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Vitalograph Spirotrac Software
Instant access to your cardio-respiratory data - anywhere, anytime
The Vitalograph Spirotrac® Software Developer’s Kit provides instant, simple access to your
cardio-respiratory data wherever you are in the hospital. This powerful tool can be easily
configured by your IT team to provide an automated bi-directional interface via Ethernet or WiFi
between Spirotrac and your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.


Choose from a wide range of Spirotrac
modules including spirometry, 12 lead
ECG, SpO2 & audiometry.


Spirotrac is compatible with many
Vitalograph spirometers, including
pc-based, handheld and desktop models.


Secondary care over-reading of primary
care test results can be easily facilitated
by Spirotrac 360.
For more information call 01280 827110 or e-mail

‘Thanks to the help and support of the team at Vitalograph the IT team at Salford have developed a worklist of
patients on the Spirotrac Software initiated by the hospital electronic ordering systems and linked the instantaneous
transfer test results to the electronic patient record. From the results sent to the electronic patient record we are able
to trend numeric results and see flow volume loops on a pdf file. The benefits are accurate patient data, instantaneous
results and a paperless environment. The system is clear, easy to use and has improved patient flow’.
Gill Taberner
Principal Cardiac Physiologist
Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust


Vitalograph® and Spirotrac® are registered trademarks or trademarks of Vitalograph Ltd.

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