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Executive Summary
This tender has been created by BAJ in response to the designs and criteria set by the client
Curtin’s The Avengineers. BAJ have created this document with the purpose of analysing the
designs, specifications and method in creating the prototype and replying to the criteria. BAJ
believes that Curtin’s The Avengineers excel over other companies in technical and skilful
designs and our company highly postulates that we would be able to produce a Mars rover
that exceeds the quality and standard intended by the client.
Our company kindly and strongly recommends that the client holds this tender in high
regards as the criteria set by the client has been substantially met and extensive evidence
has been provided. The client questioned about the previous qualifications of the company
regarding working with machinery. The members of BAJ have previous woodwork and
metalwork experience and evidence has been provided that two of our members have
completed an advanced level of these courses. BAJ members have experience with
operating dangerous machinery and this has allowed the company to maintain a safe and
efficient standard in construction.
BAJ has also shown its initiative and organisational skills by acquiring the machinery, tools
and materials required to construct the prototype. The workspace required to construct the
prototype has also been made accessible to the company and evidence of the company’s
preparational skills has been provided.
Accessibility to convenience and hardware stores is important in the unlikely case that a
piece of equipment fails or breaks and BAJ has shown that travel time is quick and easy as
one member can travel to a convenience or hardware store in less than 10 minutes.
Evidence has also been provided that each member has a license or a public transport
‘SmartRider’ and that each member can reach each other in less than 30 minutes. Efficiency
is important in industry and BAJ excels in efficiency and proficiency to benefit the client.
BAJ would like to reassure that we as the company tendering to the client would like to take
full responsibility for and replace any errors, breakages or failures of any equipment,
materials or tools that might occur during the construction and/or testing phase. Our
company is committed to providing a Mars rover that excels all expectations and this is our
proof for doing so.
BAJ is a proud company that excels in proficiency, efficiency and communication. Our staff
are highly trained and understands the values we follow as a company. Our company hopes
to show the client what can achieve together and that we can maintain our reputation by
constructing the prototype within the desired time-frame. Only the highest quality will be
accepted and we believe that our company will be able to exceed the client’s expectations.