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Title: Should Be An Interesting Year

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Posted originally on the Archive of Our Own at http://archiveofourown.org/works/532113.
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Kurt Hummel/Sebastian Smythe, Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel
Kurt Hummel, Sebastian Smythe, Blaine Anderson
Post Season 3, College, Emotional/Psychological Abuse,
Homophobic Language, Fluff and Angst
Part 5 of 2012 Kurtbastian Fics
Published: 2012-10-08 Updated: 2013-12-20 Chapters: 19/20 Words:

Should Be An Interesting Year
by gastlyhauntergengar

Kurt and Sebastian wind up as college roommates, unfortunately.


I've already posted this on my fanfiction account, my Tumblr, and my livejournal, so today
I figured, why not AO3?
If you're seeing this for the first time, this is the Kurtbastian WIP I've been working on
since January of 2012. It is canon up until "Yes/No" in season 3 and the rest drivels off
into an AU.
It's taken me a long time to finish, since I did start it so long ago, but I'm proud to say that
it's finally nearing it's end. Even though I sorta hate this ball and chain of a story now (lol),
I hope you guys can still enjoy it. (:

Should Be An Interesting Year
Kurt walked down the hall of his new, all-male dorm. It was late September and the move-in day
of his first semester in college had finally come after a long, pleasant summer. Sure, so this place
was no NYADA—it wasn't any college in New York and it was just an hour from home in fact—
but Ohio State had a theater program, and Kurt planned on performing at his best no matter where
he landed.
Plus, he thought as Burt and Finn followed behind, carrying boxes and talking of football, he was
really happy to be getting a new start. He was nervous too; it was kind of scary, living on his own,
fending for himself, starting his real life, but he couldn't help but feel excited as he dropped the
box at his feet and slid the key card through the handle.
He couldn't help but feel like, after a senior year of losses, battles, and changing course,
he'd finally made it to the next part of his life.
No sooner had Kurt opened the door however, picking up the box and taking it a few steps inside
the double room, he was staring at the sight of his apparent new roommate. He was a tall, slender
dirty blonde, dressed in a fitted shirt and jeans, leaning back in a desk chair and reading some kind
of manual, a terribly distinguishable smirk painted across his snarky face.
Gazing up at Kurt, smile a mixture of surprise, resentment, and mischief, Sebastian Smythe's
familiar form stood to greet his new roommate for the Fall 2012 semester.
Sebastian, the one person that Kurt thought he'd seen the last of last year, the heated lead Warbler
who hardly took no for an answer when it came to stirring Kurt's anger, was going to be sharing
this space with him, raining on his brand-new parade.
"Kurt," Sebastian said. His voice was like liquid going down Kurt's back. "It's good to see you
Kurt's gaze was pure ice. His mouth was closed tight.
Burt and Finn walked in, causing the tension in the room to break and settle, causing Kurt to
resume his movement and drop the first box of many on the only spare bed in the room, pensively.
Burt looked over at Sebastian expectantly, dropping his box on the open desk.
"You two know each other?" Burt was asking, having heard the two of them speak.
Kurt flushed at the question.
"We, um—" he stammered.
"Sebastian Smythe-" Sebastian cut him off, smiled forwardly and held a hand out to Burt. "Nice to
meet you, Mr. Hummel, I was a—friend of Blaine's, back at Dalton."
'Friend' is far from the correct terminology, Kurt thought. He watched their handshake, scowled
internally at the meeting of those hands with his father's.
Burt nodded at Sebastian, appreciating the firmness of his handshake. "Did you two, uh," he said,
flickering his eyes between his son and this taller boy, "go to school together, when Kurt was

"Unfortunately, no," Sebastian replied, flashing his gaze over at a very tense-looking Kurt, "I
transferred for my last year, but, of course, I heard all about him. Your son was quite the
countertenor for the Warblers, and everyone knew that he and Blaine were very—very close."
As Burt asked some other surface-level questions about Dalton, as Sebastian gladly engaged him
in responses, Finn raised a clueless eyebrow at the growing discussion, glancing over at his
When the light bulb clicked on, Finn cupped a hand around his mouth and whispered to Kurt,
"Wait a sec, is this the guy that—?" He recalled a particular day after one of their West Side Story
rehearsals, when Kurt had told Finn that there "seemed to be some competition for Blaine."
"Yeah." Kurt nodded. "This is the guy that."
"Y'know I could'a sworn they went all-league this year," Burt was saying to Sebastian now, on
some other note. "But I'm no good with remembering stats anymore, not since the heart attackKurt?"
Kurt smiled and perked up at his father, feeling a prickling across his skin again because
Sebastian's stare was on him; he really didn't want it there.
"We still have a couple of trips to make," Burt said. He started for the door. "'xcuse us, Sebastian,
we're runnin' a little short on time here—"
"No, it's no problem." Sebastian grinned.
"Of course, right," Kurt quipped, as Finn and Burt were both walking out of the room.
"I'll just—I'll be out to the car in a minute, Dad," Kurt attached, breathlessly. "I'd just like to say a
little something to Sebastian here, if you don't mind." He clasped his hands innocently,
colloquially, and Sebastian looked amused. "Roommate agreements, general catching up, what
have you. But don't worry, I'm sure I'll be quick."
Burt raised an eyebrow, gave him an amused, "Okay," Finn's eyes grew a bit wide; the two of
them left the room.
Soon as the door shut, Kurt whipped his eyes back 'round toward Sebastian, channeling more
'bitch' in his stare than he was even aware of.
"Well if this isn't a fantastic 'welcome home' present than I don't know what is," Kurt said.
Sebastian laughed.
"I meant it when I said that it's good to see you, Kurt," he said through his smirk, leaning against
the post of his newly-claimed bed.
"Really," Kurt droned.
"Really," Sebastian repeated, giving him a small wink.
"And why would there be anything good about seeing me?" Kurt asked.
"You know how badly I get a kick out of watching you squirm," Sebastian returned, biting the
inside of his cheek. "Living together, sharing close quarters with you and that steadfast gay face.

You can't possibly imagine my excitement."
"It's great to see that your leaky little brain still hasn't come up with any better insults for me than
'gay face'—"
"Ohio State?" Sebastian spoke again, rising and walking predatory levels of close to Kurt. "Guess
your big New York dreams crashed and burned?"
"They didn't crash or burn," Kurt replied swiftly, turning up his nose. "They just changed.
Change is a part of life."
"And Blaine?" Sebastian prompted.
"We're still together," Kurt fired back.
"It is."
"Your disillusionment with how tied you two are is adorable."
"And your jealousy of the fact that Blaine never wanted you is so pungent that I could smell it
from the parking lot."
Sebastian chuckled. "Blaine is irrelevant."
"Yes, he is now, isn't he?" Kurt sang.
"Here's the thing," Sebastian said, squaring off with Kurt before him. "Apparently we're going to
be spending a lot of time together—"
"As little as I can stand," Kurt cut in.
"I plan on having sex," Sebastian told him promisingly, beginning to pace again. His smile spread.
"On the bed, on the floor, in the shower, and probably on top of that pretty little windowsill, right
next to your bed—"
"Well it's a good thing STDs aren't transferable through air contact."
"I know that you're about as prude as they come, so I'm just letting you know now, that this is a
warning. I'm not up for compromise."
"Do whatever, or whoever, you want," Kurt said with a haughty flick of his hand. He smiled.
"And when Blaine comes to stay the night I'll make sure to fill you in."
"Fine," Sebastian said. "Should be an interesting year, then."
"Enthralling," Kurt returned.
"Can't wait."
"Oh, neither can I."
And that was when Burt and Finn stepped in again, rapidly dissolving the tension; carrying a full
sized mirror, a foldable bookshelf, and several bags full of the contents of Kurt's armoire.
Kurt smiled and Sebastian moved away from his side, returning to the back half of the room and

the chair he'd been fixed in before.
"Figure out some ground rules?" Burt asked, piling things on the bed, his back to the two of them.
"I think so," Sebastian said, nodding at Kurt from behind his book.
Kurt glared at him.
"Very much so."
Burt glanced at Kurt with raised brows. Finn looked like he was bracing himself for a
"Good," Burt said, hands in pockets. "So that means you can come back down, 'n help us get all
of your things out from that trunk—"
Kurt smiled briefly and followed Finn and Burt out, eyes tossed over his shoulders haughtily at his
roommate in his chair.
Sebastian leveled his eyes at Kurt, soundly, and then smiled widely into the pages of his book,
once he was gone.
This really was going to be an interesting year.

The Sock On The Doorknob
Two weeks into the school year, Kurt felt like he was getting the hang of the whole college thing.
He had most of his classes in the morning; they were lecture-based and rigidly structured, all two
hundred identical students being talked at in a massive, air-conditioned auditorium. His professors
kind of scared him, especially the Chemistry professor with the mechanic arm, but at least in a
crowd so large, he was never in a position to be singled out. At Ohio State, Kurt was just a
number; the administration wouldn't've cared if he didn't show up to class, or if he decided to suck
someone's face in the back corner of the lecture hall—as he'd so blatantly seen two girls do on the
first day of Pre-Calc.
Kurt felt independent, going to class because he wanted to. He liked all of the other students
around having no clue who he was or what he was about, unless he decided to smile, extend his
paisley-sleeved arm, and tell them.
Kurt had expected everyone at college to know and, well, single him out because he was gay. He
figured it would be like high school; they'd know just by looking at him, they'd be able to tell just
by the softness of his voice and the uniqueness of his wardrobe. But it appeared that, at such a big
school, no one actually cared about him-and that was refreshing. In fact there even appeared to be
a pretty put-together gay community on campus, in the form of a Gay Lesbian Bi and
Transgendered Student Alliance. Yes, it was still the Midwest, and yes, Ohio's homophobes were
still alive and flourishing, but at least on a state college campus, everyone was much too selfcentered to go out of their way and give specific groups of people hell. Unless they were Greek
pledges or football team freshmen.
Sebastian and Kurt, unfortunately, had similar class schedules; they didn't have any classes
together (not that Kurt would've even noticed, what with there being so many people in each one),
but they did have a lot of the same time slots.
In other words, they both needed the room at the same times in the afternoons and evenings, and
often times, one of them was too busy (or, read: selfish) to let the other have it.
Usually that one of them was Sebastian.
Week one saw a little less tense between the two of them then there had been on their first day.
There was always something to go to on campus during the busy Welcome Back Week, always a
reason to be at the campus center or in the quad or at the football field for orientation. But week
two brought the campus activity down a bit, and increased the amount of idle time for Kurt.
He liked the two girls he'd befriend during Welcome Week well enough-Kaylee and Dianna, a
chubby blonde and a stick-thin brunette respectively-but of course he didn't initially like them like
as much as Rachel or Mercedes; they didn't seem so genuine. After class he'd sit at his desk in the
dorm, reading or Skyping Blaine and virtually touring things, gabbing on to him about how
different everything was-but at all possible costs, he'd avoid small talk with Sebastian; not that
their talks were ever small.
No, they were usually big; not in duration, but in lively hostility. It was always Sebastian
interrupting Kurt's Skype sessions to talk with Blaine, purposefully walking around the room
shirtless and in loose-fitting gym shorts, flaunting the stupid, long and able torso that Kurt really
wishedhe didn't have to have. It was Kurt telling Sebastian that if he left another god-awful,
Blue's-Clues-esque striped polo on his Dior rug, he was going to burn the shirt and sacrifice it to
the circle of hell designated for fashion-decency-rule-breakers.

They didn't talk unless it was for banter, they didn't dig at each other unless it was to spite.
Kurt considered the option of changing rooms or kicking out his roommate by the end of week
two, but unfortunately his attempts were to no avail. ("Not enough space," the house office had
replied to him flippantly.) And anyway, once Sebastian heard Kurt on the phone with the housing
director Tuesday night, attempting to abandon their irritating if not stimulating arrangement, he
decided to take things up an exciting notch and implement the "Sock On The Doorknob" rule.
And he decided to take up a wealthy amount of sexual promiscuity to force it into action.
Kurt felt significantly bored for the first time on that Wednesday afternoon. He had almost
considered walking around outside just to walk around when Sebastian came strolling in, wearing
a thin tank top, a jacket, jeans, and some ungodly fedora, but Sebastian decided that he was going
to transform Kurt's boredom, and quickly. He grinned at Kurt pointedly, and Kurt, peering up
from his Biology book and rolling his eyes, turned over to his other side on the bed and tried to
ignore the feeling of Sebastian's eyes burning holes into the back of his figure.
"So Kurt," Sebastian said, peeling off his jacket and tossing it a few inches over the borderline of
"Kurt's side."
Kurt turned over his shoulder and glared at the polyester blend for a split second. "I thought we
agreed that unless it was about business, you were invisible to me," he returned shrilly, turning
back and flipping a page of his book absently.
"This is about business," Sebastian said, removing the hat and dropping it near the jacket. "I have
a new rule to add to our contract."
Kurt sighed and sat up, facing Sebastian again. Sebastian was removing his shirt, probably for no
reason, and Kurt almost yawned on purpose.
"I'm assuming you've never heard of the sock on the doorknob rule," Sebastian said, kicking off
his shoes.
Kurt hesitated, raising a brow. "No."
Sebastian grinned again. "Well, to put it delicately, I'm having a guy that I met at Scandals over
the summer come over tomorrow night, and he's planning on staying."
Kurt felt his stomach drop. He'd thought he was safe for a while, as far as the sex went.
He'd thought that Sebastian was all talk, just as he had been with his overt (and read: pointless)
attempts at seducing Blaine. He'd thought that when Sebastian said that he was planning on
having sex "on the bed, on the floor, and on Kurt's pretty little windowsill," that he was just being,
well, a regular stupid and pompous boy.
Sebastian'd had three guys over so far that week; Thad from Dalton, who Kurt actually enjoyed
seeing for the ten minutes he'd stopped by, and two other decently attractive but stumpy guys who
introduced themselves as "friends of Sebastian's" all while getting practically eye-fucked by the
man himself.
Now, apparently, this fourth visitor was going to be a "stayer."
But what did a sock have to do with anything?
"Not only do I feel bad for the poor guy you must've scammed on and drugged in order for him to
consider spending the night with you, post your first encounter," Kurt replied, "but I also feel bad

for you, for expecting that I'm gonna just conveniently 'disappear' whenever you want to use the
room as a station to whore yourself out."
Sebastian smirked a little and shook his head, tension forming in his crossed arms.
"Unlike most, I'm not ashamed of being a whore," he answered smoothly, leaning against his bed.
"Better that than uptight and a whiny bitch."
Kurt's stare thinned to daggers.
"The way this is going to work," Sebastian continued, walking over to his dresser, "is that if you
leave, come back, and one of my socks is stretched over the doorknob, it means I'm giving some
'poor guy' the best stiff hour of his week."
"Right," Kurt snorted doubtfully, staring at his book pages.
"Better than the ten sweet minutes you'd ever give to Blaine," Sebastian commented.
Kurt raised his eyebrows, offense rising up his chest because with Blaine it was much, much
longer than that, he'd tell Sebastian that-but he let his annoyance simmer, decided to pick his
"I'm sure you can find something to amuse yourself with while I'm busy," Sebastian said,
removing a single black sock from the top dresser drawer. "A copy of Vogue and a bottle of
Kurt slammed his his book shut suddenly, rousing himself up from the bed.
"How do guys even begin to like someone like you?" he spat crossly, rolling his eyes and passing
by Sebastian, book under arm.
"Stand by the door tomorrow night, I think you'll get a pretty good idea," Sebastian supplied.
Kurt cringed and grabbed his keys from his bulletin board.
"You're disgusting," he said, heading for the door; he needed to go on a walk, or at least to finish
his reading in the library, across campus. He couldn't do this, not today.
"Look, it's not like I plan on using a sock every day," Sebastian admitted, leveling his eyes at Kurt
steadily. "It'll just be for casual instances, so. Don't get your panties in a knot."
Sebastian smiled after Kurt's quick, eye-rolling, retreating form.
Kurt dialed Blaine's number the moment he got outside, and demanded Blaine give him one good
reason why he shouldn't try to poison Sebastian in his sleep.
Thursday night, Kurt decided not to fight the battle. As much as he disliked the notion of
"Sebastian winning" with this whole sock thing, he further disliked wasting his energy on every
flighty little fight. Sebastian was just trying to add fuel to the flame, but if there was no flame for
him to work with, maybe he'd get bored.
In lieu of being able to Skype with Blaine in his dorm room, as the room was conveniently
occupied, Kurt spent forced time with Kaylee and Dianna, who lived in the all-girls dorm across
the way. They convinced him to go to some ill-conceived house party on fraternity row, and one

of the reasons he initially opposed his attendance was that he couldn't go back into his room and
change into a better outfit.
He stayed at the frat house for an hour at most, cringing at the sight of people throwing up into
potted plants and trolling in beer pong; he then walked himself back to the dorms without the two
girls, realizing that more than three hours had gone by since he'd last checked the doorknob;
perhaps the sock would be off by now.
It wasn't, of course.
Kurt only had to wait fifteen minutes though, standing outside the hall tapping his toes against the
cheap, rough carpet. One of the quieter guys on the floor, James something-or-other, passed in the
hallway and smiled first at Kurt and then at the doorknob, lending a sympathetic "Been there,
bro." Kurt fake-smiled back and that was when Sebastian's "friend" walked out with his shirt on
backwards. Kurt entered the room to find that air freshener had been sprayed and that Sebastian
was getting his things to hit the showers, which were located down the hall.
Friday morning, Kurt woke up at around nine, frowning automatically at the sight of Sebastian
across the room, as he lounged in bed with glasses, reading. Kurt slipped on his flip-flops and his
velvety robe, and left the room to take what was intended to be a somewhat fast shower.
But in that half hour Sebastian had somehow managed to put another damn sock on the door.
"Oh come on, are you kidding me?"
Kurt stood with wet hair and a tote full of skin care products for forty-five minutes in the
hall,gaining judgmental looks and pitiful chuckles from passerbys until Sebastian finally opened
the door, and James something-or-other shuffled out, giddy and red faced.
"Sorry, man," he laughed carelessly, zipping his jeans up.
Kurt stalked in, half-robed and furious, and Sebastian, shirtless and sweaty, laughed at how
disheveled he appeared.
"Just so you know, I hate you," Kurt groaned.
"Just so you know, I hate you too," Sebastian answered.
Sebastian said he had something to do for most of the day on Friday, and Kurt was relieved to see
him leave. Kurt wanted to attend a comedian's event in the campus center later on in the evening,
but he completely dreaded the idea of leaving the room unattended for too long. Apparently it was
dangerous to ever stop watching his back.
"He's done it twice already?" Kaylee asked Kurt of his roommate, watching as he hair sprayed his
pompadour in his lit, full-sized mirror. "How does he get so many girls?"
Kurt scoffed. "Girls?" he said. "You do know he's gay, right?"
Kaylee sighed. "The hot ones are alwaysgay," she complained.
The comedian's night only lasted an hour but Kurt could hardly focus on the jokes, what with
feeling like he had to stand guard at his bedpost to keep Sebastian from starting anymore sockbusiness. When he got back at around nine, his suspicions were confirmed. He was too late, and
this time, the sock over the knob was absolutely filthy. It was hardly even white and it smelled
worse than the month-old fondue that Brittany S. Pierce used to use for her web shows.

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