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1) Pray 5 times a day
2) Ruqyah Bath
(once a day or minimum 3 times a week)

3) Apply Ruqyah Oil
(after bath, also apply on areas you feel pain)

4) Read morning and evening Dua’s
(Read twice a day; morning and evening)

5) Recite Surah Baqarah
(every three days)

6) Listen to Ruqyah Audios
(morning & evening or 1 audio a day)

7) Drink Honey water & Senna Tea
(three times a day)

8) Continue daily list for four weeks
(try to do the daily list at least for two weeks
before seeking further Ruqyah sessions)

9) Be patient. Be Steadfast. Don’t
give up. Allah will help!
10) Get Cupping (Hijamah)
(every three months on Sunnah points)