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5 Features That Will Ensure The Correct Skating
Today we present briefly the 5 most important qualities of skates that make up the success in
learning figure skating. Perhaps it is a problem with one of these locks you in improving your skills.

Shoe Fit
Our rates vary not only the length but eg. In width toes, instep arch over whether the circuit ankle.
These features make some shoes fit better than others, providing us with adequate comfort and
safety while driving. For example, try on a model that greatly narrows toward the toes can feel the
fit of the front foot, but the ankle remains slack, which can be felt while learning more difficult
elements. Each model is slightly different, so it is worth to try before you buy several pairs. It is also
good to put a shoe with a higher-end, to finally find out about what features we write in this and the
next section. Often it turns out that adding an additional 100 zł or suspend the purchase can save a
lot of problems.
Walking in well-matched shoe will not feel the movement of the ankle up and down or "resorting to
the side" while flexing the leg (like a squat) will be able to insert your fingers behind the Achilles
tendon. When you buy skates must remember that leather shoes must be "arranged" so the first
hour drive will usually be a little more difficult.

The Design Of The Shoe
We choose models made entirely of plastic, imitation leather and genuine leather. Plastic guarantees
good stability, but not "arranged" under a specific foot and may block too much ankle movement.
Skates leather or artificial leather, often from outside seem to be very similar to professional skaters
skates, but if they are made of very thin and non-hardened skin, do not provide sufficient stability
necessary for learning jumps and pirouettes. Shoes should not break down in the same ankle.
Significant also may be padding that the weaker models quickly rubs and dries slowly.

Professional skating shoes feature is their hardness factor (usually expressed in scale (0-100). Very
stiff shoes (90-100) are necessary advanced players because both breaking and landing triple jumps
run very high forces. The dancers and skaters , simultaneous use softer boots (40-70), so they have a
better feeling of driving. less rigid shoes also need kids that are lighter and have less strength than
adults players.

Professional runners can cost more than twenty pairs of cheap skates (runners with shoes).
Fortunately, they are not necessary for driving, and may even hinder it effectively. Important,
however, that the runner was properly constructed. The hockey skate it has a roughly symmetrical in
the front-rear arc resembling that of a banana. Skid figured that at least two main arcs -this where
we go most of the time, and we turn to ice and pronounced curvature of the front teeth, which,
among others, spinning pirouettes. It is also important to the back of the runners was not rounded.
That's how much it protrudes outside the shoe depending on the model. Generally skid for dance on
ice are shorter than those used by the soloists.
As for the teeth, they are intended to anchor us effectively in the ice on some parts (do not serve to
push, as some people think), so the better runners teeth are usually larger and sometimes cross-cut
to give adequate stabilization when jumping. For learning the basics of driving, they are not
important and do not need to worry, for example. Their number. Some see cloves cause falls. This is
usually the result of bad posture (too small deflection of the knee), and should not be to "facilitate"

Proper Installation
This is a very important element, which is often completely forget. Cheaper skates are skid mounted
permanently, and sometimes it happens that they do not hold the correct axis. Before buying, you
may want to reverse skates and see if both skids are installed the same way - back should pass
through the center of the heel. Installation of new runners need to a specialist with experience. If we
have a problem with driving, "the cantilever flat" and a leg firmly escapes ANY toward the edge may
be the result of poorly installed skids (or that are only beginning to learn.

Sharpening and Maintenance Skids
At the outset, a reminder that the new rules are skates with unsharpened and are not suitable for
driving, unless otherwise noted seller.
Sharpening makes us feel the edges and we can keep them safe. Proper sharpening skid behaviour
also ensures proper depth and groove profile. Runner after sharpening must also have retained its
overall profile, the above mentioned curvature. Bad sharpening can flatten them or too rounded
rear portion of the image of hockey skates. Especially if we learn the elements of figure skating and
invested in good equipment manufacturer must entrust it exclusively by qualified personnel. For
longer enjoy the sharp edges after finishing driving should be thoroughly dried and runners do not
walk in them without the need for off the ice.

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