and

Rice/Quinoa Porridge with
protein and berries

Sweet Potato Hash with
Eggs and Veggies

Chocolate Avocado

Power Gain
If you are on the Power Gain program, you should consume carbs with
breakfast. Try the meals that combine eggs with rice. If you really need extra
protein and want to gain, add beans as often as possible. Don't avoid avocado
and give yourself a nice, hefty portion.

Power Lean
For those on the Power Lean program, all of the breakfasts listed above are
very healthy. You can consume all of these without worry. However, if you're
really trying to drop weight, do not add rice to your omelettes every morning
(some mornings are okay). Also, limit your avocado and bean intake since
those are packed with protein and carbs. Have an egg breakfast at least 3x per
week. Don't be scared of the yolks - cholesterol is what the body turns into
testosterone, you need it!


Eating Guide
Chicken and Rice bowl
with Veggies

Spinach + Quinoa Salad
with Grilled Chicken

Rice and Veggies with
Ground Beef/Turkey

Grilled Chicken Sandwich
with veggies

Sweet Potato and Veggie
Hash with Chicken

Tuna Sandwich with
Spinach on Whole Wheat

Power Gain
Power Gainers should focus on having a large lunch consisting of protein,
carbs, and vegetables. If you choose to eat a salad, make sure you are eating
at least 4-6 oz of protein. Refer to the Plant Protein Guide for guidance finding
protein in sources other than meat. Avoid sandwiches with processed meats
(cold cuts), greasy foods, and heavy salad dressings.

Power Lean
Power Leaners can consume and of the lunch options above - all are very
healthy. Avoid sandwiches with processed meats (cold cuts), greasy foods, and
heavy salad dressings. The best option for salad dressing is extra virgin olive oil
and a pinch of salt. Eat as little bread as possible and if you do eat it, try to
stick with whole wheat. If you're really trying to drop weight, you can avoid
carbs with lunch but try to have them in your next snack because you'll need the
energy for a good workout.


Eating Guide
Salmon and Vegetable
Fried Rice

Grilled Chicken, Sweet
Potato, and Veggies

Turkey Burger with
Spinach Quinoa + Beans

Chicken, Vegetable and
 Bean Burrito

Steak with Broccoli and

Salmon Teriyaki Bowl

Power Gain
Depending WHEN you eat dinner will depend WHAT you should eat. If you
workout after work and dinner follows your workout, then you will want to
consume a good amount of protein to feed your muscles. Power Gainers
should always be consuming as much protein as specified in the protein
calculator. Eat a large dinner with carbs, protein and tons of vegetables. The
meals are all extremely healthy so feel free to eat until you're full.

Power Lean
The time of day that you choose to workout will impact your eating habits. You
should consume carbs at some point in the day before your workout. Carbs give
you energy. However, if you workout after work, before dinner, your dinner
should be high in protein and vegetables but low in carbs. Stick to the healthy
meals above and remove rice whenever necessary to really get that lean


Eating Guide
Avocado Toast with Egg

Tuna and Crackers

Mixed Nuts

Apples and Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter and
Banana Smoothie

Dark Chocolate

Power Gain
If you are trying to gain, it is important for you to have multiple snacks
throughout the day. You need to give your body as much protein and extra
calories as possible. Everyone has sweet cravings so try your best to stick with
these sweet options or similar snacks.

Power Lean
Power Leaners should not think of snacks as added or unnecessary calories.
It's important to snack regularly throughout the day so you can keep your
metabolism burning. Enjoy these healthy snacks throughout the day but try not
to snack late at night, before bed.

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